The Aftermath

Hello hockey fans! Finally the day of intensity is over with and it feels like things are back to normal again. It was a good day for the NHL, I thought. Intriguing trades, and almost tied for number of total trades as well. It was also a good day for Anyway, the aftermath is here…..analysis on every single trade! First of all, I would like to thank Lint07 for backing me up and working it out beautifully. As usual, we make a good team on Trade Deadline Day. For a moment, I thought Lint07 would have to do it all by himself as we had a power outage here in South Florida. It did not affect my electricity, just for maybe a slight second, but I ended up losing internet connection for nearly 15 minutes or so. Man was I pissed! I would also like to thank Trademan for making this Web site the way it is. It was very easy for me to manage it after learning some things he tought me.

Overall, I honestly believe we did a good job. Tell us what you think we could have done better, though. We really want to know. This month, we’ve had over two million hits. It was odd, however, that this place was busier on Monday than on Tuesday. Nonetheless, we did very well and we got the news out very quickly as soon as we caught it. But…………….yeah. Let us know what you would like to see next season and we’ll do our best.

So, this is my analysis of the trades made:

St. Louis traded Bryce Salvador, D, to New Jersey for Cam Janssen, RW.

I thought this was a pretty good deal for both teams. Bryce Salvador is a very solid defenseman who should fit like a velvet glove in New Jersey. He adds better defense, more size, and experience. A playoff team always needs at least seven defensemen. As for St. Louis, they looked for attitude and for someone to light it up during a game. They evidently have other plans for their defensive corps following the end of the season. I think the winner of this trade is New Jersey, but overall…it was a good trade.

Florida traded Ruslan Salei, D, to Colorado for Karlis Skrastins, D, and a third-round pick in 2008.

Whenever I saw Salei play his usual physical game, he was worth every penny. This guy was at times like a tank on defense. The problem was that his game was getting stale….too flat, and being paid little over $3M a season just was not worth it for the Panthers. Also, the Panthers needed more mobility on defense. Colorado gets a tough defenseman that should feel inspired and should have his game back. Still, I am not sure if it was worth tarding for Salei, giving up a 3rd rounder, nevermind Skrastins, and then get Adam Foote. It does slow down their defense a bit for a conference that is quite skilled and speedy. The Panthers get a reliable defenseman in Skrastins. He has experience, he is a UFA in July, so it helps them financially in a sense that they freed up their budget with Salei’s departure. Skrastins is a better skater than Salei as well, which is what they need. I’d call this a draw, no clear winner. Both teams addressed their needs and they got what they wanted. A fair hockey trade.

Chicago traded Tuomo Ruutu, C, to Carolina for Andrew Ladd, LW.

I think Carolina will end up winning this trade, simply because I think Ruutu is more talented; however, I understand what Chicago’s thought process is here. They think that Ladd would fit in the style that Towes and Kane play more than Ruutu. I was never a fan of Ladd. I’ve watched this guy many times here in the SE Division, and he seems like a checking forward. His offensive skills may be dormant, but I don’t think he will ever amount to anything……….unless Towes and Kane actually get this guy to become a Mike Knuble type of player, otherwise known as a late bloomer. Carolina on the other hand gets a gritty forward who plays physical, has a good set of skills, but the only drawback is that he is often injured. Good trade by Carolina, me thinks. I’d have to saw they are the winners in this deal…..but it’s a trade that we have to look back upon in a few years as both players are still very young.

Toronto traded Wade Belak, RW, to Florida for a fifth-round draft pick in 2008.

No real winner here. Both sides get what they wanted. I’ve stressed it so many times down here in SoFlo that the Panthers needed grit and toughness, major toughness. I channelled through a clear message to someone within the organization a few months ago that when Garth Murray was put on re-entry waivers, he was a must get. Unfortunately he too, as with many of the Panthers players, got injured and is actually out for the season. Wade Belak is one of my favorite tough guys in the league. He is a colorful guy, and knows how to fight with the best. I remember Colton Orr had a pretty good fight with Belak some time ago, but Belak threw one bunch that left Orr with a huge black eye the following day. That’s the kind of fighter they need, and this is one guy I hope they re-sign ASAP. A fifth rounder is not much to lose for the Panthers, they already have a lot of youth to use. The Leafs planned a firesale and Belak was a part of it. Not that I think it was such a necesseity to trade the guy, but they also had no use for him any longer. They both addressed their needs, no clear winner here.

