The Crosby Show, My Calder Picks, Sykora Trade, and More

The Crosby Show is becoming quite a soap opera.

My Calder picks of the first half of the season and who won….

Petr Sykora is finally dealt to the team he wanted to play for back in December.

Does that trade open the doors for other ones? Most likely.

Also… hope you all had a happy Hockey Day up there in Canada, but I’d like to share one quote from Larry Brooks with the Canadians on here.For the first time in a while, I actually disagree with Don Cherry about Kovalchuk’s action towards Crosby. Yes, I am just going to start off this way. I am completely not disturbed by Ilya Kovalchuk’s action towards the “”””Next”””” One.

Here is an 18-year-old kid who has been spoiled by the mass majority of the media ever since he was 16 years old. Of course, I don’t blame Crosby and his……big ego-like actions. The kid has been spoiled by everyone. I like his attitude, he has the character of a star, but he is just an 18-year-old with a ridiculous “A” on his jersey.

This Sid Kid even spoke out against the vets on the team about work ethic. I’m sorry, but who the hell does this youngster think he is to speak out against over 30 vets? You just don’t do it. The guy whines to the refs, constantly, and he was even pegged as a diver by the Philadelphia Flyers.

I am not questioning his abilities, nor am I blaming Crosby. It’s not his fault, but it’s the fault of whoever spoiled him to an extent where he already thinks he is the Next One. This guy has LOTS to prove before even being called the Next One. Talent alone does not make you a Great Player. There is so much more to that, and in my opinion…. Sid Kid does not even have half the class that Wayne Gretzky had at his age.

Here is an 18-year-old kid marked as such a hot shot, such a star…. and a player like Kovalchuk in his early 20’s should react to that. Hey, Kovalchuk is proven world class talent and when he sees a teenager acting in such ways… then he, as the star of his team (especially ever since Heatley left), has the right to show this youngster to stay in his place. And, that place is… being a rookie. Crosby is no world class player. He is not a captain, he is not a proven anything. So, my message to Sidney Crosby is…. SHUT UP AND PLAY. I guess he still needs to mature a lot…. which results in, he should not be wearing an A, nor should he be acting as if he was a hot shot who has been playing for years.


Alexander Ovechkin

Here is a true world class rookie at just 20 years of age. On pace to nearly score 100 points this season, Ovechkin is playing on a team with no talent. Not even enough talent for a decent 2nd line. Yet this guy is leading the Caps all the way to future success. You have to admire a young Russian coming over to the US Capital and playing with heart, demanding an English speaking roomate to learn English, and who plays hockey that compliments North American style of play. He hits, he fights in the corners… and is just pure awesomeness. Alexander Ovechkin wins my vote for Calder Trophy winner in the first half of the season.

Of course, I had other picks in mind. In second place is Dion Phaneuf. Of course, he’d be battling this position with Brent Seabrook, who is on the IR. But Phaneuf is a reason why the Flames are going to the playoffs. This is one part of the voting process for the Calder Trophy. You MUST consider how the rookie effects the team. I’d have Phaneuf as Calagry’s #1 defenseman already, and I still believe he will be the best defenseman for the next decade. He is leading this team to the playoffs, and he will be a reason why they have a shot at the Stanley Cup. Had Ovechkin not been this good, Phaneuf would be the winner.

In third place is New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist. The team that was marked as last in the NHL by Sports Illustrated, almost dead last by my favorite journalist Erik Duhatschek, and pretty much as a definite non-playoff team all-around the hockey world, is led by the best rookie goalie of the year, Henrik Lundqvist.

He is 23-years-old, but has proven himself as an excellent starting goalie in all levels of the game, and is trying to prove himself in the NHL. So far, he is on the right path. His numbers are mind-boggling.

15-5-5, 2.06 GAA, and an outstanding .929 Save Percentage.

