The CH still looking at Bertuzzi ?

The online web site of the french newspaper La presse is currently running the story that the Montreal Canadiens are still looking to grab Todd Bertuzzi from the Vancouver Canucks.

The article cites the hockey news as spreading the rumor that a Todd Bertuzzi for Sheldon Souray swap could be a possibility.

The article is not clear if it would be one on one or if picks would be exchanged as well.

My take : I can’t really believe the Canucks would let go of Bertuzzi for an ordinary d-man like Souray. I would believe that another team could give way more than that. Two things, either a lot of picks would have to be added, or they would go for a Thorntonesque trade.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

source : (in french) (they don’t usually run those kind of stories so I guess it’s at least a bit serious).

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  1. NinjasOnly says:

    7 thorntons.

  2. NinjasOnly says:

    I’m not a Montreal fan and there is no way I would give up Souray for Cooke. Well…There is one way, but I’m pretty sure Souray still has both of his legs.

  3. gg_idiot says:

    6 sakics, 5 iginlas, 4 jagrs, 3 alfreddssons, 2 demitras, and a partridge in a pare tree

  4. gg_idiot says:

    If Cooke is worth so much right now then you might as well get someone back for him, you don’t want shitty Souray, pick up Redden and a 2nd round pick.

  5. BunchOfLies says:

    To awnser your question about the last time the Habs had a 25+ goals scorer (and hum, to be considered a power forward, you gotta hit, Bertuzzi doesnt do it anymore so…)

    – Ryder, 25 in his rookie year – this year at 24 already.

    – Zednik had 26 in 2003-2004 and 31 the year before.

    So yeah, Ryder vs Bertuzzi : a 25-30 goal scorer for another, older, 25-30 goal scorer. And we’re so nice, we’ll even give em draft picks on top of that 🙂

  6. SoBaZzZz says:

    If I was Bob Gainey, forget Bertuzzi and go for a guy like Keith Tkachuk who still has alot of good hockey to play. He’s big, he’s gritty, and he can score, exactly what Montreal needs.

  7. gg_idiot says:

    If I was Bob Gainey I’d quit cause Montreal sucks

  8. SensDude says:

    Sources of this rumour comes from Fourth period, La Press, Hockey News

    a trade between Mtl and Phoenix

    To Phoenix: Perezhogin, Jean-Phillipe Coté, 3rd round pick Mtl

    To Mtl: Paul Mara, Derek Morris, prospect , they haven’t said whom.

  9. JoeCheesehead says:

    How about this:

    Bertuzzi for Luongo (with conditional picks depending on whether Luongo signs with the Canucks). Keenan loves Bertuzzi – it was Keenan that turned Bert’s career around after he was a throw-in on the McCabe for Linden trade.

    Throw in Auld and a Panther defenseman if you like.

  10. CanDude says:

    Wow. You really ARE an idiot.

  11. SensDude says:

    you really do have good manners, how old are you kiddo?

  12. robinson19 says:

    Ryder is the better player, and alot younger, and he’s learning to hit while Bertuzzi never hits anymore.

    Add to that Souray is giving Montreal plenty of valuable veteran minutes back there that Mark Streit is not going to replace, and the deal you’ve suggested is suicide for Montreal.

    Plus Gainey cannot afford to be limp wristed with draft picks, the Habs have very litlle D in the system and need to draft a first-round D.

  13. robinson19 says:

    No one says Perezhogin Zednik or Souray are superstars, no one’s that stupid, except you because that’s the same as calling Bertuzzi a superstar.

  14. robinson19 says:

    Good comment, I only disagree with the inclusion of Rivet in your list of players the Habs can let go… he has been a major reason why a D that looks terrible on paper has only been mediocre, and he is putting up career offensive numbers, and is the second best D behind Markov.

    You would think that would make him good trade bait, but unfortunatley only people who watch every Habs game closely seem to appreciate him, so I say keep him. Secret weapons are always an asset.

  15. CanDude says:

    I was responding to GG_idiot with his “if I was Bob Gainey I’d quit cuz Montreal sucks” comment.

    And it was “A propos” since idiot is in his name. 😉

    And I’m 30. 😛

  16. rojoke says:

    You see the SHIFT key on the right side of the keyboard? About two keys to the left of that, there’s another key. It’s called a period. Use it. It won’t make your keyboard fall apart.

    And talk about over-rating players. Cooke is what, a third-line agitator? Yeah, not something the Habs need in their lineup. We need guys who can put the puck in the net with regularity, and the only guy who’s been able to do that this season so far is a guy I believe you took a shot at. He’s a goal away from another 25-goal season, and has a realistic at a 30-goal campaign. So he’s not 6′ 3″, 245 lbs, and crashing everything that moves. He’s not a superstar anywhere west of Port aux Basques, but he is a star in Montreal. And the way Bertuzzi has been crapped on, he’s not a superstar east of Vancouver anymore.

    And just to make the final point, I don’t see the Habs getting Bertuzzi at all, period. I would surprised if they traded for anyone of significance. I thin the target is a mid-level defenceman or an exchange of underperforming forwards.

  17. rojoke says:

    And he’s undisciplined, just what Montreal doesn’t need. But he’s still only in the single digits in the concussion department. I don’t think he’s got that much good hockey in front of him.

  18. gg_idiot says:

    For being 30 you sure can read and/or write well.

    “I’d quit cuz”?!

    I believe I wrote “cause”.

    k thx

  19. habfan1160 says:

    NO WAY!!!!

    I do not want Bertuzzi in Montreal. I live here in Vancouver and am sick and tired of people speaking of Bertuzzi as if he were God. He is 31 years old and has plateaued in his career. His best season was the peak of his career and he will not improve over the next x numbers of years. What you see now, is what you will see for the rest of his career.

    Montreal anyways has players that could potentially be solid for years to come such as Perezhogin, Kostitsyn, Higgins, Plekanec, Latendresse, Emlin, etc. and does not need a player such as Bertuzzi. They could get the power forward they need by signing Jokinen in th offseason.

  20. habsoverserver says:

    You are 100% correct. Bertuzzi would suck and Souray is needed by the Habs.

    Only a complete and total buffoon would consider this trade. Which is what frightens me.

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