The EA Curse?

The 2006-2007 season is upon us, which also means that the new NHL07 from EA sports has also hit the stands at your local video and gaming stores, bringing with it the EA curse.

As some of you may or may not know, there is a curse attached to those who grace the cover of what i think is the best NHL game on the market. Every player who has donned the cover since 01 has not lived up to a player worth highlighting on the cover of a video game. For example…

NHL 01- Owen Nolan. In 1999-2000, Owen Nolan had a superb season playing with the Sharks. He played in 78 games, and scored 44 goals and had a total of 84 points. The year that he appeared on NHL 01 he managed to only dress for 57 games because of injury. This drastically brouoght down his point totals and Nolan finished with only 49 points for the season.

NHL02 – Mario Lemiux. Lemieux made his return to the NHL during the 00/01 season. While playing in only 43 games with the Pens he ammased an amazing 35 goals and 41 assists to finish with a total of 76 points. The following year, he managed to suit up for only 24 games collecting just 6 goals and 31 points, a far cry from the tremendous season the year before.

NHL03 – Jarome Iginla. During the 01/02 season Iginla dressed for all 82 games, compiling 52 goals and 96 points. Not to mention an incredible plus 27 +/-. The year he made the NHL03 cover his stats dropped. He played in 75 games had 35goals and 67 points. While I know those dont seem like awful numbers, his +/- dropped to a -10!

NHL04 – Dany Heatly. By the end of the 2002/2003 season, Heatly had drawn all eyes to Atlanta. He had an incredible sophomore season playing in 77 games and finishing off the season with 41 goals and 89 points. The following year he had the worst year of all the cursed EA players. He was involved in a brutal car accident that killed his friend and former teammate Dan Snyder. He suited up for only 31 games that season tallying 13 goals and 12 assists. The following year he was shipped of to the Sens.

NHL05 – Markus Naslund. Naslund played 78 games for the Canucks in the 03/04 season tipping in 35 golas and 49 assists for a total of 84 points. The following year the NHL lockout allowed Naslund to play for MODO in sweden, where the star only played in 13 games collecting 8 goals and 9 assists.

This year the EA sports team has chosen none other than Calder Trophy winner Alexander Ovechkin as its spokes person and cover model. So far the Caps star has played in a total of seven games, collecting 4 goals and 3 assits, but has lacked some of the flare we saw last season from the rising star. So the question we have to ask ourselves is will this year bring the end or the continuation of the curse? Your thoughts?

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  1. gg_idiot says:

    I don’t think we’re going to see the 60 goals that most analysts have been predicting from Ovechkin. I also don’t think he’s going to break 100 points. But still, 50 and 40 ain’t that bad.

  2. Darule16 says:

    Ea Curse? Lmao

  3. gg_idiot says:

    never heard of it before?

  4. Biggzy says:

    That’s only for Football. You’re just making all this garbage up for Hockey.

  5. Garny says:

    ya i agree only for football…but you do give some great points
    There is also the Sports Illustrated cover curse

  6. Air33 says:

    Its probably because the expectations are so high that its nearly impossible to match their previous performance.

  7. thatleafsguy says:

    …and now AO is injured, there might be some truth to this so-called curse.

  8. GoalJudge says:

    I heard about it in Hockey before football.
    Besides, football players rarely if ever repeat successful seasons.
    The constant changes and the fact that contracts are not guarenteed has those guys flip-flopping all over the place, never really repeating.
    Except maybe during some sort of dynasty, a recent example being the Broncos when Elway retired, the team was constantly on top with the same players, when they moved on few of them have had repeated success at that level.

    In Hockey at least they have a chance to get steady numbers, and with the guarenteed contracts the teams don’t change too much without a firesale.

    I would argue that Hockey has the curse more so than football because the expectations are always there, where as they say in football “On any given Sunday…”. in NFL players defense, they only get 16 games to try, hockey has 82. So therefor it is not only harder for a footballer to repeat, generally, but it looks worse on a hockey player because of the longer season.

  9. LaKingsFan626 says:

    If this curse is true next year we put the NFL/NBA/MLB logos on the cover and watch those sports suffer.

  10. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Here’s NBA Live for ya:

    1996 – Shaquille O’Neal: Misses 28 games, but still finishes the year with 26.6 PPG and 11 boards PG. Magic win the Atlantic, but are put out in the 2nd round by the Bulls. Shaq flees to Los Angeles in the off-season.

    1997 – Mitch Richmond: Coming off a gold medal that summer in the Atlanta Olympics, Richmond finishes with 25.9 PPG and is 42.7% from beyond the arc. Sacto misses the playoffs.

    1998 – Tim Hardaway: Coming off a career year the previous year, Hardaway averages 18.9 PPG and 8.3 APG. Heat bow out to NYK in the 1st round.

    1999 – Antoine Walker: In his 3rd season in Beantown, Walker averages just under 19 PPG and a respectable 8 RPG. He did, however, have an abysmal 56% FT. Celtics miss the playoffs.

    2000 – Tim Duncan: After a Spurs title run in 1999, Duncan averages 23.2 PPG and 12.4 RPG, but San Antonio goes down to the Suns in 4 games in the 1st round.

    2001 – Kevin Garnett: The Big Ticket comes off a World Championship with 22 points a game and 11.4 boards. T-Wolves are dropped in the 1st round by the Spurs.

    2002 – Steve Francis: Playing every game, Stevie Franchise puts up 21.6 PPG and 7 assists. The Rockets, however, fail to even make it to the dance.

    2003 – Jason Kidd: Averaging 18.7 PPG, 8.9 APG, and 6.3 RPG, J-Kidd leads the Nets to the NBA Finals, where they ultimately lose to the Spurs in 6.

