The Depth of the Leafs

The Question of who will make the Leafs Roster opening night is still up for grabs, and thats mostly due to the depth on this club. First, lets look at goaltending. The Leafs have three nhl calibre goaltenders. Telqvist, Aubin, and Raycroft have all shown that they can be the starting goaltender. While there are still rumors that Tellqvist may be on the move, it looks as though one of these goaltenders will start the season in a Marlies uniform. This will definetly come in handy for the team should one of the goaltenders fall to injury.

The Leafs defence core is where the team has most of its depth. McCabe, Kaberle, Kubina, and Gill will definetly be on the roster, but the final two spots are up for grabs. Seven players including Colaiacovo, White, Harrison, Bell, Wozniewski, Kronwall, and even Pilar (Who will come to the Leafs training camp on a trial basis) will be competing for those spots. While Colaiacovo and Pilar are the most experienced players, White and Harrison seemed to have the most success at the NHL level.

The forward positions are just as crowded. Sundin, O’neil, Tucker, Ponikarovski, Antropov, Peca, Stajan, Steen, Wellwood and Kilger seem to have sure spots in the Leafs lineup, but the final two spots are uncertain. Belak, Pohl, Battaglia, Ondrus, Williams, Suglobov, and Westrum will be competing for those two positions. Battaglia has played for Paul Maurice with the Hurricanes so he might be one of the guys that cracks the roster. Also, Pohl showed last season that he can compete at an nhl level.

In total, there are 30 players that have a shot at making the opening night 20 man roster. All have NHL experience, and quite a few have played for Maurice before with both the Marlies and Hurricanes. Head coach Paul Maurice has some tough decisions to make before October 4th.

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  1. PaulK123 says:

    For the goaltending situation the Leafs signed Aubin to a 1-way contract so he will be backup, as of right now telly is a marlie.

    I think the final two spots on defense will be white and coliacovo and at forward Suglobov and

    Pohl since they have one-year contracts..

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    I am so hyped for this season.

  3. Leafs93 says:

    so does westrum f@g..they can still sit in the press box

  4. lukeleim says:

    I’m very curious on whether or not JFJ is going to make anymore moves this summer. Who is available through trade that would be valuable to the team?

  5. Leafs93 says:

    the competiton is so deep in our division though there is 5 solid teams capable of making the playoffs if they didn’t have to play eachoter 8 times each……..division games will be more important than ever for the 06-07 season

    Maybe we can get splits with Ottawa or Buffalo( or at least win more than 1 game), and we should be able to win 5+ games against the habs and B’s

  6. Leafs93 says:

    Possibly a three for one trade involving a team that lacks solid back-up goaltending and defensive depth…For example Colorado (lacks depth on D at least), New Jersey (could use cheap young defensive talent), Pttsburgh (could use back-up and defensmen), Philly (slow defense core), Vancouver (whose their back-up, and how much will jovo’s departure effect their D), Dallas (lost hedberg), or possibly Chicago (whose gunna back-up struggling Khabibulin?).


    Trades something like this:

    To Toronto: Marek Svatos, 4th Round Pick

    To Colorado: Matt Stajan, Brendan Bell, 6th Round Pick


    To Toronto: Brian Gionta

    To New Jersey: Staffan Kronwall, Alexei Ponikarovsky


    To Toronto: Gagne

    To Philadelphia: Sundin, 1st Round Pick, lol


    To Toronto: Daniel Sedin, Hendrik Sedin

    To Vancouver: Mikeal Tellqvist, Alex Steen, Carlo Coliacovo


    To Toronto: Jussi Jokinen

    To Dallas: Mikeal Tellqvist, Suglobov, 6th Round Pick


    To Toronto: Kyle Calder

    To Chicago: Matt Stajan, Mikeal Tellqvist


    * obviously none of these trades are going to happen and yes some of them are extremly ridiculous but I was just having sum fun with it

  7. PaulK123 says:

    dont call me a f@g, why don’t you post an article, then talk to me!

