The Canuck's 2007 Summer

I’m bored, so i’m gonna write what I think the Canuck’s should do this Summer.

Resign: 1. Kevin Bieska. I think he’s better then Sami Salo, and Bieska’s not injury prone. He can score, and be offensive. He can play defense, and keep the puck out of his net. He can get rough, and give the Nuck’s some life. He is the only player on the Canuck’s who can play tough. Great guy, if he had a year or two more under his belt, he would be capitan for the team. Jovo jr, is going to be an allstar, I think. He’s already our best defensmen, even ahead of Ohlund, who is very slow. You can’t replace him, because there are few d man, who have all these abilty’s (although you can find d man, at the end of the year, who are better). He’s not gonna demand very much, because he hasn’t even played 100 games. I say 10 million, over 4 years.

2. Taylor Pyatt. He obviously could be a great NHL player, because he was drafted very high, so don’t worry about potential. He’s replaces Bert’s size, and is physical. He score, and he’s good at getting infront of the net. I think maybe 2.0 million, for two years, because he wouldn’t be a huge loss if we lost him.

3. Ryan Kesler. I didn’t put him #2 on my list for one reason. You can’t sign an RFA for less then what they made the year before, so if Kesler makes the Canucks pay him 1.9 million again, they should trade him. He has too much pressure on him, and has not been very good this year, probaly because of that. He’s a good player, but isn’t ready for big bucks. He’s worth 1.0 million for 1 year, then talk about a big contract.

4. Lukas Krajicek. He has done nothing this year, but I think they should sign him, but then deal him, because the Canucks have lot’s of good yound d man. I would deal him, because I think he has alot of value, but is not gonna be that great.

5. Yannick Trembley: He is one of a few defensemen in the league, who is a spare, and can accually play when he has to play. When he plays he can play the PP, and play 15+ minutes.

Don’t Resign: Tom mi Santala, and Josh Green are both terrible. They don’t do anythin, and I would rather give a good roookie, like Grabner a chance to play. Trever Linden is just old, and although is a good leader, can’t do much. Sami Salo get’s hurt too much, and even he’s good, I think he should go. I think the Rory thing is funny, even though I didn’t like it at first, I think he doesn’t help when he plays, and he should walk. Jan Bulis just floats around, and does nothing.

Trades: Nazzy, and Mo need to go. Give the twins more responsiblitys.

To San Jose : Naslund, Morrison

To Vancouver: Marleau, Bell

I know it’s sounds just ridiculous, but if you think about, its not bad for either team. If this happens it will take place in the offseason, so Marleau, and Nazzy would both have one year on there contracts, and Bell has a year more then everyone else in the trade, but he is the worst player in the trade. For sure Marleau is a better player then Naslund, but Naslund would finally give the big line (Cheechoo, and Thornton a linemate). Naslund might regain his old form, but since Marleau doesn’t play with the big line, the situation in Vancouver would be about the same. Marleau would be an improvment over Naslund, but I think having Nazzy with the topline would be more of an impact to the team, then what Marleau would do. I know I said Morrison was terrible not long ago, but when I saw him play good, then I realize that he only was playing bad when he had his hip problam, and when he was recovering from it. Morrison is a better player then Bell , but the Nuck’s get Bell longer, and he could play with Marleau, and would likely be more deadly then Nazzy, and Mo.

To any team: Marc Chouinard

To the Canucks: the joy of getting rid of Chouinard

I don’t know who would want him, but I think someone would take him for a late draft pick.

Exact same thing as thing as Saboruin.

To Vancouver: Francious Beauchmenin

To: Willie Mitchell, 3rd round pick

Beauhemin is probaly just as good as Mitchell, but Anahiem already has Niedermayer, and Pronger, so it might help having a defensive force, just to help the big two, and Beauchemin does almost the same things as Pronger, and Meidermayer, but just not as good. The draft pick has to be there, because Mitchell makes 3.0 million more then Francouis Beauchemin, and it will help ease the loses of the draft picks from the Pronger trade.

To New Jersey : Matt Cooke

To Vancouver : Sergai Brylin

Matt Cooke could be a good second line player MAYBE, but he hasn’t been able to, and has been a terrible 3rd liner. The Devils want deal Brylin, even though this trade wouldn’t help there salary situation. Brylin is more effective then Cooke, but Coooke still has some potential.

To Vancouver: Antoine Vermette

To Ottawa: Lukas Krajicek, Tom mi Santala

This wouldn’t be a bad trade for Ottawa, but a better trade for Vancouver, but even though i wouldn’t I have a feeling that team’s would take that. Vermette gives the Canuck’s very needed Right winger. Krajicek could replace Chris Phillpips if he leaves this summer, and Ottawa could use a decent 4th liner.

Free agents:

Tucker, for 10.5, and 3 years

Andrei Markov, for 20.0, and 4 years

Brewer, for 3.0, and two years

The Roster:

Sedin-Sedin-Tucker= 10.5

Bell-Marleau-Vermette= 10.5

Pyatt-Kesler-Brylin= 3.5

Burrows-Rypien-Grabner= 1.5

Markov-Bieska= 7.5

Ohlund-Bourdon= 4.5

Beauchmenin-Brewer= 2.0

Luongo= 6.5

Schneider= 0.5

Total= 42.0

Tucker would be good with the twins, because he is great at scoring, and the twins made Carter a 32 goal scorer, so they could make Tucker 50+. The second line, i’m not sure they would have chemistry, but you never know, The third line has a future star (well maybe), the big guy who can score, and an experience goal scorer. The last line would be sooo fun to watch, just high energy, and alot like the Kid’s line with Druken Schafer, and Cooke about 6 years ago.

The defense would be very good. I know I said in the article the Canuck’s have lot, but most are not ready to be NHL regulars (Columbe, Edler, and Kotslov, who is playing in Russia ). All of those player top 4 d man, and Markov, Ohlund, and Bieska could all be #1’s.

Having Schneider would be Luongo’s dream, and then he could rest more then 6 or 7 games a year. Maybe he could 15 or so. Luongo is obviously one of the best in the game, but hopefully he won’t give up more soft shot from the point.

Capitans: Mattias Ohlund. Assistants: Kevin Bieska, Patrick Marleau.

That’s what I think the Canuck’s should do in the Summer

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