The Devils sign Langenbrunner, Gionta, Brown

According to NHLPA.COM:

The Devils Jamie Langenbrunner, Brian Gionta and Sean Brown have all been signed to their respective 1 year qualifying offers. Langenbrunner will make $1,655,130. Gionta will make $627,000 amd Sean Brown will make $450,000 for the 05-06 season.

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  1. Kamakaze says:

    Langenbrunner made out well, but I figured he would get that much. Gionta kind of got the shaft, but I suspect he will make over a mil. next season, and might still be getting performance based incentives in this contract. Brown was decent, although at this point he is barely a 7th defenseman, still for the price a good keeper.

    Now we just need to sign Bondra and the rest of our RFA!

  2. sethnjdfan says:

    Bondra is not the type of player that Lou would sign. (but we can all dream) He is going to be right at the cap limit. Top priority is retaining the RFA’s and going keeping Scott Stevens. Langenbrunner staying is huge as him with Madden and Pando is a very key line for NJ. Gionta is a future 30 goal guy and Brown adds depth as a big D-Man.

    I want Adam Deadmarsh..he would be a steal and nobody is touching him due to a concussion issue that he has had a year yo recover from. I bet he signs for under a mill!!

    Where there is Lou…there is a way..Lets Go Devils in 06

  3. Kamakaze says:

    I could see Bonra in the Devils uniform. They signed Mogilny, I figure Bondra would play a key role in helping Parise develop, as Almo did with Gomez.

    The E-G-G line (Elias, Gomez, Gionta), the checkers Pando, Madden and Langenbrunner, 3rd line of Friesen, Parise and Bondra, and a 4th line with Rasumssen, Brilyn and Marshall, a decent lineup if I do say so myself…

    (That is with my dream of them trading Kozlov away for a frozen smoothie)

  4. nj814 says:

    i have been thinking about the devils recently, and i was really upset that they lost neidermeyer, and got basically noone during the offseason. although, if you think about it the devils will not be THAT bad, they have kept basically their whole team so they will have chemistry while most teams who went free agent crazy will have issues until about january. we still could sign a decent free agent such as bondra or selanne and we still have a good defensive core in front of a great goalie. HAVE FAITH IN LOU! 3 cups 9 seasons!

  5. sethnjdfan says:

    I like your thinking Kamakaze my fellow Devils Fan.

    Keep in mind one tihng (becasue it is the only thing I disagree with you about)

    Victor Kozlov is 6’5″ 235!!! He is huge. He wins faceoffs and has a right handed shot which is something the Devils lack. He has had 50 plus points twice. 1 year he had 70 points. He also propelled Friesen’s game when they were a PP unit in San Jose. (by the way, I think that is why Lou picked him up in 04, becasue Friesen struggled and he wants to keep him long term).

    I am elated at what Lou has done. He is a genious GM and the best in the game. HE offered NIeds 7.8 million for 5 years. He said he would do everything and anything he could to keep him and he kept his word. It is ot his fault he chose to leave to play with his brother.

    Here is my dream lines:





    (I know I left out Rasmussen who Larry and Lou love, but we will see what develops)

  6. sethnjdfan says:

    Scott Niedermayer is not replaceable. There is not a D-Man in the league that the Devils could have gotten to replace what Niedermayer has done. I think Lou did well. He signed Rafalski who is a great two way player. He signed to hulking D-men in McGillis and Malakhov who were two of the best D-Men the Devils faced in recent post seasons. He has blue line depth.

    Nothing we can do about Niedermayer. It is out of our control. Where there is Lou there is a way. He is the best GM in the game and he knows how to win. The Devils are about a team and not about an individual player. I was bumbed about Niedermayer as well. The Red Wings won 3 cups without Niedermayer. Colorado won two Cups without NIeder. there is nothing set in stone that we cannot win without Nieds. When Brodeur is gone the party is over. Stevens is still the leader of this team.


  7. mnpuckme says:

    Barry Tallackson was signed on Monday as well. The Devs now have less than $10 million (not including bonuses) to sign Martin, Hale, Elias, Friesen, Gomez, White, DeMarchi and Bicek. Who is Lou going to deal with?

  8. sethnjdfan says:

    Bicek will sign elsewhere as he is a UFA I believe. I think Devil fans can live without him. Hale and DeMarchi I believe will be salaried via Albany. Elias will make 4 million. Gomes will get 2 years and be a UFA until then. The Devils have 9 d-men…and White will get 1.5 million. It is tough to figure what Lou will do. But somebody so fiscally responsible and intellegent as he is I am sure he has something figured out. A deal is not out of the question either.

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