Vancouver traded Matt Cooke, LW, to Washington for Matt Pettinger, LW.

If Pettinger stays healthy enough, the Canucks win this trade. Cooke was becoming “same ole same ole” for the Canucks. They need a new face to battle and play aggressive. Pettinger has always been a player I liked and I think the Canucks are a clear winner with this one. Cooke is good, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think he brings anything that’s better for the Washington Capitals. Nucks fans will really like this Pettinger guy, no doubt. And Cooke and his silly antics won’t be accepted when Donald Brashear is the bodyguard of the team.

Chicago traded Martin Lapointe, RW, to Ottawa for a sixth-round draft pick in 2008.

Chicago got rid of salary and of a player they no longer needed. Lapointe is a good player, but he’s not nearly as touted as he was some years ago. He is on the downside, and while he adds character and leadership to the struggling Senators, he doesn’t fix anything on this team. Still, no like acquiring a 6th rounder is something to get excited about for the Hawks. No tie, no winner, no anything. It was a trade worth nothing for either side, but Ottawa has the upper hand if Lapointe becomes a factor in the playoffs then obviously Senators win the trade. Thou shall not forget though that Lapointe has not been a factor in any playoff series in recent years. Not even his last one with the Wings.

Columbus traded Sergei Fedorov, C, to Washington for Theo Ruth, D.

Fedorov is on the verge of retirement in the NHL, and this is a guy who hasn’t revived his career playing with Nik Zherdev and Rick Nash. Still, Ovechkin is Ovechkin and anything can happen. They needed a center who brings experience and can push the Capitals to making the playoffs, and quite possibly a 1st round upset. The Caps gave up little as there isn’t much to tout on this Ruth guy. It’s a win for Washington who gamble on making the playoffs, while Columbus clearly just ended their playoffs hopes.

Columbus traded Adam Foote, D, to Colorado for a conditional first-round pick in 2008 or 2009 and a conditional fourth-round pick in 2009.

Unless Colorado re-signs the guy, this was a horrible trade for Colorado. This is a team that needs to start strengthening their future as many of its youngsters of years past are gone. They are not even a lock to make the playoffs. They have questionable goaltending. It’s nice to bring Foote back as he can definitely have a major impact on the team, but at such a price? When he is a UFA? No way. Columbus wins this deal. They get a 1st rounder and they did the right thing not to re-sign him. They need to stay young and need to stop spending loads of money on older veterans. This is what ruined the Phoenix Coyotes with Michael Barnett as the GM. They kept signing these free agents and never got to the playoffs. Ever since they stopped doing that, they are hunting the playoffs and should be able to make it next season.Columbus? Same concept. No reason to waste money on Adam Foote. They got an excellent return for him. Even if the Avs make the playoffs, Blue Jackets win this deal as it clearly benefits their organization.

Montreal traded Cristobal Huet, G, to Washington for a second-round draft pick in 2009.

I can’t even come up with a good analysis on this other than to say ………what the…. Ok, I understand that Carey Price is the real deal and yadda yadda yadda, but he is no Patrick Roy. Ok? When you have a solid team like the Canadiens making other teams fear them come playoff time, there is no common sense or logic to head into the playoffs with two inexperienced goalies. Basically, two rookie goalies. And it’s not like Cristobal Huet fetched Gainey a good return. A 2nd rounder? Sure it’s nice, but worth losing a solid goalie over when you want to make a good run in the playoffs? It’s idiotic. Montreal can end up finishing in 6th place, Washinton in 3rd place, and guess what? Does anyone really want to face the hot Capitals with out of control Alex Ovechkin, and highly motivated Huet? Sure, better than facing the Devils, but I wouldn’t be feeling too great about it. And what if that happens and the Caps win the series? I like Gainey and all. He is a good man, I highly respect the guy, but if that happens….he has to be fired the next day. Capitals win this one, without a doubt. They get a starting goalie, and for what? A draft pick. Now some people may say “well…..maybe Gainey had a deal in place for Hossa and Huet’s trade was a part of it”. Sure, possible, but guess what? Don’t pull the trigger when you don’t have the other deal done. Horrible trade for Montreal as it could come back to haunt them, big time.

