The Dallas Stars: Realistically

The Dallas Stars have one of the highest payrolls in the NHL. After this off-season’s acquisitions, the team is heading into the next two years with the goal of two stanley cups.

They acquired Bill Guerin as a free agent for $9 million a season, which surpasses team MVP Mike Modano’s salary by $1 mill a year. They signed Scott Young away from the Blues to work with Pierre Turgeon, and hopefully start an amazing second line. They acquired defenseman Philipe Boucher, and tough winger Aaron Downey from Chicago. They also gained goaltenders Ron Tugnutt and Corey Hirsch in the offseason.

The Stars let veterans Randy Mckay and Eddie Belfour go, along with trading away Brad Lukovich to the TBL.

These additions and subtractions have resulted in an extremely deep, tough, and talented roster of forwards and defensemen. The question mark for Dallas this year must be between the pipes. While letting eddie the psycho go was a must, is Marty Turco an adequate replacement? Is he ready to put up his amazing backup numbers for an entire season? Can he take the Stars deep into a playoffs loaded with talented western conference teams?

Alas, Turco must keep his starting job or veteran Ron Tugnutt may start in Dallas. Stars fans, do you wish for this to happen?

I firmly believe Turco will prove to be as good for a full season as he has the past two years as a backup, where he has posted a 1.9 and 2.1 GAA and a top 5 save % each year, i believe.

I want to know what the hockey folks here think of the stars. Where do YOU think their problems lie? What will their core accomplish this season? Will any Stars be recieving awards at the end of the year? Are you confident of Turco, or even Tugnutt starting in net? Don’t feel obligated to answer all these questions, they are just a few thoughts.


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  1. Leaf_Expert says:

    My Honest Non-Biased Expert Opinion:

    The Dallas Stars WILL WIN the Western Conference.

  2. edmontonrules says:

    I’ve never liked the Stars but when I see what they have done this last post season I’m scared.

  3. Rico71 says:

    They’ll crash and burn like last year. Money does not buy you a winning team. Especially not with someone like Guerin who only performs when his contract is up for renegociation. He’s a money grubber.

    Ever wonder why Boston let him go so easily? He’s not worth it.

    At least I hope they’ll make some room for Robidas. He’s a good mobile defenseman and will help them out.

  4. titans says:

    They’ll sink or swim depending on how Turco does.

  5. Rushing says:

    I support Turco 100% until otherwise proven wrong and hopefully I won’t be. I’ve been waiting for the beginning of October for weeks on end. I have a lot of faith in this team this year and want to see our scoring shoot up too. I really think we will be much better.

    There is a complete new atmosphere in the area around the team and that will help them get going. Belfour alone was a negative last year.

    I’m going to be getting some good tickets for my brothers and dad (and self) for Christmas this year to a game so goooooooo Stars.

  6. aaron says:

    They’ll be a good team, but they won’t win the Cup. About the level of LA or Vancouver, I’d say.

  7. Leaf_Expert says:

    My Honest Non-Biased Expert Opinion:

    The Dallas Stars WILL WIN the Western Conference.

  8. Habs4ever says:

    I don’t really like the Stars, but I’ll try to not to be biased for this article. Granted, the Stars have improved themselves this offseason, but they are doing exactly what the Rangers are doing, buying a team, and we have seen the results of that in New York. The Stars will improve from last year, but expect Turco to have a great start to the season, and then due to lack of experience, expect him to struggle in the second half. That then leaves Tugnutt as the Stars’ starter. Anyone who has read my posts know I hate Tugnutt with a passion. Tugnutt is shaky, and will probably cost the Stars alot of games. Like mentioned before, Guerin only plays well in his last year of contract. Young is probably the best off-season acquisition the Stars made. I hope Robidas will get playing time in Dallas, because when leaving Montreal, he said he would rather play 70 games elsewhere than 20 in Montreal. Fat chance of that happening in Dallas.

  9. mikster says:

    The only players the Rangers bought with Sather were Malakhov, Holik, Kaspar, Donato, excluding Messier and Karpa.

    Bure= via trade

    Lindros= via trade

    Poti= via trade

    Murray= via trade

    Samuelsson= via trade

    Rucinsky (if re-signed)= via trade

    McCarthy= via trade

    Barnaby= via trade

    Lundmark= drafted

    Blackburn= drafted

    Richter= drafted

    Leetch= drafted

    Nedved= via trade

    Dvorak= via trade

    Holik= via free agency

    Malakhov= via free agency

    Kaspar= via free agency

    Fata= waivers

    Lyashenko= via trade

    Lefebvre= via free agency

    Kloucek= drafted

    Purinton= drafted

    Lintner= via trade

    Petrovicky= waivers

    Via trade= 12

    Fre agency= 4

    Drafted= 6

    Waivers= 2

    I don’t think trades should be part of “buying a team”. Landing a player, you give up some of your team, and pay whatever the player’s contract is. So, it’s not like you get a player who was interested in signing with you for the money.

