That team in Chicago…whats their name? The Wolves? Nooo…

Whats the team on HTR that gets the least amount of attention? The one team that doesn’t appear to have one fan out of 7,200 members? The one team who hasn’t hasd a single article writen about them in quite possibly years? The Predators? No. The Sabres? No. The Leafs? I wish! No that distinction would belong to the Chicago

BlackHawks! “The Chicago who?” you ask. Well here’s the story on the NHL’s saddest franchise.

Yes they still have professional hockey in Chicago (although I use the term professional loosely) The Hawks have for years been the posterboy for management ineptitude. After racking up 96 points in the 01-02 campaign (a fluke) the Hawks went right back to its loser ways. Half empty arenas. Half hearted play…this all describes NHL hockey in Chicago. Is this any way for an Original Six franchise to be run?

So just how bad are the Hawks? That bad! Lets take a look at the BlackHawks and see just how bad its looking for those wacky Hawks.

We’ll start with the good (this should be quick)

Jocelyn Thibault last year picked up his game big time. He’s the reason they won most of the games they did win next year. Thibault’s work ethic and desire make him always prepared, which can be tougher than you think on this team. He has a great glove hand, nice lateral movement and his statistics don’t do him justice. A 2.37 GAA and .915 save % are good but not as good as Thibault played last year. Put him on a halfway decent team and you have a repeat All-Star! Unfortunately Thibault can’t do it all himself.

Now on to the bad…EVERYTHING ELSE!

Seriously. Thibault is just about it when looking at bright spots on the Hawks’ roster. Eric Daze was looked at by many to be an up and coming scorer in the league but an injury plagued season last year hurt his progress. Steve Sullivan scored 26 goals last year, Alexi Zhamonov 15, and…well thats it. They can’t score goals. Theo Fleury was supposed to help that problem and take off some of the heat from losing star Tony Amonte, but he had a prior arrangement worked out with Jack Daniels last year.

To add insult to injury defenceman Boris Mirinov walked out on the team last year (can you blame him?) Phil Housley was traded at the deadline. So where does that leave the defence this year? In baaaaad shape. Jon klemm, Steve Poapst, Alex Karpovtsev, Steve McCarthy and Nathan Dempsy…yea impressive huh? Klemm and Poapst are solid, but unspectacular d-men. After them, your not left with much.

Behind the bench is Brian Sutter. Sutter is a good coach saddled with an awful G.M. Mike Smith is the worst G.M. in the NHL bar none! If there’s a spot on the roster to screw up, be assured Smith is working on it! It’s G.M.s like Smith that make morons like Milbury on Long Island and O’Connel in Boston look competent. As long as Mike Smith is running the BlackHawks they will be losers!

So what do BlackHawks fans (both of em’) have to look forward to this year? Well…the AHL’s Chiago Wolves play right down the street. The Hawks are gonna suck, and suck badly! Even if Thibault has another great year and Daze stays healthy, they don’t have the talent to compete. Look forward to a really pathetic year in Chicago!