Those numbers are rare to find in a rookie goalie playing for a team that really should not be in the playoffs. Yet he is giving the team a chance to win every game. The fans already praise him. He is the star of the Rangers, and I would not be surprised if he is favored more than Jaromir Jagr is. Lundqvist came in really close to Phaneuf, nearly a tie, as both players are leading their teams into the playoffs.

And in fourth place is Sidney Crosby. At his young age, he could also reach 100 points, though he also has offensive help on his team, Crosby is proving a lot of talent and superb abilities to really become an elite NHL player. Aside from his ego, this guy will bring the Penguins back to where Penguins hockey should be. Exciting, competitive, and full of skill. Though the Pens are playing better with Coach Therrien, Crosby still has the better linemates than Ovechkin does. To put him ahead of Phaneuf and Lundqvist would also be unfair as those two are leading their teams to the playoffs, is Crosby? No. Did I expect him to? No. But for now, Crosby is a few levels under Ovechkin. Still, the Sid Kid has what I like to call… unlimited potential…. he could improve in all apsects of thee game. Scoring, playmaking, toughness, and leadership.

Petr Sykora is back in the metro area, but on the other side of the River; now playing for the team he used to call his rivals back in the 90’s. As reported by Larry Brooks today, Petr Sykora called Glen Sather, on December 10 (permitted by Burke), and told him he’d like to play for the Rangers. Obviously, when you have a proven scorer who wants to play for your team, you ought to show interest in him.

Surely, you could call this a Czech squad and that is kind of lame to have a team of many Czech players. However, the ideology was correct in the first place. Aside from the comments stating that Jagr was kept “happy” by signing Malik, Straka, and Rucisnky, the idea to bring in chemistry in the New NHL where the rules compliment their play was smart. These guys know how to play without the two-line pass rule, and they do well with it in the NHL. Adding a Czech player who is great friends with Straka means added chemistry, and especially it means adding a motivated scorer.

The Rangers needed another scorer, no doubt about that even if Straka is starting to find the net, and Petr Prucha is having a great rookie campaign scoring 20 goals in just 36 games. They need help on the power-play, and Jagr needs to get some weight off his back.

The Rangers are closer to making the playoffs, and though before I was never sure to say that the Rangers will make the playoffs, now I would expect them to make it. With the impressive goaltending of Lundqvist, to solid defense, solid penalty kill, and pretty good scoring, the Rangers add a stronger 2nd scoring line, which means…. they could possibly become a tough playoff team.

Surely, this means that other teams in the Eastern Conference, especially the division rivals, will start exploring their options for trade.

The Devils have turned things around since Patrick Elias’s comeback, but it does not mean that they will be ok now. They need to make some moves to clear up some salary, specifically Mogilny’s. Scotty Gomez may be a tradebale asset, and I would expect him to be the player most sought after by other teams.

The Islanders are falling deeper, and you know Mad Mike will pull some crazy deal sooner or later, especially with both of his goalies injured. Niinimaa could be as good as gone, but that is not the kind of player that other teams would want from the Isle’s. The Isle’s are in need of offense and defense, so it is hard to think what kind of player(s) Mad Mike would be looking to get. Obviously Brad Richards is the prime forward to acquire, but at what price? No one can take a good guess what the Isle’s will trade, and what they will acquire, but it is certain that they must make a trade soon if Milbury wants to stay in the playoff picture.

The Panthers will be looking to make some kind of minor trade. GM Keenan said he will be evaluating his team after their January road trip to see what kind of changes could be made. Surprisingly, Jacques Martins dismissed the idea of bringing in Alexander Mogilny. No, Olli Jokinen is not on the block, at least… not until the Trade Deadline, and so it is tough to tell what kind of trade Keenan would make. I think there could be a minor trade within the month of January for the Panthers, but I think the big day for Keenan is during the Trade Deadline Week/Day to make the big changes, possibly Roberto Luongo being one.

We are halfway through the season folks, and general managers are looking to have a better 2nd half with changes to their rosters. I’d expect trades to happen this month and definitely after the Olympics.

