the blue north strong……'ll see,future watch TML

So last season wasn’t a great thing to watch for leaf fans (actually it was quite abismal) but things should be looking up with a future with players like these:

Dion Phaneuf:Still only 25 and one of the youngest leafs to be named captain
believe me this guy IS NOT a one and done.

Luke Schenn: 21 and will feed off of the captains lead

Nazim Kadri: keeps putting on weight and after a short trial in the A will come up and start his apprenticeship

Jiri Tlusty who? phillippe paradis: will turn into a good third line part

Mikhi Stefanovich: sh?t I hope he plays with more intensity than grabo cause he sure has more talent available

Bozak: WILL get better provided he puts in the work

Dido: don’t know if the leg is as healthy as it used to be…..just look at Kurtis Foster

Stalberg: big, fast and a mule…see johan franzen

Kenny Ryan: left B.C to play with Mem Cup champs spitfires now learning how to play puck north of the 49th…..wonder if he had something to do with Jimmy Hayes’ departure?

Jesse Blacker: quietly, silently shows very little holes in his game

James Reimer: Now people talk so much about Vancouver’s Cory Schnieder
but really? Reimer stood on his head last game in the AHL last season and beat Schnieder’s Moose in overtime 2-1, as well his record was almost perfect with his first full season.Check out his save %

Keith Aulie: Ok so how can you not like a kid who’s 6’6 200 plus pounds
and pulled his father out of a tiller under the ice on his farm and saved his life? did we really get him and Phaneuf for spare parts?

there are also others who have not been mentioned but they will turn up to gel with the teams plans

but for now we wait for the craziness known as free agent frenzy…….

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