    I don’t think Dallas did much “buying” this season. I mean…they signed Young, Guerin, and Boucher. Not much…the main big name is Guerin. The rest is still the same.

    Maybe last year when they signed like 4 popular names….then yes, that was too much. Like when Neil Smith went out and signed Fleury, Kamensky, Quintal, and Lefebvre. Popular players back then.

  10. Habfan1234 says:

    Personally I have an indifferent veiw of the Stars but I will be objective here. The Stars now have a formidable offense and their defense will be good for another season. They may lack a bit of speed on their back line but all in all it is a good defense. Turco will play well this year. He won’t have to bear all the pressure on the team. This is so because of Dallas’ offense. I predict that the Stars will the start the season slowly then they will turn it on in late November and not look back. They will go to the Conference Finals but lose against Detroit, Colorado, or San Jose.

  11. MossRocks says:

    Trades can be part of buying a team when the trade is a blatant salary dump. Like how about the Bure trade? There is a very short list of teams that a player making more than $8million can go to. NYR can make trades happen because they can afford the salaries. By the way Richter was a UFA. Did you forget that Sather gave up on him and traded him to Edmonton?

    Dallas is trying to buy a team also. They dropped big money last year on Audette and Turgeon and this year they dropped big money on Guerin and Young.

    Teams typically have two top lines and a top d-man pair that make the most impact on the team by taking up most of the playing time. (The top pair will play close to half the game and the first two lines will each play about twenty minutes) By these criteria, the Stars will have their first line right winger (Guerin) and two thirds of their second line (Turgeon and Young) that were bought and paid for. That is 3/8 impact skaters purchased in the last two years. (I’m going to ignore goalies because they are usually acquired through legit trades or are homegrown, with the exception of NYR and Detroit)

    I would put the Rangers in the same league because Bure was a salary dump. (By the way, the Rangers traded away another bought player, Ulanov, to get him) This makes Holik, Bure and then Kasparitis/Malakhov as 3/8 impact skaters purchased by the Rangers. If you include the second d-man pairing then they would be 5/10.

    Colorado’s actually not that good by these criteria either. Blake and Sakic were technically UFA’s last year (esp. if you are talking to Clarke) and Blake’s trade was a salary dump, so at least 1/8 or 2/8 impact skaters were purchased. Isles would be 3/8, LA would be 3/8, Detroit would be 2/8, Carolina would only be 1/8, and Toronto would actually be 3/8 with Roberts, Corson, and Mogilny. New Jersey, San Jose, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver are all 0/8.

    Come on, Micki. You are better off ignoring this issue than trying to defend the Rangers with weak arguments all of the time. I didn’t even take into account the fact that LA and Toronto’s 3/8 is nothing compared to NYR’s 3/8 when you consider the salaries. The fact is, the Rangers spend more than any other team and they spend alot in the free agent market.

    The Rangers and Stars are trying to buy a winner. Personally, I really hope they fail miserably (like the Yankees, woo hoo!!!) in this attempt. Actually, what would be best for the game is if these two teams met in the Stanley Cup, because then that would be the definitive indicator that there is a problem with the competitive balance in the NHL. Apparently the purchases of playoff spots by the Isles and Bruins last year wasn’t enough to wake people up. If two teams as bad as the 2001-02 Stars and Rangers meet in the 2002-03 Cup, then there will be no doubt.

  12. aaron says:

    The Bruins bought a playoff spot…what?

    *tries to figure that out* Lessee…there was Lapointe, who didn’t play that much of a role, and…um…Murray and Stumpel, but they got them b/c they wanted to dump salary, not add it…ok, I’m sorry I just don’t see it.

    And you say the Isles bought a playoff spot too, but they traded quite a bit to get those two players. Spezza, Chara, Muckalt, Connelly, and Pyatt; that’s 5 players they gave up to get 2 in return.

    New York and Dallas are trying to buy playoff spots; I won’t argue w/ you there.

  13. mikster says:

    Just because someone makes 10 million bucks and a team wants to dump him, doesn’t mean that the team getting him bought him, especially if they didn’t approach to it first.

    Ulanov was put on waivers…he was bought, no big name, and then dumped.

    You are wrong on Richter. Richter is considered a Rangers draftee. The traded his rights to Edmonton, but he remained contract-less. By contract, he remains in the Rangers organization as a draftee, an he was re-signed by the Rangers.

    You’re trying to come up with a bad arguement. A trade is a trade….acquiring a player via trade is different than signing a UFA, regardless of his salary.

  14. mikster says:

    Also, i was refering to this year’s team.

    Sather acquired players via trade to change the team, which is different than acquiring players via free agency.

    You can’t argue that statement.

    If the Rangers signed Bure in the off-season, then that is buying him, but trading for him is different.

  15. Rushing says:

    New York and Dallas are trying to buy playoff spots; I won’t argue w/ you there.

    Ya know, this is getting to be one of the weakest and saddest excuses out there folks! Give it a rest PLEASE! Just ’cause your owner/owners are some cheap butts and want to seal their pocket books and make money for themselves don’t start throwing this lazy @?? excuse out here.

