The better team won…

Well, 5 minutes ago, Leafs’ players jumped on Aubin because they were still alive! Habs players were lookin’ at the sky asking themselves what the hell just happened… You want an answer? Justice was made!
We could find million of excuses… But they’d be all BS! The leafs won because their players wanted it more…. Kaberle, McCabe, Sundin, Wellwood… Name ’em! They gave all they had… They never quit… 2 qualities worthy of playoff teams! Did all Habs’ players suck? No… But doesn’t matter does it? You win as a team and lose as a team… Maurice coached better than Carbonneau also. Overall, is it all negative night for habs fans? No… The only positive thing is that Kovy got benched on a do or die game… Which is a very clear hint to where he won’t be playing next year… All in all, all i could say is congratulations to Leafs, they deserve to be part of playoffs… Whether Isles win or not tomorrow, Leafs gave all they had and if they make it, it won’t be by default. Congratulations!

p.s.: You will note that, like my name clearly indicates I am a habs fan… However, facts are facts and we can’t lie to ourselves now!

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  1. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    Fire JFJ? Definitely. Sign wingers? I'm all up for signing a good scoring winger if it doesnt reduce the grit and heart of this leafs team. But honestly I'd rather have hard working guys like Kilger, Steen, Battaglia, Pohl, Deveraux, Antro, Poni, Tucks and so on then end up with a Habs Samsonov situation where you go get a skilled guy who is too lazy to play how you want when things dont go their way or guys who are cancers in the locker room. Be it JFJ or someone with brains who is GM through free agent period, MAKE SMART CHOICES! As for trading Rayzor, he did pretty decent this season, all time leafs wins in a season, even if he was inconsistent and played a lot more he still put up the wins and I only see him improving, he is yet to hit his prime. True he's not the calder winning kid from pre lockout times, nobody expects him to be, but he's solid. Besides if he's as bad as you think we won't get anything worthwhile for him in a trade.

  2. ferron says:

     At the end MTL as better player but "Maurice" can actually coach, Carbo blows and gaigney should of been fired after the deadline for not traiding "Souray" IMO the most overrated player ever in the history of the league and if they sign him in the off season then i'll bet you anything you want that "Gaigney " will get fired by the next deadline, Souray ,Sammy,Abby,Bonk,Kovy ect… should of all got traded at the deadline, anybody would of taken a good winger at the deadline or and offensive D. Anyway "Gaigney" as a lot of work this summer and a Last CHANCE as well.

  3. nordiques100 says:

    i beleive the habs were teeing off first thanks to the Leafs.

  4. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Ya i can Definitely see JFJ getting canned.  Which is what should have happened long ago.  The love affair he is having with The top Toronto brass can only go so far.  In all honesty, JFJ is the WORST NHL gm in the League today.  The only good signing or resigning he did was with Tucker, but come on .. Mcabe and Kubina for over 10 million? Wtf was he thinking? He definitely needs to get canned for T.O. to have any type of success.  When theres a problem, its better to eliminate it and chop the head off.

  5. rojoke says:

    The one who absolutely got the short end of the stick was Vigneault. As I said, he took a injury riddled team over two seasons, and got every bit of effort, talent and luck out of those guys, and they gave everything they had for him. I knew that he’d get another shot at an NHL team. I was surprised that it took so long.

  6. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Who cares. Atleast We get the better draft pick! ha ha ha.

  7. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Actually, the Leafs won't be golfing this off-season as all the good tee off times were taken by guys named Koivu, Kovalev, Huet, Souray … well, you get the picture.

    See, your comment would sting a bit more if, say, the Habs were in the playoffs and they were the reason that the Leafs weren't.  But coming from a fan of a team that was eliminated less than 24 hours ago by the Leafs, not so much.

    But hey, we all have to grasp on to something and I realize that pickin's are thin in Hab Nation.  I mean, think about all the accolades you showered your team with at the beginning of and throughout the season.  And to be eliminated by the Leafs, the overpaid, over-the-hill bunch of grinders with a sieve for a goalie?  Now that must sting.  And to think that every time you think about the 2006-2007 NHL standing … it'll be the Leafs asses Montreal will be looking up at … yeah, it's gonna be a long off-season.

    But, luckily for the Habs, they do have a better draft position than Toronto.  So maybe, just maybe, in a few years time, this draft advantage will turn into enough seperation that the Habs make the playoffs and the Leafs don't.  Either that or Montreal will develop the player they take into a solid young talent that is just waiting to blossom into an all world player, until the team faces a bit of pressure and then said player chokes.

    Although, I will say that Ryder looked pretty good last night.  You guys have a good one there.  Sorta reminds me of Wellwood, except not as good ….

    Haahahahahahahhahaha … have a great off-season, 24, and get ready for the avalanche of "What the Leafs Should Do!" articles.