Annnnnd…. hope you all enjoyed Hockey Day in Canada, for all you good Canadians out there. I understand this is a big year for Canadians to vote, plus the Olympics…. so… all is big up there in Canada, and congratulations to the underdog Canadian Junior team that won the gold medal by beating the much hyped US and Russian teams.

I got to hear something very unfortunate though. And… John Davidson was very upset about this, as were many others…. both Canadians but especially Americans. What is with the booing of the US National Anthem? When I went to watch the Habs play against the Panthers…. they cheered the US Anthem! I mean, I doubt they would boo it in Sunrise, Florida. But, why boo it in the first place?

Is it political? Just hatred? What? It is just pure and pathetic ignorance. If you have something personal against a country, fine… boo inside your heart and mind and express your opinions elsewhere. But, what are you proving by booing?

This is something that I will be cautious of once the Olympics start in my home country of Italy. If my fellow countrymen dare to boo at the US or any other country’s national anthem, I will not only feel embarrassed…but I will blast them.

This is a sport, a game… and when two countries play the game of hockey, especially when they are neighbors, then they spend it together. It’s the time to push everything else aside and enjoy the game… have beer, eat … laugh, cheer… chant.

But anyway, I just would like to see respect. There is a lot of good that Canada does to the US, and a lot of good that US does to Canada. We have similar cultures, we speak the same language…. with some minor differences in pronounciation! Let’s just share good moments when playing hockey.

So… I was very saddened by that news that evening, and I must admit that Larry Brooks of the NYPost had a good statement in his article the other day which said…:

“Finally, yesterday was Hockey Day in Canada. Wonder how the fans stayed interested without an American team to boo.”

That’s a good statement, but it’s a sad reaction. It’s a well deserved jab at the ones who showed disrespect…. but it’s just sad to see such crap take involvement in the world of hockey.

God Bless Canada, God Bless the USA… we’re good hockey fans, we love beer… let’s enjoy the game.

Thanks for reading,

Micki Peroni

178 Responses to The Crosby Show, My Calder Picks, Sykora Trade, and More

  1. 92-93 says:

    what are you talking about?

  2. LeafsWillNeverGetCup says:

    Crosby has too much attitude. Of the wrong kind too. Make no wonder he’s gotten into fights with the vets during practice.

    I do believe Mike Ribeiro and Alexandre Daigle were also compared to gretzky. Hell, Mike Ribeiro had 160+ points one season.

    Crosby’s decent, but he’s not the next great one. This is just something Canada put together. And yes, I’m canadian.

    Ovechkin gets my win for Calder for the first half.

    And to a previous post, the Calder should be based on talent, not the impact the player makes.

    Michael Ryder deserved the Calder over Raycroft. End of story.

  3. Maximus says:

    Really, I agree that Sidney should not have an A yet, but what is the big deal. He tries the hardest, he is their best player, he is a leader of the young players on the team. He is a leader on the team, and he will be the leader soon. Really, Yzerman was captain of his team at 19. Gretzky, Lemieux, and Hawerchuk were all young captains too. Crosby is heading for that kind of career.

  4. Gretzkin says:

    I am Canadian as well.

    I agree with you completely, speaking out for what you believe.

    I’m just in agreement with Mikster, that the Country Political talk needs to be leashed a bit in this forum.

    Not because of you, and your statements. Or mine, as well.

    I agree that I was walking a fine line with what I wrote, because it opened it up to a massive US-Canada political debate.

    Which the booing incedent makes relevant. But we shouldn’t let it get out of hand.

    Not that we are being censored, although we are a little bit, it’s just that we don’t really need to go there.

    You get it, I don’t need to go on.

  5. Gretzkin says:

    No offence intended.

    Just that the political diatribe isn’t a good idea to get rolling.

    It’s not a freedom of speech thing, it’s just not the place for it.

    I think the glass of milk comment is an indirect quote from Lethal Weapon. I can’t remember… doesn’t matter.

