In this age of ridiculous contracts and overpaid stiffs there are still a few bargains out there in the NHL. The Hockey News recently published the salaries of each and every player in the NHL and I was surprised to see how many underpaid (as well as overpaid players there were out there). So here’s my All Under a Million Team. Each of these players make a million dollars or under. If assembled into one team they would easily be the best team in the league. So even though bargains aren’t as easy to come by anymore, there are some hidden gem’s.

So what do you think of my Dollar Store Team. Is there anybody else out there who’s better than the guy’s I have listed? What other great deals are out there?


Jean Sebastien Giguere: Anaheim


Marty Turco: Dallas



Alex Tanguay: Colorado


Justin Williams: Philadelphia


Scott Gomez: New Jersey


P.J. Axelson: Boston


Kris Huselius: Florida


Martin St. Louis: Tampa


Brad Richards: Tampa


Dave Andreychuck: Tampa


Randy Robitaille: Pittsburgh



Danny Markhov: Montreal


Kim Johnsson: Philadelphia

$1,050,000 (o.k. it’s a little over, but who’s counting)?

Bryan Berard: Boston


Dan Boyle: Tampa


Andy Delmore: Nashville


Brad Bombadir: Minnesota