Buffalo traded Brian Campbell, D, and a seventh-round pick in 2008 to San Jose for Steve Bernier, RW, and a first-round pick in 2008.

Great hockey trade. Obviously I have to give Buffalo the upper hand here as they traded a pending UFA player that may not re-sign with the Sharks for a great forward that oozes potential and dominance. Plus a serviceable 1st rounder. Obviously I think Campbell puts the Sharks levels higher. They addressed their need and they got it. Hefty price, but it could prove to be all worth it depending how the do in the playoffs. As for the Sabres, I have to blame ownership here. Campbell evidently wanted to stay so badly. It was not even a matter of money as it was for Ryan Smyth and the Oilers. It was a matter of length. Campbell wanted to stay in Buffalo. This is a city that has not been on the favored places to live for free agents, and yet here is a guy who wanted to stay there. He could have hit free agency and could have gotten well over $6M a season, possibly Boyle-type money and nearly $7M a season. Yet, he accepted money under the $6M mark. But for three years? No way. The guy just wanted two more years or so. Why not give it to him? This is where Buffalo will hurt. They won’t attract UFA interest because of these things. Nonetheless, Steve Bernier on a team that has Derek Roy, Tomas Vanek, Jason Pomminville, Drew Stafford? We have reason to fear. The one thign that this team needs is a well touted playmaking centerman. I know Sabres fans may be very angry, but keep the faith. This trade will pay off…

Tampa Bay traded Brad Richards, C, and Johan Holmqvist, G, to Dallas for Mike Smith, G, Jussi Jokinen, LW, and Jeff Halpern, C, and a fourth-round pick in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

This depends which way you look at it. Honestly, I think Dallas stole Brad Richards. I am not a fan of Richards, and I do think he is way overrated. He is nowhere near Vinny Lecavalier’s abilities to make such an impact on his team, singlehandedly. He is a heck of a player, but not worth nearly $8M a season. He had one great year. Worth $8M? No way. Nonetheless, he is a great playmaking center and one that Dallas can build a team with for the future. Dallas did the right thing to keep their true starting goaltender in Marty Turco, and managed to get a good back up in Johan Holmqvist. So, all is good for Dallas. They lost a young back up goalie, but he was not going to take Turco’s spot any time soon. He almost did, but Turco pulled himself together. They lost a shootout specialist in Jussi Jokinen, who has never been the same since his rookie campaign. And, they lost Jeff Halpern who many of us forgot where he even played. So, this is the best that Tampa could have gotten? Hmmm….I am not buying it. Not sure what Columbus was offering, but I doubt it was not better than that. Did Tampa really improve? I am not sure and in a way I don’t think so. They are taking their chances with Mike Smith and if he turns out to be a solid starter then it was worth it, all the way, but if not then this may go down in the category of worst trades ever made. Hat tip to Dallas.

Toronto traded Hall Gill, D, to Pittsburgh in return for second and fifth-round selections.

I’d have to say that Toronto did its job here. This was the best trade for them, actually. They no longer needed Gill and at least they got a nice 2nd rounder and a hopeful 4th rounder. They cleared up salary, big plus. Pittsburgh on the other hand added a solid defenseman that helps out the defense a whole lot. This is the kind of guy that they can rely on when playing against top players, especially big bodied players. I think they both win here. They both got what they wanted.

Los Angeles traded Jean-Sebastien Aubin, G, to Anaheim for a seventh-round selection.

Sometimes J-S Aubin can be a good goalie to hand a few starts to. A 7th rounder for him? Fair deal. Meanwhile LA has yet to figure out its goaltenders. No one wins here.

