The Cup goes through – Cranbrook?

Over the past 9 years (including this one), There is one thing in common with every team that has one the cup – Cranbrook, B.C.Every team that has won a cup since 1995 has had at least one player on their squad from the hockey hotbed of Cranbrook, B.C. This small town on the BC/ Alberta border of less than 20,000 has had a Stanley cup celebration for each of the last 9 years.

2003 – Rob or Scott Neidermayer

2002 – Steve Yzerman (sorry ONT, check the birth certificate)

2001 – Jon Klemm

2000 – Scott Neidermayer

1999 – Brad Lukowich

1998 – Stevie Y

1997 – Stevie Y

1996 – Jon Klemm

1995 – Scott Neidermayer

So, I guess the cup goes through Cranbrook. If there are any NHL GM’s reading, now’s the time!

Are you listening Glen Sather, all you need to win the cup is to play a kid from Cranbrook, then hope you don’t face another team with, you guessed it, A kid from Cranbrook. Without one, you’ll never win the Cup.