Thank you Habs for a great season

“Great” might seem like a strong word for most people but as a diehard habfan, living through the dark years of the mid ’90’s: The Roy trade, “horrible Houle” giveaway trades and injuries to every last player on the club roster forcing them to dress guys like Juha Lind, Johan Witehall and Craig Darby. (That was our second line), I could say that our standards have gone somewhat lower. But the word “great” is a good word to define the season that the players and the organization have given to us loyal fans. They played well beyond expectations, most experts were saying that they would finish no better than the 12th spot in the east. They came out 7th and took out Boston in a riveting and dramatic finish. Afterwards, they got swept by a team that was obviously faster. Although some plays from the Lightning were pretty lucky, but when you’re good, you make your own luck. Hats off to Tampa Bay who seriously have a shot at the eastern title, a cup isin’t too unrealistic either.

As for the Canadians, they will bounce back next year, stronger. They’re bursting with young talent who are pushing at the NHL’s door. Guys like Hainsey, Plekanec, Perezhogin, Higgins and our gem: Andrei Kastsistyn. Some of these are bound to become impact players (I put my money on Kastsistyn). Combine this young talent along with a steady team which has grown together as a unit throughout the year, add a Kovalev and maybe a Sean Hill or an Alexei Zhitnik to the mix and you’re not to far from becoming a legitimate contender.

I can say that Gainey’s arrival was nothing but soothing to a club who seemed to be constantly looking for a lost identity. Well, he brought it back and his expertise shone through everyone, from Julien all the way down to the last waterboy. This team is in good hands and it is safe to say that they will become a contender in 2-3 years from now assuming there will be no lockout to slow things down.

GO HABS GO Thanks for the great season.

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