San Jose traded Rob Davison, D, to N.Y. Islanders for a seventh-round selection.

Davison was once seen as a NHL regular defenseman that brings a physical presence on the blueline. Yet, he has not developed consistently and has become nothing more than a utility player. Mostly just added depth for the Isle’s. It’s a harmless trade for both teams. Good dealing.

N.Y. Rangers acquired Christian Backman, D, from St. Louis in return for a fourth-round selection.

I think that the Rangers wanted to do more, but Paul Mara’s injury screwed things up a bit. Why? I am guessing that they planned on trading either Marek Malik or Mara, and apparently it was Mara since Malik has not been dealt. Mara’s salary was to be dumped away, which would have given room for the Rangers to acquire a better defenseman. Mara got injured, though, and therefore nothing really happened. Christian Backman appears to be a good replacement for Mara, except he appears to be a better skater, better mobility, possibly better defensively, and he should be able to be the guy that makes a good pass out of the zone. Nonetheless, the Rangers are banking on making the playoffs and if that is the case, they stacked up the defense in case of injuries. No one loses this trade. A 4th rounder means nothing to the Rangers now, and Backman was no longer needed for the Blues.

Toronto traded Chad Kilger, LW, to Florida for a third-round selection.

Good trade. Again, both got what they wanted. Toronto sought picks, and Panthers sought filllers. They gained the 3rd rounder from the Avs, so they didn’t lose a draft pick here, and they got a serviceable player that brings a lot to a team. Kilger is a good addition and brings much needed size for the Panthers, and not to mention, they just needed extra bodies since they are missing too many players due to injuries. No one lost.

Detroit acquired Brad Stuart, D, from Los Angeles in exchange for a second-round pick in 2008 and a fourth-round selection in 2009.

Detroit needed to make this move because of the recent injuries on their blueline. I am not a big fan of Stuart, however. He never panned out to be the offensive defenseman he was expected to groom into. He doesn’t do so welll in his own end. He’s been moved around a lot recently for obvious reasons. He just isn’t that good. But, Detroit needed a filler and they got one. Overpaid? Maybe….depends if the team makes him better, as they do to most players. Red Wings always tend to trade away draft picks, though, so nothing new. I think the winner of this trade depends how far the Wings go.

N.Y. Islanders traded Chris Simon, LW, to Minnesota for a sixth-round selection in 2008.

Great trade for the Islanders. They did not need him anymore. I know a 6th rounder means little, but they just got rid of a player that did not help them, at all. Minnesota gets a lot tougher with Simon joining Fedoruk and Boogard. Ummm…yeah, they really needed to get tougher….. yeah……………….. right……………………hm………..

Atlanta traded Marian Hossa, RW, and Pascal Dupuis, LW, to Pittsburgh for Colby Armstrong, RW, Erik Christensen, C, and Angelo Esposito, C.

Here’s the BIGGIE! If the Penguins re-sign Hossa, fine…good trade. If they don’t re-sign him, which I find likely to happen, then what the hell were they thinking? Could the Penguins be so serious to think that they can win the Cup with Conklin in nets and with Hossa never actually doing well in the playoffs? Huge risk, and i found it poorly timed. Atlanta gets a good, tough winger in Armstrong, who had maginificent chemistry with Crosby, a good youngster in Erik Christensen, who has a nice shot, and a questionable prospect in Angelo Esposito. All that for an impending UFA who did not want to re-sign. Pretty damn good trade Waddell. I don’t see the Penguins re-signing Hossa. He wants to test the market, no doubt. And, the Penguins need to save money for Evgeny Malkin. So…no way will they lock up three forwards making around $7M a season. No………way. I think everyone learned Tampa’s lesson.

Phoenix traded Josh Gratton, LW, David Leneveu, G, and Fredrik Sjostrom, RW, to N.Y. Rangers in return for Marcel Hossa, LW, and Al Montoya, G.

