The Buzz Has Started

It seems that Bobby Clarke has started my most favourite time of year. With the trade of Williams for Markov, Clarke has finally began the Gm’s battle for positioning. This year has seemed slower than most and we all know the CBA has been front and centre of all potential deals. No one has been willing to take that step to get GM’s to start wheeling and dealing.

Now I wouldn’t call Markov for Williams a blockbuster trade, however it is the first move in the game. Prior to this the biggest news we had on HTR were waiver claims, or Hasek and Cujo stories.

There seems to be a tension in the air that we as fans feel our GM’s are on the phones right now, and we have no clue as to what is going on but we can pretend. This is the reason I signed up to this site last year. I was dieing to find out where Kovalev would go. Who would be the first team to get him and for what. I searched the internet for a while and came here. Ever since then I check this site almost daily. Most of the time it’s not much. So I add my comments here and there. But now we are all in anticipation.

The Flyers, even though near the top of the standings, made the first real move. So what will the other top teams do to match it. Last year when the leafs got Nolan, Philli was in a panic to get someone also and picked up Amonte. You know if Detroit gets Zhamnov, Colorado will have to add someone. Vancouver never seems to bite on anything, but could they maybe finally get a goalie??

The reason I write this to ask all of those other fans like me to start checking your local papers, go on the internet and search for these rumours to keep me and everyone interested to read a new post. (No offence on the article about which contributor resembles a guy from Slap Shot. But that is not what I log on for.)

Just now on Headline Sports in Toronto, they are posting that the Rangers and Capitals are in serious negotiations to pick up Jagr. That is huge info but at least its something.

Will this help the Rangers?? Absolutely not. All Jagr has been looking for all his career is to make it to New York so that he can collect his fat paycheck and do just enough to keep the fans happy and the gold diggers wanting some Czech action.

Rumours out of Toronto still insist on O’neil coming to T.O. I know others out there all balk at this because we need defense first. However when has a GM really always gone after what they need. ie Toronto and D, Clarke and a goalie, Sather and defense. Except for the good Gm’s like Lacroix, and Lamoreillo.

So if the leafs do go for Oneil,l they will definitely try to pry some defense from teams that will be looking to dump salary or contracts. That is where they can still pick up Wesley or others. (You see the leafs have alot of guys that have contract up this year, therefore picking up a 3 million dollar contract really won’t hurt them if there is a cap)

P.S. Coliacovo is here to stay. Not becuase of his talent but more so for the clause in rookie contracts that make it impossible to achieve bonuses that could equal close to 3 million after the 41 game mark. Therefore look for a trade involving Jackman, Hedin Antropov and Berg to go. Look for Matvichuck to be traded out of Dallas also if they continue to fall in the standings.

Teams that will be having Fire sales if they are not in the playoff hunt.


Washington (easy)


Islanders (although they will be in the hunt till the end)


Anaheim (J.S??) ( you know Clarke would bite on that one.)

Those are just my two cents