Thank You's and a Grand Opening

Since I’ve been working as a administrator for six months and have been a site regular for eight, I thought I’d pass along a list of “thank yous” as a reward for all those (and more) who’ve helped me out over the period. It has been the help and grace of HTR which has made me decide to become a writer, all of it self-less, and, thus, I’m happy to help make HTR the Site it is today. Anyway, today I open a new chapter, as I unveil the new look of my World Issues Page, created largely with the help of HTR’s own TradeMan (thanks a bunch!)Anyway, predictably- but no less important- I’d first like to thank TradeMan, A.K.A. Micah Williams. You were the first one to tell me that I had the gift of writing, and I still remember the message where you asked me to become a vice-admin here at HTR. You told me “people are enjoying your work” and from then on I said “Yep. I’m writing. I can do this,” and, as far as I know, I can. You’ve also helped me out considerably in both HTR and my World Issues Page, and I thank you completely for selflessly creating what becomes my new World Issues Page. I look forward to continued service here, and I’m always glad to help the man who helped me considerably.

To Mikster: you’ve helped me considerably in honing the vice-administration skills that I have now. You’ve been a great help in how I look at HTR and in helping running it, and for introducing me to TheFouthPeriod- where I write for the Canucks- which I hope will become a valuable source for hockey forums like ours. To be a part of a great future like TFP (and HTR, by extension) is an honour and I thank you Micki for showing that to me. While I kind of half agree with your choice of Italian soccer teams (at least Juve was my late grandfather’s team), we can at least fully agree that working together the past few months has been enjoyable and will continue to be.

To Jonathane: believe it or not, but you’ve helped me write better. You’re a bright man and very eloquent, and thus you’ve challenged me to get better, and I thank you for that. You’ve also helped me not to take comments so personally, and part of that is writing the better articles. Suffice to say, I think I’ve become a better writer and I have to owe at least some of that new skill to you and your challenges.

To hockeynut: What else can I say but thanks? I’m not sure where I would be able to turn for those troubling computer questions, and, trust me, your expertise and support of my Site has been greatly valued. I also thank you for finding Dreamwater, where the Page used to be, because it was free and worked- somewhat- for what my Page would be about. The page may be moved now, but your help isn’t forgotten.

Finally, I’d like to thank the rest of the HTR community, who receive no less recognition than the above people. I haven’t truly come across a more supportive bunch and for that I’m truly thankful. It’s been a great eight months and I look forward to continued great service here in the future. If I forgot anyone, I’m sorry and a thank you goes to you too!

Anway, here’s the moment that at least I’ve been waiting for: the new look of the World Issues Page. Here it is:

DG’s World Issues Page

Since Micah largely created it (I’ve added a few articles and blocks), it looks and feels just like HTR and operates just like it. It’s basically a HTR for the other issues, and it’s been the very set-up I thought of when I conceived the Page back in February. I meant the page as an extension of my HTR work. I’m happy with it now and I hope you guys will be too. Anyway, sign up and spread the word around: I hope the Page someday can rock the world just how HTR is right now.

Again, thanks to all


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  1. Leaf_Expert says:

    That was a real nice article.

    And Can I just say that even though this was a while back and you’re barely active on HTR anymore.

    But you were a big help in my articles and

    are still my favorite and in my opinion the best admin on HTR!.

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