The Curse of LEAFdom and the Bad Sports Writer!

LEAF fans should wary about the information circulating in their Hometown.

Note: I nearly died of a stroke when I read the article in question.

Everyone that pays more than a little attention knows that Toronto has deemed itself the center of the hockey universe. Some people can’t help but agree, others bitterly oppose the idea.

Being a native to the area, I can’t help but be swayed a little towards the YES side given the abundant media coverage and blogging surrounding the city. But, as a fan of hockey and not just the leafs I have too feel a little pesimistic about some of the CRAP that gets published. Leaving Al Strachan aside as he is another case altogether. (Althoug he was the first to report on Pronger’s dismay in Edmonton.)

That being said, I read an article posted in the Toronto Sun (a major Newspaper aimed with a grade 10, 15 year old, reading level, at best; doesn’t say much for me, but I’m bored) by KEN FIDLIN called “It’s a numbers game now”.

This has got to be the worst of media driven speculatory back-asswards dumbfounded dribble-drabble trype that has been published in forever. Talk about starving for a story.

This writer is trying to fill the shoes of JFJ trying to justify the plight that someone in his position has.

His suppositions are drastically terrible as he qualifies the idea of the LEAFS walking away from McCabe, and not doing the Pronger deal.

Instead he has the CAP conscience idea that Toronto holds onto KABERLE, and then signs CHARA at 7.5 million, and ELIAS at 7 Million and then WILLIE MITCHEL for another 2 million. While saving ANTROPOV at 1 million, instead of letting him walk, and signing almost all the rest of the defense and forwards at minimums or near it.

This has got to be some of the worst crackpot reporting, with some of the most confounded high hopes towards FA signings I’ve seen yet.

There has been less rediculous dreams posted on this site by fans ranting as compared to this “professional sports writer”. Its hard to believe the actually paid this guy to write this.

LEAFS fans should be affraid! Very, very, affraid of the T.O. sports writer!

Almost anyone on this sight could do better than that. Do leafs fans even need to wonder why other fans rib them when garbage like this is printed by “experts”. What are they to think!?

LEAFdom is in sadder dire straits than we think.