Thank You All !!!

I’d like to say thanks to the whole HTR staff for all of their hard work and research over the past week. This site has come along way since I’ve been a member and keeps getting better. This was an incredible past week in the NHL, the most active deadline day in history. It was very impressive to see that, was one of the first sites to inform us about official trades. At times yesterday I saw nearly 100 users logged into the site, with countless guests. The site recieved 87,680 page views yesterday alone. Let’s keep promoting the site, especially in locker rooms, and throughout the leagues that most of us play in.

Keep up the outstanding work TradeMan, DG, and Mikster, we all appreciate it.

Check out the Support HTR link at the top left!!!What’s 5 bucks???

mikster: I would like to add one more thing while I am at it. We are receiving a lot of trade reviews, team comparisons like Flyers vs Leafs…and a lot of opinionated articles on teams.

Now, my question to you is….do you want these kinds of articles to be posted? I don’t want to post someone’s article, that I liked, but then members comment on the article saying things like “who cares”, or “this is getting too repetitive now”.

What do you want us to do?

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  1. mikster says:

    “Check out the Support HTR link at the top left!!!What’s 5 bucks???”

    Doesn’t even have to be 5 bucks. 100 members giving 1 dollar each is even helpful.

  2. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    outside of that meltdown on monday, you guys were on point for the deadline, i had ESPNEWS on my tv and on my computer and i was set for the day. nice going! and about the articles, i think the articles are too bias at times. you need to post articles that aren’t so one sided towards the person who post the articles’ favorite team, like the flyers vs. leafs article was so bias towards the leafs because Leafs-Expert posted it! that’s the only change that’s needed to be made!

  3. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    will you guys be doing each teams playoff preview leading up the playoffs?

  4. Glen says:

    I don’t think that things like this need to be posted. Deadline day is by far the most active time of the year for trade rumors, and that is what this site’s all about. You guys did an excellent job this year. Far better than years past. Plugging the “Support HTR” link can’t hurt you guys either.


    Adios Scrub_Expert, his articles are obsurd. Then when you call him on it, he just mouths off. Back it up man.

  5. j-dUb says:

    Now that the trade deadline is gone. Why not have discussions on possible playoff matchups and analyzing of them. Theres nothin else to talk about and its always fun to have something to read about even after the deadline.

    As long as the postings are educated, make sense, and don’t bash other teams. Like the leafs vs flyers comparison by that absolute IDIOT!!!! ( LEAF EXPERT) (what a fucken MORON!!)


    I don’t see any point leaving this out at this point of the year keep posting the opinions. And keep up the good work. HTR is always good for a fun read.


  6. LEON says:

    I think that articles, other then trade rumours or posts should be excepted. The point of trying to broaden the topics of this site, rather then just the obvious trade rumour articles, has been made in the past. With the administration now taking care of posting articles proclaiming a trade, there is little else to write about besides team rants, etc.

    The one issue I feel needs to be addressed, is the rules involved in writing an article to be posted. Recently many articles that get posted are a far cry from being the mandatory 5 paragragh limit. By just suggesting something to stir the pot but with little in terms of substance seems to be more and more exceptable and I couldn’t disagree more. I can understand an article that I write about the Bruins not getting posted because someone else writes a similar one but includes the entire eastern conference. But if your going to post a miniscule article by Leaf_Expert stating little more then the obvious (Hey everybody, Killer’s back), then I feel my time invested in writing a larger article, that doesn’t get posted, is just a waist.

    Bottom line. If your going to bend the rules for certain articles, then your not imposing the rules on everyone. The 5 paragraph limit weeds out the crappy articles and is a good rule because of that fact, but it needs to be enforced.

  7. titans says:

    I’d like to echo what everyone else is saying…l BAN LEAF EXPERT!! If your lookin for input from us well there it is!! Everyone who wants that retard out of here let Trademan and Peroni know!!!

  8. Robert says:

    i bet you could generate just as many votes as he can.

  9. titans says:

    I seriously doubt that!

  10. recoil959 says:

    Great job with the site this year guy. Although I with the one sided stories. Let Trade man post his articles. But not so many. Obviously we are getting tired of hering about the leafs. How can we not when the guy was posting a couple of articles a day about the same team. I am personally a hockey HAB ansd hockey Fan. Meaning Í can give unbias comments on any team. Even if it is against the HABS. Although trade man is mearly a Leafs fan. Meaning he enjoys his team and thats it. If there were no hockey team in Toronto, he would not watch hockey.

  11. Enchilada says:

    You are absolutely wrong. At least titans can back up his comments and opinions with intelligent remarks. Where as leaf expert can only resort to foul language and obsurd comments. Leaf experts time here has expired he is a detriment to this site and an insult to our collective intelligence. I realize his article’s generate many comments and reads but at the expense of the integrity of the site.

  12. bruinexpert says:

    with no more trades to talk about, why not give us something to talk about in possible playoff series…they get enough postings and a lot of interesting opinions (even if some of mine are just to piss people off). You guys are doing great and i’m not gonna stop coming here if there’s stuff for me to read while i’m at work! Thanks for the awesome site

  13. titans says:


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