The 2007-08 Ultimate Pool Preview (GET IT HERE!)

Here it is, folks.

The 2007-08 Ultimate Pool Preview.

Go inside to get it for free!
You can get the file at any of the following links:

2007-08 UPP (Link 1):
2007-08 UPP (Link 2):
2007-08 UPP (Link 3):

2007-08 UPP (Link 4):
2007-08 UPP (Link 5):
2007-08 UPP (Link 6):

Please let us know if you find any error, typo, etc.
Your comments are always appreciated as well.

I’d like to thank everyone in the UPP team who helped me put the file together along with everyone who contributed by sending projections and/or donations.

Thank you very much!

Hope you guys enjoy and good luck to everyone in your hockey pools!

Marco Normandin
HTR Vice-Admin
UPP Founder