Thanks for everything… YOU'RE FIRED!!

According to some of the Canadian media, including the Toronto Sun, it will be announced as early as today that John Muckler has been fired as General Manager of the Ottawa Senators.

If it was just the Sun, I would dismiss this (after all, they let Al Strachan write for them), but everyone seems to be confirming this.

I thought Muckler was a good GM but come the time to put in the final trade for a player to get them over the top and get reinforced, Muckler always seemed to come up short. It will be interesting to see which direction Melnyk wants the team to make, since undoubtedly he has something in mind that Muckler was not fulfilling. I sense that the next GM will have short reigns from Melnyk, which I never think is good. I have never like the hands-on/Wang approach to owning a team, and I doubt Melnyk will change my mind in the subject.

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  1. BruMagnus says:

    I just want to congratulate the HTR member that predicted this would happen (I don't remember who it was) despite the Sens making the Finals.

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     Murray and Muckler didn't get along very well and there was a bit of a power struggle which apparently Murray won. Say hello to Ottawa's new GM Bryan Murray.

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    1 more spot left, FANTASY DRAFT today at 4PM eatern

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:


    ok, Muckler screwed up on gerber, signed the wrong D-man (Redden not Chara) overpaid for a 5th defenseman (corvo), screwed the farm system, AND STILL made it to the cup finals. Murray will be an average GM, but Muckler was better. hope he becomes GM of another team and wins the CUP!

  5. Neely4Life says:

    you do realize Murray is a credited GM already, drafted all the young players on Anahiem, traded for JS, and brought them to the cup in 03 and pretty much handed Burke one of the best young lineups in tthe league.  Burke can also thank Murray for being able to sign Niedamayer by bringing his brother in too.

  6. Glucker says:

    now, bring in Pat Quinn as GM… PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

  7. Leafer4life says:

    meh tere team team is pretty much set in stone for the next season or two..but shocking news none the less

  8. Glucker says:

    i can see the trade at the deadline…Spezza for Yashin XD

  9. Have2BeLeaf says:

    Like it was a hard prediction to be made?

  10. Wilson52 says:

    I am mixed about the Muckler firing. To me the reason why the Sens have underachieved until this year is that Bryan Murray is an overrated coach. Everywhere Murray has gone he has not won the big one. The reason why the Sens made it to the cup finals is that the teams they faced were not on their game and were not physical at all.

    Last year what caught my eye about Murray's lack of coaching ability was in the Buffalo series. The Sens lost 4 games by one goal and 3 games in OT, a good portion of the blame should come down on lack of coaching. Murray shuffled the lines and separated the Heatley-Spezza-Alfredsson line to combat Buffalo's balance scoring attack. It was a terrible move because the Sens did really well with this line against the Sabres in the regular season. Also playing Mezarios in crucial situations as a rookie when Buffalo burned the guy several times in the series. My prime examples were in game 5, Mezarios a minus 3 and Murray played him on the Powerplay with less than 2 minutes to go in game 5 instead of playing a more reliable defenceman. Mezarios gets burned on a terrible pinch with more than a minute to go in the game while on the PP and Buffalo scores shorthanded. Then in OT he plays Alfredsson on the PP in OT and they lose the game.
    The problem I see with the Sens
    1) They need secondary scoring support
    2) Murray is not the coach is going to win the Sens the cup
    3) Alfredsson is not the leader he is cracked up to be. If anyone wants to challenge me on this. Go ahead because I got a ton to say about this.
    4) They need to be a bit more physical.

    I do not know what the Sens farm system is like so I cannot comment on that. To blame Muckler on the short comings of the Sens is not entirely fair. The only way I can see this move being justified is that the Sens bring in a good coach.

  11. nordiques100 says:

    you get a bunch of arrogant guys in 1 room. melnyk, mlakar, muckler, murray, one of them had to go. all of them are pretty high on themselves. i think what got muckler fired is that he simply cant keep his big mouth shut.

    murray is no better but now he'll be in charge of the hockey dept. that too will be a mistake. at least when muckler talks he can back it up because he's won before. murray hasnt won anything yet he's god's gift to coaching.

    thats the problem and melnyk had to deal with it this way. it was getting a bit out of control. if this is what will help them to the next level, then it had to be done. probably melnyk felt this way and had to act….especially before july 1.

  12. Neely4Life says:

    Not to mention the fact Muckler brought in Bondra, de Vries, Gerber, Arnison.  Murray is a better GM than coach, and i think that has been proven, just look at the Ducks, everyone seems to forget he left that job, didnt get fired.  Brought them to a cup final, and had the pieces layed out for Brian Burke.  The game has obviously passed Muckler by, because the Sens are made of past GM's draft pics, and more or less, none of Mucklers.  I agree that this had to be done before July 1, prolly before the draft it had to be done, but how can u possibly say that Murray being GM will be a mistake when he has a solid track record as GM (panthers and ducks)

  13. Hoondog2 says:

    As much as Alfreddsson had a good playoffs, he needs to be traded, Fisher needs the C, and more forward depth is needed, and Preissing, and Corvo need to be moved, and replaced with tougher D-men.  Not so sure about Emery either.

  14. flamingsenator says:

    for everyone saying that they should trade alfy…

    hes making 5.5 and 4.7 mil respectively in the next two years…….im sorry…but name me a 100 point guy that will sign for less than 6

    trade alfy wen his contract is close to ending…not wen hes still a bargain

    even wen he led the sens this year to the finals…u still bash him

    if u wanna do sumthing for him….take his c away…

  15. hattrick44 says:

    I think after a dominating performance by the ducks in the finals the sens orginization realized that is more of what they need and Bryan Murray was the mastermind behind that team. Penner Getzlaf, Perry and many others were brought in to the ducks by murray and the sens think that murray can do a better job than Muckler.