I was outraged at first with this trade. Not sure what the Rangers were trying to accomplish, as with Phoenix. Phoenix has Bryzgalov and Tellqvist as a good tandem. So….why did they want Montoya? Rangers didn’t really need to make this trade either, but I guess they wanted to rid themselves of Marcel Hossa and gain some more potential with Sjostrom. I do have a theory, though, that the Coyotes may want to intrigue Marian Hossa to sign with them in July to join his brother. The problem with Montoya for the Rangers was this. They had no place for him in the future. He is very injury prone, in fact he has been injured in all of his three seasons in the AHL, and in his first two seasons he missed around 80 games. This season he was again injured, and was outplayed by another unknown goalie named Wiikman, from Finland. Also, goalie coach, very reputable around the league, Benoit Allaire has worked with David LeNeveu years before and may felt that he couldn’t do anything to improve Montoya’s game, but has a hunch he could with LeNeveu. I guess it is a wait-n-see with this trade as it involved young players.

N.Y. Islanders traded Marc-Andre Bergeron, G, to Anaheim for a third-round selection.

Not sure why Burke would want a disaster on defnese. Bergeron helps the offensive side of things from the blueline, but the Ducks already have Pronger, Niedermeyer, and Beauchemin for that. Of course he’d want security in case of injuries, and Bergeron helps that, but I don’t think it was so necessary either. Snow did well in gaining a draft pick. No real winner here.



WINNER. Like I said before, these guys won the Cup last season by not making any moves. People thought they’d make a big move. They didn’t. Added depth with Bergeron.


WINNER. Good return for Hossa.


WINNER. It was NOT worth trading Kessel. Not one bit. Let this team grow.


WINNER &L LOSER. Could have kept a loyal defenseman in Campbell. Got a great return for him.


WINNER. No need to have made a huge move now.


WINNER. Worth it to take a shot at Ruutu.


WINNER. Worth it to take a shot at Ladd. No need to have done a firesale other players rumored on the outs. Team has bright future with current vets.


LOSER. Goaltending still an issue. Bringing back old players does not guarantee anything. Added salary for no good reason.


WINNER. Getting rid of old players that were overpaid is good enough.


WINNER. Didn’t give up much for a very good, though overpaid, young center in Richards.


LOSER. No reason to have done nothing yesterday. They had assets to sell, but didn’t do anything.


WINNER. Had nothing to sell. Got what they wanted, and dumped salary. Didn’t lose anything.

Los Angeles

LOSER. Had more players to sell than just Stuart, but didn’t? No one wanted Nagy? Yeah right.


LOSER. Simon will make them worse. No help added.


LOSER. Traded away their starter for next to nothing. No Ryder deal? No help added?


WINNER. Not much to do in the first place. Hlavac can help a wee bit.

New Jersey

WINNER. Had no place for Jansen, got a solid defenseman in Salvador.

New York Islanders

LOSER. Did nothing to help the team except getting rid of Simon.

New York Rangers

LOSER. Physical defenseman was an obvious need.


LOSER. Lapointe won’t make them better. Did not get rid of cancer in Emery.


LOSER. Nothing to save team’s horrible slide.


WINNER. Didn’t do anything stupid for once in a while.


WINNER & LOSER. Good addition in Hal Gill to solidify defense. Overpaid for Hossa.

San Jose

WINNER. Saought a defenseman like Campbell, got him for a fair price.

St. Louis

LOSER. Why get rid of two starting defensemen and not replace them?

Tampa Bay

LOSER. Took risk trading Richards for unproven regular starter.


WINNER & LOSER. Did what they could have done. Classless was Fletcher, when interviewed, to make Ferguson Jr. look bad, very classless.


LOSER. Is it possible that they could not have found help with scoring from any team? Not even giving a 2nd chance to a struggling forward on the block?


WINNER. Making sure that SE Division title will be their.

