The Dallas Stars: Realistically

The Dallas Stars have one of the highest payrolls in the NHL. After this off-season’s acquisitions, the team is heading into the next two years with the goal of two stanley cups.

They acquired Bill Guerin as a free agent for $9 million a season, which surpasses team MVP Mike Modano’s salary by $1 mill a year. They signed Scott Young away from the Blues to work with Pierre Turgeon, and hopefully start an amazing second line. They acquired defenseman Philipe Boucher, and tough winger Aaron Downey from Chicago. They also gained goaltenders Ron Tugnutt and Corey Hirsch in the offseason.

The Stars let veterans Randy Mckay and Eddie Belfour go, along with trading away Brad Lukovich to the TBL.

These additions and subtractions have resulted in an extremely deep, tough, and talented roster of forwards and defensemen. The question mark for Dallas this year must be between the pipes. While letting eddie the psycho go was a must, is Marty Turco an adequate replacement? Is he ready to put up his amazing backup numbers for an entire season? Can he take the Stars deep into a playoffs loaded with talented western conference teams?

Alas, Turco must keep his starting job or veteran Ron Tugnutt may start in Dallas. Stars fans, do you wish for this to happen?

I firmly believe Turco will prove to be as good for a full season as he has the past two years as a backup, where he has posted a 1.9 and 2.1 GAA and a top 5 save % each year, i believe.

I want to know what the hockey folks here think of the stars. Where do YOU think their problems lie? What will their core accomplish this season? Will any Stars be recieving awards at the end of the year? Are you confident of Turco, or even Tugnutt starting in net? Don’t feel obligated to answer all these questions, they are just a few thoughts.