  16. hattrick44 says:

    I think signing redden was the best choice for muckler when Chara left it opened ice time for phillips and volchenkov who were amazing making a name for them sleves as a top shut down pairing in the NHL. And Murray has proven to be a great GM shaping the Ducks team that exsists to day

  17. hattrick44 says:

    u r crazy. The team rallied around alife and what is wrong withe preissing and corvo they are great puckk moving d-men and preissing proved he is good defensivly with a +41. Emery needs to stay he would be the first goalie that the sens developed and he is a fan fav for sure and can out play the opposing goalie game in and game out

  18. Neely4Life says:

    Their farm system is so so.  They have a couple solid prospects in junior and in college, so they dont get to play down in Bingo, so their AHL teams record doesnt indicate the tallent pool they have.  They also have a couple kids in Russia who were steals in the 3rd and 4th rounds, and would be early 2nds or late 1st if it wasnt for the transfere agreement.  Goaltenders are decent too with Guard and Kelly there, both who had steller junior careers, and could one day be starters on an NHL teams, solid backups at the least i think.

  19. Wilson52 says:

      The Sens will not win a cup as long as Alfredsson is the captain. He does some of the stupidest things as crucial times. Captains do not hit people from behind, intentionally try to hit a star player with a slapshot, put down other players (ie Emery last year), acts like a coward and does not take responsibility for his actions.
       Leaders make their team better and lead by example. From what I see Alfredsson is that guy. I will admit he had a great playoffs for once but I feel some players from his team or around the league do not respect him like other players or captains in the NHL.

  20. flamingsenator says:

    "Captains do not hit people from behind, intentionally try to hit a star player with a slapshot,"

    id REALLY like to comment on this lil thing hea

    alfy might not be the classyist captain ever…….i will never be the greatist speller either :p………BUT…..he motivated his in ANY way possible..

    its a game….shooting the puck at scotty isnt forbidden….he did it to show that he doesnt care WHO hes playing against…i mean business…..
    just like a fight..alfy did it to pump up his team…….everyone said he would "get it" in the next game… what did he do?…..he scored 2 goals and was pretty active…

    take it for wat its worth but nick kiprios compared this action to mark messier……..i for one…will never compair anyone to the great moose….but it does prove a point……he did everything he could to get his team going

    as for hits from behind….haha hesint gonna be getting the pearson or lady bing anytime soon :p

    k well….flame on guys….haha…..i personally dont think he is captain material…but i still thought id try and defend him :p..

  21. mikster says:

    Hahaaaaaaaaaa….take that Muckler *uckler!

    Murray has destroyed teams in the past. He draft picks well, but always burns a team, like he just did in Anaheim. Yeah, Ozolinsh, Sykora, Prospal, and Fedorov all made sense for a Stanley Cup winning team. Idiot. The Murray brothers always destroy a team after making it good, they’ve done it with the Panthers, i believe the Flyers and Caps. He’ll destroy Ottawa too, but resign and run away like a coward as the team in in shambles while getting another coaching job.

  22. Wilson52 says:

         Congrats he scored two goals but you do not piss off the captain of the other team who is a hall of fame player and one of the most respected guys in the league.  How stupid can you be? The difference between Alfreddson and Messier is that players respect Messier unlike Alfredsson.  Messier and Alfredsson do not belong in the same sentence or league. Messier has won 6 Stanley Cups, won MVPs, Conn Smythes and the list goes on.
        How can you defend Alfredsson? What is so special about Alfredsson? What has he done? He led a team to the Stanley Cup when the Eastern Conference was terrible. Congrats to you Alfredsson. When things look to be going right you have to do something really stupid to motivate the other team once again instead of your own team.  You wonder why Ottawa has not won a Stanley Cup with all the talent they have or had.

  23. nordiques100 says:

    his teams never won. its that simple. he talks like he's one of the greats but to be great you have to win and he never has. same with other like pat quinn. you can talk all you want but when you dont deliver the goods………there are so many accolades you can give.

  24. flamingsenator says:

    how can i defend alfy…im not…like i said :p…..i did it for shits and gigles….

    but it DOES make u think

    who cares if scotty is a future hall of famer…..that doesnt mean everyone should be soft on him…he is a player like everyone else…and wat sets him apart is how he takes it……and he DEF. showed alfy up

    but can u blame alfy?…he did everything he could…even tryed to get under the skin of the other teams captain….

    did u read my comments at the end???….i said alfy cant hold a candle to the moose….

    scotty is 32(or is going to be)…..hes still in his prime…….why shouldnt he still take abuse?….if he was old man chelios…then maybe…..

    blame the sens for not showing up wen alfy called

  25. Glucker says:

        Physicality and Alfredsson are the only problems the sens have. It's not that Alfredsson isn't skilled, he is, we all saw that, this year especially. Its that he is not the kind of guy you want leading your team, he has 0 class, another thing we saw yet again this year. Alfredsson would be good on any team, in a supporting role. IMO, he doesn't deserve the C or even an A.
        We also saw this year that Ottawa, like all eastern teams, did not have the Physicality/Skill mix needed for the Cup. Physicality seems to be key in the cup. the Sabers where easily the most skilled team in the NHL, Ottawa was more physical, which is why they beat them. but they where not physical enough to take on the Ducks(who should be referred to as the Birds of Prey from now on).

  26. BruMagnus says:

    Riiiiiiiiiight… cause usually when you win your Conference in the Playoffs and make the Finals you are rewarded by being fired…

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