Thank You All !!!

I’d like to say thanks to the whole HTR staff for all of their hard work and research over the past week. This site has come along way since I’ve been a member and keeps getting better. This was an incredible past week in the NHL, the most active deadline day in history. It was very impressive to see that, was one of the first sites to inform us about official trades. At times yesterday I saw nearly 100 users logged into the site, with countless guests. The site recieved 87,680 page views yesterday alone. Let’s keep promoting the site, especially in locker rooms, and throughout the leagues that most of us play in.

Keep up the outstanding work TradeMan, DG, and Mikster, we all appreciate it.

Check out the Support HTR link at the top left!!!What’s 5 bucks???

mikster: I would like to add one more thing while I am at it. We are receiving a lot of trade reviews, team comparisons like Flyers vs Leafs…and a lot of opinionated articles on teams.

Now, my question to you is….do you want these kinds of articles to be posted? I don’t want to post someone’s article, that I liked, but then members comment on the article saying things like “who cares”, or “this is getting too repetitive now”.

What do you want us to do?