Thanks for everything… YOU'RE FIRED!!

According to some of the Canadian media, including the Toronto Sun, it will be announced as early as today that John Muckler has been fired as General Manager of the Ottawa Senators.

If it was just the Sun, I would dismiss this (after all, they let Al Strachan write for them), but everyone seems to be confirming this.

I thought Muckler was a good GM but come the time to put in the final trade for a player to get them over the top and get reinforced, Muckler always seemed to come up short. It will be interesting to see which direction Melnyk wants the team to make, since undoubtedly he has something in mind that Muckler was not fulfilling. I sense that the next GM will have short reigns from Melnyk, which I never think is good. I have never like the hands-on/Wang approach to owning a team, and I doubt Melnyk will change my mind in the subject.