  6. Kraftster says:

    I must say that most people that discuss seeing Crosby in person all seem to go against the seemingly growing trend of Crosby ‘hating’ going on. I am a Pens fan, so I probably have a more slanted view of how Crosby behaves, I’ll accept that, but at least get some things in perspective.

    I’ve seen Crosby play 6 times live, 7 in a few hours against Edmonton. There is no possible dispute that can be offered saying that he has not been the best Penguin on the ice this season. His play has been simply incredible. He is 18 years old, and he is clearly outplaying everyone on this roster that everyone seems to praise as having so much talent. That is how he has earned the ‘A’. Plenty of ‘A’s even some ‘C’s around the league have the letters because they “lead by example”. What does Crosby’s age have to do with his on ice play? Other than to make it that much more amazing that he is doing what he is on a nightly basis, it has nothing to do with how he plays every night. With tons of heart and passion, and at such a high level, that he’s standing out as one of the top players in the league already at this point in his career. Now, certainly one can argue that someone who “leads by example” doesn’t dispute calls, but, its not arbitrary when Crosby complains. Like most other NHL’ers, you won’t see him complain if a call was legit. Maybe he needs to do it less, but at least give him some time to learn the parts of the games which would naturally require more “maturity” as the kid is 18 years old.

    As far as speaking up about veteran players. My god man, if someone didn’t do it, it would have been pathetic. Erik Christensen did the same thing in a much more blatant fashion, and obviously no one cares about that. Crosby was, on some n ights, the only player playing with heart, and had every right (as long as he continued to play hard) to call on his teammates to do the same. If you wait around until you “turn an age old enough” to earn the right to talk to someone who people have problems with only because of their age, then you are not captain material.

    Likewise, the play of the “talent” surrounding Crosby, making him less deserving of praise than Ovechkin has been waaaaay overstated. Look at Thibault. At least 150 people on this website have referred to T-Blo this year and how terrible he is. Well Thibault’s got some of the best career stats among active goalies going into this season. He has totally underperformed, and no one in their right mind would say that the Penguins are overacheiving because of talent like Thibault. The pens have had 10+ rookies play this season, 8 rookies in one game at times, please do not say that this team is so ubertalented that Crosby’s stats are skewed. You can easily count the number of points Crosby has had that were received because of other player’s “talented” plays this year on one hand.

    Just a little perspective.

  7. nyrhockey094 says:

    Im not saying i disagree with you im just saying realize my point here. People say Crosby make EVERYONE around him better. All im saying is thats not true at all. Oullett was ready to break out all he needed was some one who could feed him the puck. But when you look at the drastic drop in performances from Leclair, Palffy, Gonchar, you have to wonder if crosby really does make every one better? Im not bashing the pittsburgh club because i have NOTHING against them. But Gonchar the “power play sepcialist” has done next to NOTHING on the power play this season and correct me i am wrong but hasnt crosby been out there for a good few of them with gonchar? AND goaltending isnt a problem any more, Andre-Fleury can handle it, and i will agree with you here if there defense does play better.

  8. Stryder says:

    Soldiers don’t have to approve of what they’re leaders are doing. I know several proud U.S. soldiers personally, and they don’t agree with the policies of the Bush administration, but they still went to the war in Iraq, because they’re American soldiers and that is their job. And it’s insulting to them to imply that they approve of what they’re sent to do; you’re putting words in their mouths, please don’t assume that you know what American soldiers approve of and don’t approve of, because you don’t, nobody does, they’re people with varying opinions, just like everyone else.

  9. Bretzky says:

    I’m sorry. I have a requirement that you must pass a 6th grade reading / writing level before I read a post.






    Also why do you capitalize random words in your sentences but fail to capitalize the words that should be, such as “Canadians?”

    I guess those Canadian schools just aren’t what they used to be, eh?

  10. Gretzkin says:

    You are absolutely correct!

    Now back to hockey…

  11. FLAMESOWNU says:

    hes obv a player u would wanna build a team around, but thats different then being a top 15 forward NOW

  12. 92-93 says:

    lethal weapon? what?

    are you trying to tell me there’s a bomb in my toilet?!!!!

