The big surprises in the NHL

With the new speedy NHL and the one year break some players have been able to recuperate into the stars they once were while others have seized the opprutinity and stunned the rest of the hockey nation. Here’s my top ten……..#10 Randy Robitaille (Minnesota Wild)- This guy is having a career year.He’s a speedy forward with good hands and a hard shot. He hasn’t got much to work with with the Wild but he still manages to pull it off night after night. Future franchise player.

#9 Rob Niedermayer (Anaheim Mighty Ducks)-Ever since his brother signed with the team this guys has been a non-stop rolling boulder. He plays with the same grit and determination that he used too in the past except now he is able to tally points to the board. He’s got awesome stick-handling and be may be one of the few hopes the Ducks have left.

#8 Paul Kariya (Nashville Predators)- Not only is he captain of the Predators in his first season but he is also on pace for a 40 goal season. The biggest mistake of Team Canada was not picking this guy up. Not only does he have veteran leadership but he is a pure goal scorer and wherever he goes he manages to rack up the points.

#7 Shawn Horcoff (Edmonton Oilers)- Gritty second line forward who like his teammate Ryan Smyth scrambles to the net looking for tips and juicy rebounds. He has a hard shot and efficient passes that go along with the forechecking. Currently on a hot goal streak.

#6 Dany Heatley (Ottawa Senators)-Not one of my faves but he has proven himself. Already in the top ten with 57 points he is one of the reasons Ottawa is such a huge threat. Playing on the first line,the powerplay,and sometimes the penalty kill heat;ey is an all-round goal scorer.

#5 Marc Savard (Atlanta Thrashers)- Who would have evr predicted that this guy is in the top 5 for points. He and kovalchuk have all ready cracked the 60 point mark with hossa not far behind. What chemistry! 42 of his 61 points are assists which show what a great passer and play-maker he really is. With him setting up Kovalchuk and Hossa Atlanta will be unstoppable.

#4 Jonathan Cheechoo (San Jose Sharks)- This youngster is making quite a name for himself with already 25 goals halfway through the season! Playing on a line with the big Joe Thornton this kid is learning from an experienced pro. Expect Cheechoo to take the NHL by storm in years to come.

#3 Bryan McCabe (Toronto Maple Leafs)- Leading all defenceman in points and in the top five for ice time he is truly one of the Leafs’ MVPs. Goalies,defenceman,and penalty killers alike are all watching his blistering blueline shot for two reasons: not letting a quick one by and not getting in the way of this bullet :P. Renowned blue-liner is able to quarterback the powerplay and stabilize the penalty kill.

#2 Bryan Gionta (New Jersey Devils)- This 5”9 small speedy forward is the Devils ‘ leading scorer. With not much of an offence, Gionta has been able to step up to the task of leading the charge in scoring. Right now he one of the few bright spots on the struggling New Jersey team.

#1 Jaromir Jagr (New York Rangers)- This gifted sniper has finally waken up to the true goal scorer he has always been. A leader for the team, he hasbeen able to carry New York on his shoulders into a playoff spot and make ordinary players…stars (e.g. Prucha, Malik). One of this decades greatest stars…when he’s into it…..

I understand i must’ve got some of my facts wrong but easy on the bashing. First-time writer, long-time reader

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  1. CapsnSkins says:

    Biggest Surprise, I will go with an entire team–Carolina Hurricanes, yes there is a hockey team in Carolina–they get no pub but as of last night after beating Nashville they were tied w/most points in the League. Most did not have them as a playoff candidate before the year. They have a legit shot at a Cup–I do not have the stats handy but I do believe they have one of the top 2 records vs other playoff teams (as it currently stands). They have have showed success ve the top teams in the East & West. They can roll three lines that can all score, Stahl has blossomed into a top player (how he does not make team Canada is beyond me), Gerber is playing lights out and they are very deep defensively. By the way I am a Caps fan not a canes fan. But enjoy the canes style of attacking, crisp skating/passing play.

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