So, that’s that my fellow hockey fans. I had a lot of fun. I am just happy that things turned out quite smoothly for us. And, I would also like to thank most of you that followed my instructions in NOT submitting any news during the deadline. I know some of you did, but just a small few. And, I also like to give myself credit for this. You were only informed here on, by me, that Olli Jokinen was not going to be traded despite other reports from mass media, even TSN, saying otherwise……… including Eklund! I spoke to Eklund some time ago and I told him that he was wrong on Jokinen. He wasn’t going to get traded, and if that happened I would nag him. So…if his Daily Buzzcast is on shortly today at 4pm, then you can catch me nagging him. It’s all for laughs, though, nothing serious.

Anyway, thanks again for supporting us and this great Web site. Please let us know what you would like to see us do better for next year’s trade deadline. We love to get ideas on how to make this place better for hockey fans.

Thanks for reading and take care,

Micki Peroni

Vice Administrator of

56 Responses to The Aftermath

  1. CommonSense says:

    Well, I would argue that King is more of an enforcer than an agitator, but one could question the need for both in today's game – although a Janssen-Mayers-King 4th line would be a lot of fun to watch! They would be great beating the hell out of the Red Wings (while we are down on the scoreboard 5-1).

    In retrospect, I agree with Mikster that the Blues are losers on the day, but not for the reasons he has listed. We needed O-fence, and got none. If they were going to throw in the towel, they should have traded Sal for a 3rd (as has been reported) and dumped Marty for whatever they could get… and even worked harder to unload Jay McKee. I am a big Jackman fan, and he has had an AWFUL year – but I think with the contract resolved he will turn it around and be a force once again.

    I would have loved the 2nd and 5th from Pit for McKee…

  2. iamnewfie1 says:

    the blues made two terrible trades and since the trade with boston for those useless goalie have only lost every trade since…..

  3. iamnewfie1 says:

    yea gainey is a genius your right,trading a proven goalie for a second round pick in 2099 actually belonging to anaheim reeks of pure  genius…it also reeks of alcohol maybe gainey was drunk when he made this …

  4. percussio says:

    Isnt 2009 THE deepest draft in decades, better than the one Crosby was in ?

    Hmmm, so considering John Leclair was a 2nd rounder and Roy was a 4th …

    we traded a guy who wasnt a dominant goalie, was gonna walk away for nothing because it would have been ridicuolous to sign a 3 to 4 year contract at 4 mill a year which is what he wants, at that price make him stay as a back up, had trouble playing 3 games in a row.

    No … it is you my friend, who are a genius. Thanks for clarifying that.

    Other moves scrutinzed be ignorant people with a lack of hockey knowledge or just plain vision and common sense:

    – Getting Kovalev
    – Trading Rivet
    – Choosing Price in the draft over Esposito
    – ridding the team of locker room cancers in Ribiero and Theodore
    – not trading away Higgins for Hossa

    Yes iamnewfie, join the bandwagon of rambling idiots who have no ability to disect a trade, you truly are … a newfie !

  5. percussio says:

    Gainey not doing his job ? Well I'll admit the trade fell a little short but I guarantee you, Huet will NOT bring the Caps that much further.

    He is not a dominant goalie. He excels at times but tends to be good and nothing more. Lets in 1 bad goal per night, quote me on that, watch every game carefully and compile the stats. AT LEAST 1 PER NIGHT.

    After 3 games, he loses his stamina and needs to be replaced. Everyone's talking about his playoff experience … 6 games, thats it !

    Plus the situation in Washington with 3 goalies and Kolzig practically calling Huet out, cant be good for morale and Huet is not a guy that deals with that kind of stuff. With Price in Montreal, you could tell he was constantly looking over his shoulder.

    Last but not least, the Caps dont have Montreals blueliners. Unless the offense goes on a complete blitz, Huet will win a few but will sizzle out in many.

  6. wingerxxx says:

    I'm not a big Gonchar fan.  Sure, he is high scoring, but does that make him a top defenseman?  I don't know.  I'm a little jaded towards him, because I saw a few too many Gonchar-isms when he played with Washington (making a breakout pass that ended up going into his own net, being one memorable one).  I think he's a little better defensively than he was back then, but if he is your best defenseman, that says a lot about your defense.  Bottom line, the Pens don't have a good enough blueline to win the Cup.

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