  13. WE-DeusEx says:

    retarded and moronic

    anyone plz add

  14. WE-DeusEx says:

    Ovechkin and Kovalchuk are both really talented players but so is Crosby

    but at least Crosby doesnt act like he just won the stanley cup when he scores a goal….

  15. Gretzkin says:

    Okay, if you only let Canadian players play for the 6 Canadian Teams, you’d have 1 of those 6 Teams winning the Cup EVERY Year. Likely.

    And if you could only pay them in Canadian Dollars, they’d just get more physical money. They get paid in US dollars as part of the scale. I’m sure that when Mats Sundin or Jarome Iginla go to the bank, they get their cash in Canadian funds.

    Don’t be silly.

    The truth is though, that the US Market is extremely important for the NHL. Especially if they want to make big, big money, which is the purpose of any business. Would I support a League that only played in Canada, featuring only Canadian Teams? Hell Yeah.

    But the fact of the matter is, if you want the big marketing money, it has to work in the States.

    Compare it to the CFL and the NFL.

    To all of you Americans out there, we have a Football League up here (I’m serious). Anyways, it’s a huge joke. They’ve even changed the rules. The ball is rounder, 3 downs, the end zones are the size of half an NFL field.

    It’s a hiliarious joke.

    Anyways, there is absolutely no money in it. The average CFL player makes about the same in a season as a Canadian Bus Driver does anually.

    The truth is, we (Canada) need the US, for the big bucks.

    The expansion was spearheaded by Canadians, and made it’s huge drive with Gretzky moving to the Kings.

    Perhaps having the league grow to the size it has, has watered down the talent pool a bit. But that is what the good thing about the salary cap is. The Players CAN’T demand wicked huge salaries, and the Talent can be spread around to all of the Teams, making it a more competitive league through and through, and giving it a better chance at success.

    And yes, even 17 years before Ed Belfour played for a Canadian Team, he was developed in the good ol’ US of A.

    But need I remind all of you that the “Original 6” consisted of 4 American Teams?

    As much as we (Canadians) love hockey, and celebrate it as our National Sport, (okay, it’s really Lacrosse). It has incredibly strong American roots as well.

  16. Gretzkin says:

    Oh yeah, and…

    …GO REDSKINS GO!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Deke says:

    Dude, the reason why Cdn hockey teams and the Cdn Economy is doing well is because your country’s economy is in the toilet and the US dollar is trading at 25 year low with Canada.

    Another Republican president in 2008, coupled with China (who are already buying less usd reserve notes) investing more in the Euro and Yen and you will have all the US born players begging to be paid is Cdn funds by 2012….mark my words

  18. Deke says:


    Drop the political talk Mikster, you can’t win this discussion…… I’d bury YOU with too many actual political facts (not opinions) that you’ll wish you never brought it up…..PLEASE STICK TO HOCKEY, and leave politics to people that actually understand the seperation of church & state, the constitution, bill of rights and the people’s right to privacy!!!! Moral Values ?????? Sickening :0

  19. Veggetto19 says:

    ok first off ive been a fan for like 12 years and second i live in pitt and ive had the chance to see both sid and A.O. and id take A.O over sid ne day of the week crosby shies away from hits and ovechkin deals and takes them crosby is a whiner and so what if A.o. cant speak english he hasnt been labeled a diver

  20. shotty71 says:

