The Curse of LEAFdom and the Bad Sports Writer!

LEAF fans should wary about the information circulating in their Hometown.

Note: I nearly died of a stroke when I read the article in question.

Everyone that pays more than a little attention knows that Toronto has deemed itself the center of the hockey universe. Some people can’t help but agree, others bitterly oppose the idea.

Being a native to the area, I can’t help but be swayed a little towards the YES side given the abundant media coverage and blogging surrounding the city. But, as a fan of hockey and not just the leafs I have too feel a little pesimistic about some of the CRAP that gets published. Leaving Al Strachan aside as he is another case altogether. (Althoug he was the first to report on Pronger’s dismay in Edmonton.)

That being said, I read an article posted in the Toronto Sun (a major Newspaper aimed with a grade 10, 15 year old, reading level, at best; doesn’t say much for me, but I’m bored) by KEN FIDLIN called “It’s a numbers game now”.

This has got to be the worst of media driven speculatory back-asswards dumbfounded dribble-drabble trype that has been published in forever. Talk about starving for a story.

This writer is trying to fill the shoes of JFJ trying to justify the plight that someone in his position has.

His suppositions are drastically terrible as he qualifies the idea of the LEAFS walking away from McCabe, and not doing the Pronger deal.

Instead he has the CAP conscience idea that Toronto holds onto KABERLE, and then signs CHARA at 7.5 million, and ELIAS at 7 Million and then WILLIE MITCHEL for another 2 million. While saving ANTROPOV at 1 million, instead of letting him walk, and signing almost all the rest of the defense and forwards at minimums or near it.

This has got to be some of the worst crackpot reporting, with some of the most confounded high hopes towards FA signings I’ve seen yet.

There has been less rediculous dreams posted on this site by fans ranting as compared to this “professional sports writer”. Its hard to believe the actually paid this guy to write this.

LEAFS fans should be affraid! Very, very, affraid of the T.O. sports writer!

Almost anyone on this sight could do better than that. Do leafs fans even need to wonder why other fans rib them when garbage like this is printed by “experts”. What are they to think!?

LEAFdom is in sadder dire straits than we think.

30 Responses to The Curse of LEAFdom and the Bad Sports Writer!

  1. AntoinePortilick says:

    Leaf fan living in Ottawa. The Ottawa Sun is no different when reporting on the Sens. Bruce Garrioch is an ass clown in TO sports writers clothing.


  2. LeafsLegacy says:

    I totally agree, thats why I never refer to them, and never turn to the “experts” rumors or advice he has given me, because its all crap!

  3. DJTOKid says:

    Well I’m not too sure on those two free agents metion(Chara and Elias) maybe if Mccabe walks they could go after Chara. For only a additional 1.6million a year they could have Chara over Mccabe which isn’t a terrible investment. I personally would like to see Mccabe resign and the leafs aquire two defensemen that are solid defensive players, Mckee, Ward, Salie, Mitchell, or Pothier.

    I just read on that Jeremy Roenick wants to play in Canada next year and that he’s willing to sign for a small amount with bonuses. In the article he talks about how he has rescheduled his entire summer to dedicate it to hockey, to get in the best shape his body will allow. I think someone with his resume and the obvious passion and desire to regain his form would be a great pickup for the leafs. But we will see, I’m sure any of the canadians club would be interested in his services for the price he’s thinking.

  4. UWSensFan says:

    Having lived in TO for a large part of my life, the major newspapers were targeted as such:

    Toronto Sun: Grade 6 range

    Toronto Star: Grade 9-10 range

    National Post: lol…I remember when this paper launched…it was after this report had been published

    Globe And Mail: Grade 13/post-secondary/business world

    I’m sure the Ottawa Sun (also run by Suncorp if I’m not mistaken) is similar to the Toronto Sun 😛

  5. Marky2Fresh says:

    My teacher in grade 12 wouldn’t let us use the Toronto Sun as a source because he said it was below our level lol

  6. Turnbull says:

    The Toronto Sun is just a glorified tabloid.

  7. nordiques100 says:

    but the sunshine girls are not that bad LOL

  8. Gretzkin says:

    This story comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone, but it’s nice to keep everyone refreshed as to how stupid the Toronto Media is, and where the Fans get their ridiculous ideas.

    It’s not entirely their fault.

  9. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    hmmmmmmm im sorry but there is no way u guys will do that. if you sign elias and chara….. lol thats a dream come true, and since when was elias a 48 goal scorer?

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    hisideas are okay at best, but you cant critisize his oppinion. i like keeping antropov and signing willie mitchel. and i like letting McCabe walk and keeping away from pronger,

    but his math is wrong, he cuts himself brakes eg, saying that the domi belfour buyouts will cost 2 mil, when they will really cost closer to 2.5 million, he never mentions belak, and runs the cap as close as he can get it, without realizing that 4 of his 6 d-men are shaky rookies at best, and he only shows 11 forwards!!!!!

