The Buffalo Sabres Curse

It can be said that the whole city of Buffalo is cursed. It all started in 1991 on a January night. Super Bowl XXV ended when Scott Norwood booted his last-second, 47-yard field goal attempt wide right in the Bills’ 20-19 loss to the New York Giants. From that day on Buffalo has been cursed.I could go on about the Music City Miracle and other football misfortunes, but this is a hockey site. There are four terrible calls that can be remembered against the Sabres. Two occurred in the 1998-99 Eastern Conference finals against the Capitals, the infamous no goal, and the second no goal (aka The Phantom Goal).

I don’t think that anyone remembers the terrible calls that happened during Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals in 1998. I looked online to find some details about this situation, but to no avail. So, if I remember correctly it was the third period and a Capitals player clearly had iced the puck and Mike Wilson was the first to get to the puck. As he got to the puck the linesman gave the signal of no icing, but didn’t yell out “No icing!” like other officials do. Wilson, thinking that the call was icing, nonchalantly shot the puck around the boards to a Capitals player, who was left all alone, which set up a Capitals goal, tying up the score. But wait, it gets worse. Now we are in overtime of the same game and the Capitals are racing down the ice on a 2-on-1. One of the Capitals players was way offside, but again the linesman didn’t make the call, which set up the game winning goal. The Sabres got hosed.

Next, the NO GOAL fiasco that happened in game six of the Stanley Cup Finals the next year. Who can forget about this. There has never been a worse call than this one. We all know, even the Stars fans, that Brett Hull’s skate was in the crease. It was a stupid rule, but it was the rule and this goal never should have counted.

About five minutes after John Leclair scores a goal during Game 3 of the 2000 playoffs we watch the instant replay of his shot that clearly sailed into the net outside of the post. This goal, of course, was counted and led to the Sabres loss of that game and the series.

Three years in a row the Sabres got screwed over by the NHL. There is no denying it, the Buffalo Sabres are cursed.

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  1. gprodent says:

    The whole city of Buffalo is cursed you say? Let me tell you, I live in Cleveland, where anything that has to do with sports is cursed to no ends of the Earth. Twice during the 80’s, our football team last in the AFC Championships to Denver, when we had the games won and something totally weird happened and we lost. Twice in the 90’s our baseball team losses the World Series in the last minute after strange occurances. I won’t even touch Basketball, but let me tell ya our sports teams are cursed…Wish we had a real hockey team so be glad you have one 🙂

  2. TheBricks says:

    Umm….didn’t Doug Christie kick that thing wide?

  3. edmontonrules says:

    Ok… but who cares about Buffalo?

  4. aaron says:

    Yeah, those things happen. Last year in the Conference Finals, Forsberg was about a mile offsides when he scored the Game Five OT winner. You just have to move on and deal with the situation.

    As for the Brett Hull goal, you can piss and moan about that all you want, but there’s no guarantee that the Stars wouldn’t have scored on the next shift anyway. If you avoided being in an elimination situation in the first place, then you wouldn’t have been eliminated. So you can point to that play as losing you the Cup, but there were about 1000 other plays that series that contributed to your loss, so why pick out that one in particular?

    I’m not stranger to bad calls. Lowell (my HS) is cursed in that regard. My hockey team lost about 4 or 5 games last season on phantom calls (well, lost in the sense that each one either cost us a goal or gave the other team a goal), sometimes seeing two or three in one game. But those are the breaks, and you have to live with them. Our football team has lost pretty much every game they’ve played against East in the past five years b/c the refs are so blatantly biased for East (tackling a reciever on a TD route on 4th and 10 with 2 minutes e to go in a 17-15 game as the QB throws the ball apparently isn’t pass interference, and two guys pinnning the linebacker’s arms to their chests before he sacks the QB, allowing him to throw a TD pass isn’t holding).

    But oh well. Those are the breaks. Live with them.

  5. DieHardHabs says:

    its not that Buffalo is cursed, they jus are not good at sports, i mean the sabers blow the only thing they ever had going for them was Hasek… and he left for succes…the next to go is satan and the bills are pathetic … no curse just cant play

  6. SabresFanB says:

    Come on now. The Bills are the only team to go to the Super Bowl in 4 straight seasons, even though they lost all of them. Buffalo teams suck sometimes, but so do a lot of other teams. Every team has its ups and downs. The Sabres were tearing it up before and they will do it again, hopefully. They are a young team. And losing Hasek wasnt the reason the sabres didnt make the playoffs, because Biron had an awesome year last year. He was almost exactly the same as Hasek in every category except wins. The reason the Sabres didn’t make the playoffs is because of bad coaching and the entire teams lack of heart. They started to care too late in the season and it kicked them in the ass.

  7. -Swizz- says:

    ah stop crying…

    every team gets bad calls once in a while…..

    i’m sure leafs fans remember game 6 of the 93 l.a. vs leafs series…..but if leafs really deserved to win that series, they would have won game 7….

    same with buffalo…if they deserved to win the cup, they wouldnt have been down 3-2 in the series….

  8. mikster says:

    I remember when Lindros had a disallowed goal. He deflected the shot by changing the direction of the puck upwards and it just went in by almost hitting the crossbar. They reviewed it and waived it…saying the stick was above the cross bar.

    It was pure evidence of how the officials suck in the NHL. How can the stick be above the cross bar if the stick deflected the puck uowards for a goal? DUH!!!

    I think it was against Tampa.

    Oh, and how could i forget the goal given to….i forget which team, where the back of the net was lifted a bit off the ice, and a player shoved the puck from the side and the puck went under the net and in…

    They reviewed it, counted it. For the first time i saw Ron Low really flippin out and his ace was all red and totally pissed off. Then the camreman took a shot at the goal official who was looking down on the ice (probably at Low) with binoculars….they reviewed the goal again and waived it.

    Amazing stories eh? I wouldn’t call those breaks, i’d call them pure stupidity and unprofessional officials.

  9. MossRocks says:

    Yeah right. Doug Christie is a basketball player. You might be thinking Steve Christie, but he wasn’t with the Bills at that time. It was Scott Norwood that missed the FG against the Giants.

  10. MossRocks says:

    Wow, robbed against Tampa!!! What a travesty!! If that isn’t proof that things have been slow for the Rangers the past few years, I don’t know what is.

  11. Papaduke says:

    Yeah have the rescue teams found the Oilers yet… seems no one has seen them since their last cup win.

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