The Buffalo Sabres Curse

It can be said that the whole city of Buffalo is cursed. It all started in 1991 on a January night. Super Bowl XXV ended when Scott Norwood booted his last-second, 47-yard field goal attempt wide right in the Bills’ 20-19 loss to the New York Giants. From that day on Buffalo has been cursed.I could go on about the Music City Miracle and other football misfortunes, but this is a hockey site. There are four terrible calls that can be remembered against the Sabres. Two occurred in the 1998-99 Eastern Conference finals against the Capitals, the infamous no goal, and the second no goal (aka The Phantom Goal).

I don’t think that anyone remembers the terrible calls that happened during Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals in 1998. I looked online to find some details about this situation, but to no avail. So, if I remember correctly it was the third period and a Capitals player clearly had iced the puck and Mike Wilson was the first to get to the puck. As he got to the puck the linesman gave the signal of no icing, but didn’t yell out “No icing!” like other officials do. Wilson, thinking that the call was icing, nonchalantly shot the puck around the boards to a Capitals player, who was left all alone, which set up a Capitals goal, tying up the score. But wait, it gets worse. Now we are in overtime of the same game and the Capitals are racing down the ice on a 2-on-1. One of the Capitals players was way offside, but again the linesman didn’t make the call, which set up the game winning goal. The Sabres got hosed.

Next, the NO GOAL fiasco that happened in game six of the Stanley Cup Finals the next year. Who can forget about this. There has never been a worse call than this one. We all know, even the Stars fans, that Brett Hull’s skate was in the crease. It was a stupid rule, but it was the rule and this goal never should have counted.

About five minutes after John Leclair scores a goal during Game 3 of the 2000 playoffs we watch the instant replay of his shot that clearly sailed into the net outside of the post. This goal, of course, was counted and led to the Sabres loss of that game and the series.

Three years in a row the Sabres got screwed over by the NHL. There is no denying it, the Buffalo Sabres are cursed.