    Aaron..if the Rangers have been buying their championships they’ve done a dang good job the past few years haven’t they? (sarcasm here) About like the Yankmes this year right? I also don’t seem to hear much about how the Redwings nor Avs have been doing this for how long? Finally Dallas steps up to the plate and I don’t know how many of you blow your tops. Just to let ya know….St. Louis have a higher salary cap than the Stars this year.

    Another point…….many people complain how it’s not fair for the Canadian teams since their dollar value is about 35% less than the U.S. dollar. Wow, both the Canadians and Maple Leafs spent more for their teams this year than the Bruins. The Canadians have spent over $50 mill while the others are going in the $20’s. Now is that saying that this dollar value ordeal is B.S. or that the Bruins are just cheapies like many of the other team owners throught the NHL?

    There are 7 teams over $50 million. There are 13 over $40. Now any team spending less than $40 mill in my opinion is simply a cheap team. You all know dang good and well that these teams are making far more than this in team income. This is what you call owners ripping fans off.

    So quit getting hot under the collar at owners that are willing to do something for their teams while there are others that are just cheapskates!

    Make a team. Bring in fans. Sell merchandise/tickets. Make money. Period!!!!!

  16. MossRocks says:

    Detroit had to reach the finals just to break even last year.

    Many NHL teams aren’t making money. If you think that Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Buffalo, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh have owners that are pocketing $30million/year and letting their teams rot, then you are dreaming. There are only three truly cheap owners in the league: Anschutz in LA, Wirtz in Chicago, and Jacobs in Boston. Don’t lump the small markets in with those guys. They have big new stadiums and huge TV revenues and they just don’t spend the money. The other teams I mentioned have a revenue problem not a spending problem. The revenue disparity is caused by TV money. The teams I listed don’t have big TV contracts because they are in small markets.

    I have been complaining about Dallas, Colorado, Detroit, NYR and St. Louis for the last five years. They all throw their money around. You are absolutely right about Colorado; everybody thinks they are a well-managed frugal team. They dropped nearly $30mill on free agents last year!!!

    If the NFL system works to create balance why can’t the NHL do the same thing? If Green Bay can compete on an even footing every year in the NFL, why can’t Edmonton and Calgary do the same in the NHL? By the way you are partly right about the Canadian dollar thing. The bottom line is that small markets, Canadian or American, need assistance to compete. I don’t agree with assistance to all Canadian teams because Toronto (which might be making more money than any other NHL team) and Montreal do just fine.

  17. Rushing says:

    Oh yes….the Avs really went after a lot free agents…..their own! They signed 4 high contracts of their very own people. Detroit has done pretty much the same thing. Yeah they had signed Hasek and Hull but most of their team have been with them for an awful long time. Just until the last two years Dallas hasn’t really gone all out after players except for the past two years. But nooooooooo, all of sudden it’s been NYRangers and Dallas that’s the guilty party. Nevermind Detroit, Avs, or St. Louis spending just as much if not more.

    I really really really hope that you aren’t saying that these Canadian teams and Pittsburgh don’t have hockey markets for tv revenue?!?!?!?!

    Second, imagine watching a team that don’t spend money on their team. Do you really think it is going to be that good? Do you really think it would draw as many fans as a team that you would spend a bit more money on? In other words, don’t you think if you went after several more better players that it would draw far more fans and sell more tickets possiblly?

    Let’s look at this from another angle. Let’s think of this as a retail store. Let’s imagine one retailer don’t spend much money in advertising or letting it’s customers know of it’s ads. They put out it’s weekly ad in the Thursday paper. One prob though. Most people get their papers on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So, most customers don’t see their ads and miss out on the ads so they don’t get as many customers.

    Let’s look at the other retailer. They put their ads in the Thursday and Sunday paper. So, everybody who gets the weekly and Weekend papers see their ads. So, they draw in far more customers and sell far more merchandise.

    My point, they invest far more into their company and draw far more back into their company from their customers in return. The very same can come true in these teams. There are just too many owners scared to even try.

  18. shorn89 says:

    Sorry I missed sending you back a response in the other posting about drury and morris. Frugality defined is not overpaying for something. The Avs have a payroll of 48 million which puts them in the top 10 of salaries in the league. 41.2 million of that went to 5 players (foote,sakic,blake,forsberg and roy). That means that the remaining 18 players have 7 million dollars of salary spread out amongst them. when the experts around the league call them frugal it is because they do not overvalue or overpay their support players. You can and will attempt to say that they have overpaid their stars. But considerng the fact that that three of these players were ranked in the top 5 of the league in both Hockey news and Sporting news polls, the fourth in the top 10 and the fifth in the top 25 then their value seems pretty well justified. So quit pissing and moaning about the Avs and worry about why the thrashers are one of the worst orginizations in all of sports

  19. shorn89 says:

    By the way, I 100% agree with the salary cap concept.

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