    Hey does anyone here actually watch Crosby play or do you just read the news articles and draw your own conclusions. I am from pittsburgh, and watch Sydney every week, yes he is young, yes he needs to mature but for a kid as young as himself, I think he handles himself pretty well. As for Kovalchuk, how can you call Crosby immature when kovalchuk skates around the ice pointing his finger and taunting, and celebrating an empty net goal like he just won a friggin stanley cup! And you call Crosby immature, OH PLEASE! And as far as the diving goes. isn’t that what happens when you hustle, and play hard people try and pull you down, and obstruct you, how come when, somebody like ed Belfour flops to the ice like he has been shot as a player skates by and grazes him is not diving, but nobody says anything about him. truth is a lot of players dive and thats what there taught, that if you feel someone on your ass and you don’t have a play then you go down if you have to to draw a penalty. DRAWING PENALTIES ARE PART OF HOCKEY! Furthermore, if you actually watch this team play you would see that there aren’t many players that play with the heart and enthusiasm that Sid and the other rookies show, so thats why its frustrating for him. So I’m glad he spoke out somebody needed to because when Edzo was coach, nobody said shit. Also he gets his ass nocked around every night, by the likes of players like Peca, and thats fine because thats hockey, but when nobody sticks up for the star player than that gets a little frustrating as well. If you don’t remember when Gretzky was a rookie, nobody was aloud to touch him, the oilers along with the NHL itself protected him, he played with guys like Kevin Lowe, Marty Mcsorley, players who would knock you on your ass if you went near him! And as far as rookie of the year, I think its still to early to tell, but if I had my pick i would probably go with the goalie for the rangers because he has been phenomenal so far. And as far as Crosby having better talent, you certainly wouldn’t think by there record, and like the other guy said, crosby is playing with friggin ouellet and some other rookie that they called up recently, so he doesn’t have better talent around him! I think they are both great now and will get even better, but its too early to judge one over the other with just a half of a year to measure. So sorry for rambling on i just couldn’t sit here and read this garbage without putting my 2 cents in!

  21. canucksfansincebirth says:

    I live in Vancouver, I have seen booing of anthems before but the world juniors was a little different. When the flag was being raised and the anthem was going the cameras show players on the screen, and unfortunately Jack Johnson was shown and people(almost whole stadium booed) there were cheers for Schneider(canucks draft pick) . Two teams were expected to be on Top so when Russia and U.S. played the under dog teams such as norway, swiss, finland(great goaltender) even Canada for that matter people wanted the little guys to have a fighting chance….

  22. PinkFloydFreak87 says:

    Crosby is very talented, which is obvious and i give him credit for that. But his actions have been very immature. Like others have said, talking to the media about the veterans was not the way to go about any problems he had with guys on the team.

    I am a philly fan and I have seen every game where the penguins played philly and several other pittsburgh games that have been on oln this season, and I think it is blatantly obvious that Crosby whines to the referee’s way too much. And lets not forget Crosby saying “***** you” to Peter Forsberg, one of the best hockey players in the world with stanley cups to back it up.

    Crosby has so much talent but he just needs to keep his mouth shut and play. With the way that he has acted so far this season, and I know pittsburgh fans will get mad at me for saying this, but I think he needs to get the shit beat out of him by somebody and put in his place. I think he would quickly become a better more mature player because of it, and become and actual respectable young hockey icon instead of the pansy icon that he is viewed as by many hardcore and casual hockey fans.

  23. gemini_the_drunk says:

    Don’t put those fans in Philly in the same pool as the rest of the US. Those fans will do anything to anybody if they know it will make you angry. That place should be called “The City of Brotherly Ignorance”.

  24. RaGsHoCkEy88 says:

    id like to state my opinion here about sykora….its not rediculous that the rangers have the team they have with all the czechs, its smart because it makes the team closer together…that team is so tightly knit its great…..ive been following them and lemme tell u, whoever did this made the right moves (sather…i rather not say lol)

  25. mikster says:

    I rather see that than a dive, and then a whine.

  26. starsgirl25 says:

    same crap, different day. just stick with hockey please. and what about the irony of janne niinimaa accepting a trade to dallas?

  27. jarcpitre says:

    I agree, Crosby has been pretty awesome, however Ovechkin has been awesome times two. He is the more complete player. When Crosby plays the powerplay he has talent around him, you can’t say the same for Ovechkin. If I were Toronto I would put Domi on waivers, I think Pittsburg would swoop up his overpaid salary. I like Domi and what he has done for the Leafs, but fighting is pretty much gone.

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