The Edmonton Oilers have agreed to terms with Justin Schultz

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  1. Gambo says:

    I’m disappointing considering I’m a Leafs fan, but this was obviously the best option for Schultz.

    • TimTheBone says:

      Honestly to me Edmonton made the most sense…

      All there really was for schultz in Toronto was his friend… Same as nyr… There was just too much of a real chance for him to “lose” his spot on the nhl club in both those cities….

      Edmonton gives him a pretty solid spot unless he truly does bust at the pro level….

      I’m excited to see what he can bring to an already exciting bunch

  2. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Wow, Edmonton, Edmonton is a preferred destination for a UFA over Toronto… yeah there isn’t a management issue in Toronto, we’re great when we lose free agents to Edmonton…

    We might as well be a small market team.

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      lol… seriously? If you were a young defenseman on an ELC you would prefer to fight 7 guys for ice time over pretty much guaranteeing you a top 4 spot on a young up and coming team?


      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        Well I was critical of Burke for drafting Reilly for a number of reasons including the potential of alienating Schultz. I’m also the guy who demands Burke be fired for creating situations like this.

        • TimTheBone says:

          Reilly or not schultz still wasn’t choosing TO… Too many d to fight…


          That’s nine excluding rielly and Finn and i think I may have forgot one…

          Too much competition bud….

          The situation was created far before schultz was even a rumor on websites… No fault of burkes there…

          People just need to realize that burke isn’t and never was god….. He kinda had this invincible aura around him when he was hired… He was made out to be something he wasn’t… High expectations in TO… What else is new right?

          • nordiques100 says:

            I look at that list and see quantity but not quality.

            Schultz if added, would have been the 3rd best on the team arguably, behind Dion and Jake.

            Liles – good that he didnt get paid Wideman money, but he looks lousy since the concussion. we have to hope he is 100 percent.

            Komi – more hope. hope he rediscovers something. Perhaps with lessened competition from Schenn, maybe.

            Holzer – we have to hope he can replace the duties Schenn had. again, more hope.

            Gunnarsson – we have to hope he can be again a top pair Dman when he really isn’t. A good team would slot him for 17 solid minutes a night, not 23-25 minutes.

            Gardiner – we have to hope for no sophomore jinx.

            Dion – he’s good, but he isn’t a no.1. and to me, he is really il-suited for the shutdown role.

            Franson – see Komi, maybe less a RH dman gives him a chance to prove he can be a regular. He was awful though when asked to do more.

            I think toronto’s D could have used that extra flair like what Gardiner brings.

          • lafleur10 says:

            TIM i’ve been saying and arguing that point with leafs fans for a while now i said he’s overrated as a g.m. and was average at best,i said to a few of them on here that when wehad a gainey as our g.m. he was a better g.m. than burke was,his track record or what he did for us proved it,but leafs fans said that this guy was 1 of if not the best g.m. in the league,or in the top 5-10 i said he wasn’t and i wouldn’t put him in the same group as holland,lamoriello,sather,poile shero etc.. all of those guys are far superior to burke!

            • TimTheBone says:

              Well I wouldn’t go as far as saying gainey was much better…. Gainey did lift the team out of its downward spiral and we had some success.. he made some good draft picks and some bad draft picks…. He also inexplicably included mcdonagh in the gomez year when there was absolutely no freaking reason for that…. He also traded for Scott Gomez … A man who i tried to defend and look at the bright side… But Scott made that so difficult…

              Sure its partly because of gainey that the future does look as bright as it does… But its also gaineys fault partly for bringing us to a minor rebuild as such….

              Gainey just wasn’t the same after the loss of his family members… It’s too hard for someone to push those emotions aside..

              • lafleur10 says:

                your right on some of the aspects about gainey tim but if you looked at what he done in terms of drafting and getting us into the playoffs ,we made it 50f the 6 years he was our g.m. burke has almost been there that long in toronto and haven’t even had a sniff of the playoffs ,infact you can say that they’re worse under his wtach they have regressed underhim,he like gainey made some bad moves like the kessel deal for example he got totally fleeced in that deal i mean they gave up their top line big franchise center in seguin,d. hamilton,and jared knight that is as bad or worse than us giving up macdonagh,infact i’d say it was worse,because at the time we had subban ,and macdonagh and i said on here that he was better than macdonagh and surpassed him on our depth chart,and the rangers wanted either 1 and i’m glad we didn’t give up subban in that deal!

                • TimTheBone says:

                  Well Hamilton and knight havent played yet… So you can’t yet quite factor then into the deal…. Seguin for kessel works out fairly… 30-40 goal a year guy for seguins likely ceiling of 70-80 points as a center is fairly evenly weighted one way to the other… Until Hamilton and knight make impacts or not, you can’t say for sure good deal or bad deal….