    2004 – Vince Carter: Finishing with 22.4 PPG, the ’03-’04 season was Carter’s last with the Raptors, as he was traded to the Nets the following year after an extended period of disenfranchisement. Raptors missed the playoffs.

    2005 – Carmelo Anthony: Prior to the season, ‘Melo was arrested on marijuana possession, but the charges were later dropped. Averaged just under 21 PPG in his second NBA season, where he led the Nuggets to the playoffs, but met a 1st round exit at the hands of Minnesota.

    2006 – Dwayne Wade: This was the complete opposite of a curse for Flash. Finished the season with 22.9 PPG and 6.1 APG. Led the NBA in free throw attempts. Went on to lead the Heat to its first ever NBA Title, winning Finals MVP in the process.

    200 – Tracy McGrady: ???

  11. ranger_fan says:

    am I the only one who saw that ad? That Straka wrap around! EA has a long way to go before they get my money with their NHL series. I haven’t bought an NHL game since 2K5. The EA and 2K sports curse is the inability to put out a good product!

  12. Seedless says:

    The 2K hockey games are much better than those of EA.

  13. gg_idiot says:

    haha good idea i love you lets kissy kiss bumbleberry pie uh chocorocko

  14. woodsco85 says:

    How can I be making up cold hard facts about players stats after they appear on the cover? This comment doesnt make sense?

  15. prucha25 says:

    I think it’s just the opposite. Football is less games, it is much easier to remain consistant over the course of 16 games than 82. 82 provides more chance for injury, slumps, and many other distractions/reasons for bad performance. And there are plenty of football players who repeat with great seasons.

    Regardless, I don’t know if I believe in the Curse. The stats don’t lie, but I’d like to hope that players outcomes aren’t influenced by being on a video game cover. Here’s hoping AO can continue a promising career.

  16. Ottawasenfan3 says:

    EA games are better. Not to mention, Ovechkin, “lackin flare”!!! Somebody needs to watch the kid and stop making stuff up. Dont forget, 7 games in and 7 points, IS NOT BAD!!!!!!!!!

  17. woodsco85 says:

    Compared to his human highlight real status last year, those were what I was comparing too.

  18. GoalJudge says:

    It’s the HYPE FACTOR.
    It gets in their heads Psychologically.
    I think AO will be the one to break the ‘curse’. He was simply to dominant last year to not do it. Seeing as he did what he did as a rookie flying solo on a team with little more that a goalie (who himself doesn’t look good because of the pylons in front of him) I don’t think the pressure could really get more than it was. This kid is a performer, period, slow start this year, but he is picking up.
    My one concern is that he gets a 90 point season instead of a 110 point season and they say the curse still applies. Only an idiot would look at a 90 point season as a disappointment, on any team, let alone on Washington.

  19. GoalJudge says:

    He is just starting slow.
    Boy I wish I had you in my pool, you sound like a guy who bails early on superstars fo whoever played good last night.
    AO will again be human highlight reel. Semin is performing now and can take a little pressure off, AO is ready to burst. No one can score every game.
    I have a guy who was bailing on him after three games, and wanted Shanny from me. But he also paired a weekly performer D-man, and expected pronger in return as well. Otherwise I would have done it no problem.

    Don’t get your gitches in a bunch, the guy will light it up like crazy.

  20. Mur says:

    There’s no curse! They pick players that have career years to be on the cover of these games no matter what sport you are talking about. It is just simply very hard to repeat excellent numbers in back to back years. Plus any drop off in production seems like a disapointment. Also, in my opinion, having great stats and getting your mug on the cover of a game representing your sport would most likely make you a target. Players in the league are gonna go at you and give you their best game. If guys are going at you, it might explain some of the injuries to these past cover boys that you mention.

  21. woodsco85 says:

    Whoa, I never said i was bailing on him, I have Ovechkin in my pool, and what the ***** since when de we as hockey fans start calling him AO? It sounds stupid

  22. TheDugg1er says:

    Ok i know this is off the topic of the subject but i’ll get to that in a sec. EA is ten times better than 2k sports. The gampely is absolutely brilliant not to mention how you actually get to control literally everything about ur player. deking, pulling back for that wrister top corner, it’s unbelievable how u can utter the words EA nhl is worse than 2k. Only probs with EA is of course their bad customer care. They barely do anything to fix the games but we’ve come to expect that anyways so you dont even care. Only way 2K is better is the online options. If EA had that the game would probably be 1000 times better. Each game has “easy” goals so you cant complain, i got scored on from the opponents goalline the other day…. but besides that the only unrealistic thing in EA’ version is how many goals are post and in.

    Verdict, buy EA NHL07. This is for 360 though so i dunno about PC and other consoles. I definetly reccomend EA, but only if you’ve gotten over their poor patches. Not even poor, more like non-existential patches

    Now about the curse. It is kind of funny how this always works out, and yes a previous poster made a good point of how people up their game to try and stop these superstars. Players do that even if they arent on the cover of NHL.

    Anyways, Ovechkin will still do good, and he wasnt really injured i think he just sat out the rest of the game. I’m pretty sure he’s playing my nuks tonight, even though he wont help the caps beat them cuz caps arte toast 😀 I didn’t think ovechkin would do as good this year during summer and I still dont think he will. I know he’s amazing and all, but to repeat that performance, even for current superstars is always iffy. Watch for him to consistently put those numbers up in a couple more years barring injuries. I just dont see him breaking 100 again. Nothing against him he’s amazing, I’d trade one of my nuts to see him on the Nuks 😀

  23. Tachmo says:

    that is too much basketball for me to read….

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