The better team won…

Well, 5 minutes ago, Leafs’ players jumped on Aubin because they were still alive! Habs players were lookin’ at the sky asking themselves what the hell just happened… You want an answer? Justice was made!
We could find million of excuses… But they’d be all BS! The leafs won because their players wanted it more…. Kaberle, McCabe, Sundin, Wellwood… Name ’em! They gave all they had… They never quit… 2 qualities worthy of playoff teams! Did all Habs’ players suck? No… But doesn’t matter does it? You win as a team and lose as a team… Maurice coached better than Carbonneau also. Overall, is it all negative night for habs fans? No… The only positive thing is that Kovy got benched on a do or die game… Which is a very clear hint to where he won’t be playing next year… All in all, all i could say is congratulations to Leafs, they deserve to be part of playoffs… Whether Isles win or not tomorrow, Leafs gave all they had and if they make it, it won’t be by default. Congratulations!

p.s.: You will note that, like my name clearly indicates I am a habs fan… However, facts are facts and we can’t lie to ourselves now!