  8. PaulK123 says:

    Exept for Ottawa

  9. lukeleim says:

    maybe matt stajan, andy wozneiwski & a third rounder for marek svatos

  10. Peca94 says:

    I think that Woz has more potential than Brendan Bell…Now don’t get me wrong I am a fan of Bell and how he played for the leafs but we have prospects like him (coliacovo, white) and i think we should keep or defensive minded prospects such as kronwall, woz, and harrison

  11. leaflova says:

    here our my trades:

    to edmonton:Belak, antropov

    to toronto:shawn horcoff


    to columbus:telqvist

    to toronto: a draft pick

  12. Teppy1954 says:

    I am cautiously optimistic for this year. I cannot remember a year where the Leafs had this much depth at defence. My single reservation is at goal. Raycroft needs to step up and show that he has regained his old form.

  13. Peca94 says:

    The day kevin lowe trades shawn horcoff for WADE BELAK, and An-drop-off is the day hell freezes over. This is one of the most ridiculous proposals ive ever seen. But thanx for your input i guess.

  14. GoalJudge says:

    Due to the nature of Pohl’s one-way contract I am certain that hwe will make the team, as either a 4th or 5th center, at minium. This is coupled with his two-way game and the defensive stance the team is adopting.

    The leafs will look to have 1 all out scoring line with sundin and linemates, which will be tucker, oneil who are 30 range goal scorers, or wellwood or steen who are poised for breakout seasons. the rest will be two-way defense first lines with a little scoring punch.

    That is the new leafs.

  15. 92-93 says:

    i think this year we’ll see strong performances from 3 young players – not all of which will make the team from the outset but will be called up over the course of the year:

    Jay Harrison

    Ian White

    Jeremy Williams

  16. leaflova says:

    you said that non of your trades would happend so i put one of mine that i wish would happend but i know wont sry if i ticed you off

  17. leaflova says:

    who isnt hyped!;P:)

  18. Peca94 says:

    dont mistake me with leafs93 i am Peca94 and i didnt mean to offend you but even leafs93 had more realistic proposala

  19. RealisticNick says:

    Did I just see that? Someone made a point that did not only include no offensive names but ensuring that they did not offend the other person. There is hope out there for the rest of the users.

    As for my opinion I think Suglabov (sp?) should get a shot, he is an offensive winger that put up good numbers last year in the AHL, which is just what the Leafs need. It appeared JFJ was starting on the right track last year when he dealt for him in the Klee deal.

  20. RealisticNick says:

    I like Brandon Bell in there, I watched him while with the 67’s and he seems to be continuing his solid play.

  21. orlandomac says:

    Yes but Suglobov doesn’t know how to pass…

    and is a minus player because he doesn’t know what his own end looks like…

    for me many players above him from the Marlies… but Maurice might just break this kid.. he suffers from Berzinitis…

    Robbie Earl, Murphy, Pohl, Westrum, Sagat, or Kris Newberry would be better fit…

  22. orlandomac says:

    I love all the players you mention…

    personally Ian White has always been marginalized as a player…

    he has an exceptional shot, has always been a plus player at all levels… and will carry the puck at Kaberle levels real soon…

    I rate Kaberle second in the league behind Neidemayer only… and believe Kaberle will eclipse him this year… so that was intended as an exceptional compliment…

    I would pair him with Kubina… and the top four would disgust the league…

    add Coli with Gill … and this D with the young back up coverage will take us far…

    Harrison, Kronwall, Wozi, Bell are exceptional as well… we can then use a couple to trade for cheap offence later on in the year… for a playoff run…

  23. RickZombo says:


    Kaberle,better than Niedermayer…..hahahahahahahahahh√†

  24. Angelic_Diablo says:

    good post! pohl has a one way contract i beleive, which means he WILL be on the team this year, other then that your right!

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