  11. Downtown says:

    Actually, Fidlin was merely pointing out the difficulties awaiting the Leafs GM.

    He was not suggesting the Leafs will sign Chara and Elias, he’s basically saying this would be a best-case scenario (note that Fidlin says himself it would take more money than he mentions in his scenario to sign both Chara and Elias).

    The point of the piece is to demonstrate how difficult it is to build a team under a salary cap, not to report potential signings.

  12. habsoverserver says:

    If the Leafs were the only team allowed to sign free agents, it would make great sense.

  13. SmileZ says:

    Dude, your on crack… you refer to the upgrade of Chara over McCabe (possibly the worst defensive defenceman in the league who couldn’t cut it in Europe and had a lucky start and a terrible second half) “not a terrible investment”??? Typical leaf fan mentality

  14. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    Amen, and this coming from an Athiest LOL

  15. 92-93 says:

    i was thinking the same thing when i read Fidlin’s piece.

    the ‘sun’ franchise is generally regarded as the lowest, worst brand of newspaper in canada and the most biased.

    anyone else wondering why Pohl got a one-way contract while guys like Wellwood and Antropov got two-way deals? weird. i mean, i am fine with the two-way deals to the players that they were offered to but shouldnt Pohl get a two-way deal too?

    this might signal JFJ’s intention to have him as an extra forward to replace Clarke Wilm.

  16. DJTOKid says:

    Why don’t you learn to how to read you moron, I was talking bout Chara not being a bad investment. Don’t come and step to me with attitude when you have no clue to whats going on, Mccbe worst defensive player in league…lol. Stick to the field hockey that your an expert at and let the big boys talk nhl hockey. I thought he word was the biggest goof on this site, oh how i was wrong. The word, I’m sorry for wrongly accusing you of being the biggest goof on this site. Apperantly its smilez.

  17. wingerxxx says:

    This is a case of a sportswriter who is forgetting that there are a bunch of other teams in the league who are going to be trying to sign the exact same players. This guy is living in la-la land if he thinks that the Leafs are going to sign the entire cream of the free agent crop.

    Being a Rangers fan, we put up with it from Larry Brooks all the time.

  18. Guillemin says:

    My comments, sent to the sports writer in question. I understand he’s not actually suggesting this, but the way he’s building a team is all wrong, in an extremely “Toronto, non-salary cap” kind of way…


    I have some comments regarding your article in the Sun entitled “It’s a numbers game now.”

    The first thing that comes to mind is that everything they say about Toronto sports writers is true. Not only do you have no idea how the new cap system works, you make the assumption that there are only two teams in the NHL. Toronto and the free agent pool. Your article is entitled “It’s a numbers game now,” but it totally ignores the spirit of the new rules, and the fact that most big-name free agents do not stay with the big-money clubs, as their payrolls are already maxed out. The new rules regarding payroll are in place to help small market teams contend and sign the big name guys that teams like TO, NYR and NJD are forced to let go. Granted, Toronto has more cap room than they did last year, but the situation has not changed much.

    Without even going into some of the cap concerns your article raises, let’s break it down:

    Chara, if he hits the market (rumours say he will, and Redden stays put), will command the attention of every team with cap room to spare, and I think some team could offer him the max (think of the contract Khabibulin and Marty St Louis got last year, and Richards got this year, and ask if they’re as valuable to a team as the best shutdown d-man in the league). At that point, there’s other factors that come into play. Maybe he wants to play with fellow Slovaks Gaborik and Demitra in Minny. Or maybe he actually wants to play for a contender (not even TO sports writers could say that Toronto will be a Cup contender in the next three-five years, could they?). Fact is, TO could possibly contend for his services, but they would be one of MANY teams bidding for the big guy.

    Same thing goes for Elias. Most coveted scorer on the market, and there’s a long dropoff to a guy like Savard. It’s virtually guaranteed he leaves NJ, and commands a huge salary. Way more than 7 millions, by my estimation. Won’t be as highly sought after as Chara, but will still command tons of attention.

    Mitchell and Langenbrunner will command more than 2 million each. Supply and demand. Depth defense and marginal scoring are worth more than in a rich market. Especially as the Devils have other forwards to deal with, needing extenions for Gomez and Gionta, they may have to let Langenbrunner go. His performance has been too good for only 2 million, and he will command the attention of teams who can’t afford Elias. Samsonov is in a very similar situation, which is why he will likely test the market. A more affordable option may be Mark Parrish, who’s never really lived up to his billing, and didn’t bring much to the Kings after being acquired.

    The thing about most ontending teams, although they do have their centrepieces, like any team, is their impressive depth. Is a Zdeno Chara really more valuable to a team than both Jay McKee and Willie Mitchell (or Kuba) for the same price? How about both Langenbrunner and a Samsonov or Parrish in place of Elias? Now, I know Toronto will never go into rebuilding mode and focus on prospect development, even with Quinn long gone, but the signing of big name guys like Chara and Elias would hamstring this team for years, while players with more affordable contracts could be theoretically dealt come deadline days. If everything in your plan worked out perfectly, and TO maxed out against the cap with these ridiculous contracts, the teams who went with value guys will still be in a better position come the deadline, playoffs, and off-seasons for the next several years.