    P.S.  How are things coming along on the 25th Cup?  Oh yeah, not so well SINCE YOUR TEAM WAS ELIMINATED BY THE LEAFS … HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  8. mojo19 says:

    I think, had they kept Rivet they might be in the playoffs right now. He was missing on their blueline during.

  9. bigscoup says:

    Excuse me i belive the point that he was makeing is that the cbc is a public broadcasting co. it is NOT the toronto maple leafs pvt broadcasting co. therefor the announcers should be calling the game as a nuteral party not as leaf fans….further more if the dam game was in french im sure you would be complaining about it when infact by your statment u could just turn the volume down

  10. mojo19 says:

    It'll be interesting to see who the next Oilers to bolt from Deadmonton to go to a more liveable city. Obviously Sykora and Nedved won't be back, but I wonder how much longer until Hemsky (the last talented player) demands to be traded away from the leagues worst team.

  11. nordiques100 says:

    wow one pick ahead out of the top ten. yeah you're grasping at straws

  12. habs_punk says:

    Neither team deserved to win that game, neither team played like they really wanted it. The Isles actually showed the heart and drive needed to take that 8th spot. They were starting their 3rd string goalie for the last 5 games, and managed to make up ground that they shouldn't have. The Isles deserve to be there.

    To all the mother*****ing idiot Habs fans calling for Carbo and Gainey's heads, shut the hell up. Carbo was a rookie coach that led this team to a top spot for the first half of the season. Yes the team fell apart and was on par with Philly for the second half of the season, but there were other factors besides the coach and GM. Carbo was a rookie coach, do you really want to see him get fired and then a few years down the line win coach of the year with the Columbus Blue Jackets? He will be a coach of the year candidate in the not so distant future. But just like Latendresse and Kostitsyn, you've got to give him a little bit of time. He learned a lot this year and will do a much better job next year, he'll have a lot more to work with next year as well. Things are looking solid for next year. Aebischer and Niinimaa will be gone freeing up cap space, Bonk will be gone unless he takes a pay cut, also freeing cap space, Samsonov will be traded or bought out, freeing cap space. They should be able to resign Markov, and Souray despite his defensive shortcomings was the reason our power play was so strong, and very well could be back, otherwise there's some more free cap space.

    We had some bad performances from guys that should have been stars, i.e. Sammy and Kovy, but don't forget about the positives. A career year for Koivu, another 30 goal season for Ryder, the emergence of Lapierre, Kostitsyn, and Halak as regular contributers, the record-breaking power play performance of Souray, the solid two way play of Johnson, Bonk, and Plekanec, the versatility of Streit, and Perezhogin's solid defensive play.

    Obviously missing the playoffs and finishing behind the Leafs are two rather embarrassing results to this season, but if just a few things went differently, this is a team that could have easily taken the 6th spot or better.

    However disappointing this season has been, there is a lot to look forward to. Anyone else see Bob making a move to try and draft Esposito?

  13. habs_punk says:

    The return for Raycroft will be at an all time low, you aren't going to get a lot for him, which will in turn make the Rask trade look that much worse. I'd say keep him, the only way you're going to get fair value for Rask is if Raycroft finally manages to put it all together and play like he did in his rookie year. Maybe Pogge is ready to step in as backup and Maurice will be able to throw him in more often than Aubin and get Raycroft a little more rest. There's just something not right when a player ties the Leafs all time win record for goalies and doesn't make the playoffs. He played in far too many games.

  14. habs_punk says:

    How are things coming along on breaking the 40 year drought?

  15. propiro98 says:

    well im sure you had the biggest grin on your face when the devils scored with a 1 second left. and boy would i of loved to see your face right after the shoot out.
    and at least we controlled our fate and lost because of just that losing the game. unlike you losers who were glued to the TV hoping that another team did the work for us.
    and obviously are guys are on the golf course….the habs are not allowed playing at the retirement club.
    and about the drafting postion…don't worry at least we keep our pics…and ouch that must hurt trading away your solid blue chip finish world junior MVP goalie for andrew raycroft…hahaha at least we can bench our mistakes (mr. samsonov)

    and ummm 1967, 1967 and 1967…but no worries you guys have a stanely cup parade every year right? or do you all hang out at the HHOF and think what it must feel like….cuz boy, i do know how it feels.  if we were 9th or 15th sadly we would still be in the sae boat as you…with the losers so sugar coat it all you want but were in the same place loser.

  16. habs_punk says:

    Meh, I'll stick around, cheering for the Pens and the Flames now. A Buffalo and Pittsburgh Conference finals would be amazing.

    And unfortunately because of fans like you, I wouldn't mind seeing Vancouver lose to Dallas. I'd prefer not to have a repeat of Jannetty on the site.

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