    The Maple Leafs are often criticized for having un-realistic fans. They expect the biggest names, the best contracts, and that they’ll all want to stay long-term. I think there’s some truth in these criticisms, and it starts with sports writers like yourself. A dose of reality is exactly what this team needs (not to mention some prospect depth and shutdown defense). It was the unrealistic demands of the fans and sports writers who brought Ed Belfour to Toronto on a questionable contract, and brought Brian Leetch and Owen Nolan to the team for a king’s ransom in talented kids. By the way, sounds like McCabe just signed in Toronto. If you need proof of what I’m trying to say with these comments, check on that deal in three years’ time.

    Time to stop making the same old mistakes. Starts with you, my friend.

  19. Downtown says:

    Again, the writer is not saying Chara and Elias will sign in Toronto, he’s laying it out as a best-case scenario.

    The point was to show how difficult it is to build a team under the cap and was not reporting potential signings.

  20. Bacon077 says:

    It’s just as bad…probably worse than people online here, message boards, and other c r a p.

  21. SmileZ says:

    First, learn to spell… Second, pull your head out of your ass… Third, form coherent sentences if you don’t want people to take your fragmented sentences out of context… Now, take a deep breath and get ready for another disappointing leafs season.

  22. Aetherial says:

    The article is no better or worse than may others like it.

    In fact, I liked it, for 2 reasons

    1) it gave some numbers.. instead of the usual “The Leafs have a lot of money to spend”

    2) it gave an example of what really *is* possible.

    Whether it is probable or not, is not the point. The author never claimed these were likely.

    I hate the Toronto media (especially Strachan) as much as the next guy, but this article was far from the worst I have seen.

  23. the_word says:

    The Toronto Sun guilty of sensational BS and you’re surprised? Consider the source, it’s not like anyone who writes for the Sun can be considered a actual journalist. The Sun is a tabloid, so just enjoy the Sunshine Girls because that is the extent of the depth offered by this publication. This is the same writter who called Steve Nash a *****munist for admitting he read Karl Marx and for his suspicious ‘share the ball attitude’ that he was taking over the league with.

  24. the_word says:

    “Why don’t you learn to how to read you moron”

    So what your 92-93 junior now? Does that make you one of the ‘big boys’ who know hockey inside out? I must have missed the memo, so everyone should be on alert, don’t ‘step’ to DJ, cause he just might get mad clever (trying to talk you’re language yo), and call you goof.

  25. ccrashh says:

    He screwed the math up right at the beginning:

    The starting point for the Maple Leafs, as it is for every other team, is at $44 million US, which has been set officially as this year’s salary cap. Subtract $2 million, which is the cap hit for buying out Ed Belfour and Tie Domi.

    …Andrew Raycroft deal is a crapshoot, he is a rather inexpensive option at $1.325 million. Projected backup candidates J.S Aubin and Mikael Tellqvist are each priced at just over $500,000. Presuming that only one of them will make the team, we’re left with just a tad more than $40 million for 20 skaters.


    $44 Million – $2 Million for Domi and Belfour leaves $42 Million

    $42 Million – $1.325 Million leaves $40.675.

    $40.675 Million – $500K for Tellqvist – $500K for Aubin = $39.675 Million…a little UNDER $40 Million, not a little OVER.

    Now, when he writes that “J.S Aubin and Mikael Tellqvist are each priced at just over $500,000” that implies they are EACH a bit OVER $500K. Maybe he meant that they are COMBINED a little over $500K?

    Whichever, the article was either poorly written or the math was bad…in both cases, the editing was crap.

  26. ccrashh says:

    Oops….my fault…he is assuming that only ONE of Aubin or Tellqvist gets signed. That’ll learn me to read an article without my readin’ glasses!

  27. burnz30 says:

    I don’t think Pohl will be an extra forward for the Leafs. He was one of their top forwards in the few games that he played. Is a good two way player. He’s got good smarts, speed, and determination. I’m glad that he’s going to get a chance to play this year.

  28. nuchee37 says:

    yep it’s bad…

    how do you think Simmons and those clowns feels now about the real reason McCabe waited to sign. They ALL said his wife didn’t want to move to T.O. But now we find out about the complications around the birth of their daughter and rehab and the surgery that went with it.

    nice work guys… they have no clue.

  29. nuchee37 says:

    hey smileZ, with regards to spelling:

    When using ‘you’ & ‘are’ in a contraction as in, “Dude, you are on crack.” Don’t forget to use ‘you’re’ rather than ‘your.’ THEN you can tear a strip out of him.

    carry on.

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