                  As far as subban to.mcdonagh…. Different players but I do like subban over mcdonagh… Not a slight on him… But i like PK over Ryan….nyr in my opinion had no right to ask for mcdonagh or subban in a deal revolving around a player with a horrible cap hit coming off a terrible season… We did them a favor taking gomez … And throwing in mxdonagh was sather fleecing gainey…. They got valentenko in the deal as well who really amounted to non of his hype… Just a flat out terrible deal and gaibey should have turned his back on it

            • TimTheBone says:

              *****gomez trade******

              Not gomez “year”

          • leafs_wallace93 says:

            Well the Leafs did hire an interm GM basically to wait until Burke was available to be hired. He was identified as the best GM possiblity available (not just available at the time) so high expectations given the context were entirely called for.

            Again, MLSE identified Burke one of if not the best in his field. Should we have expected him to just be ok and be fine with that?

      • nordiques100 says:

        this is the problem. we believe we have 7 or 8 strong D, but again, quantity is not quality.

        Toronto could stand to be improved on D. It definitely needed help and Schultz would have helped.

        I think we need an upgrade at this position but i realize it won’t be easy with the financial commitments already in place. 15 million for Dion, Liles and Komi. Schultz would have been on the books for almost 4 million more, and they’d have to re-sign Holzer and Franson. And in short order, Gardiner and Gunnarsson will need hefty raises.

        Even with Schenn gone, its still a rather slow, sloppy group.

        Its a group that doesn’t have an identity.

        Its a group lacking in chemistry.

        Its a group that needs some fresh blood that hasn’t been poisoned by Ron Wilson.

        Schultz would have easily been in the top 4.

        I think ironically the issue is the sense of entitlement or leafs disease the team still has.

        No way would the team bench Dion or Liles in key offensive situations. they’re the main guys. Its because of their status.

        They could have easily sold Schultz in a top 4 role, top PP time and he’d probably be the best guy for it.

        but again, there was no way Burke would guarantee that for him. No way would he sell out his boys Dion and Liles over this rookie.

        • TimTheBone says:

          Where I think you’re all wrong is the fact that everyone is claiming this kid as a golden boy before he’s even played one second of NHL hockey….. Your discrediting over half your d-corp compared to this kid who’s yet to play in the nhl while you have 6 guys at least who have shown they can play …. Your opinion is only just that… You want to believe that schultz woulda been a lock for top 4 minutes on the leafs but who’s to say this kid doesn’t come in and completely struggle out of the gate and for the whole season … Hes a 21 year old kid who’s been playing university hockey… A level that’s generally considered to be of lower caliber to CHL….and he’s only used to playing a 40 something game season… Let’s see how he handles 82…. This isn’t sidney crosby on defense here… He’s still a question Mark until he actually plays

          • nordiques100 says:

            All I have to say is Jake Gardiner. He played with Jake, the scouts and everyone consider Schultz even better than Jake. Jake himself said Schultz is better, faster.

            I think as a pair, I think they would have been tremendous. Sure there’s a chance he struggles, but really, how is that different from the rest of the Leafs? they’ve been lousy.

            there isn’t much to discredit with the Leafs on D, especially when they aren’t a real credible bunch to begin with.

            The Leafs are currently a pretty lousy team. They need help, in many many areas. Schultz would have been helpful. Like it was adding Reilly, Finn, etc.

            NHL teams are in the business of procuring talent. If the talent happens to be free, you’ve got to be able to do what it takes to acquire talent like that. Burke failed here. Not for the lack of trying, but its pretty discouraging to be trailing the dead of winter Edmonton in terms of places to go.

            • TimTheBone says:

              Saying “gardiner” means absolutely nothing…. Jake proved himself … And that still doesn’t mean he can’t slide away into obscurity……

              Schultz hasn’t proven anything yet….

              You say Jake gardiner…

              I say Alexander daigle…

              I say patrik stefan
              I say Doug wickenheiser….

              It means absolutely nothing until he steps out onto the ice

              • leafs_wallace93 says:

                So by that logic a 1st overall draft pick should hold the same value as the player taken last in the draft. It’s a silly argument.

                • TimTheBone says:

                  What I’m trying to point out Wallace is that statistics aren’t everything and not every highly touted prospect becomes the sure fire star people want them to be… Schultz is in that position now…

                  In all likelihood the kid ends up just fine but don’t name the kid an all star before he’s even played yet…

                  Nords named a collegiate player who had a fine rookie season.. transitioned well… That’s just one example… I named three examples of higher touted can’t miss prospects, missing…… I’m just stating that because Jake gardiner can do it doesn’t make schultz a lock….

                  No offense intended but you’ve been extremely negative since the draft…

            • reinjosh says:

              Actually the one thing scouts have mentioned that sets the two of them apart, is Jake is the better skater. There’s a slight concern that Schultz won’t be able to play the same sort of game at the NHL level because his skating won’t work like it did at teh NCAA level.

              But the kid is damn talented no doubt.

        • TimTheBone says:

          Also people are disgusted at the fact that Armstrong was bought out and creates 1 mil against the cap but you’re sitting here talking about giving a kid 4 mil + a year who hasn’t played one game of nhl hockey???????

          Absolutely ridiculous……. I’m sorry

          • nordiques100 says:

            i’m surprised there was no market for Army.

            • Steven_Leafs0 says:

              I’m not, 3M cap hit and 3M cash for a guy who could end up missing 40+ games due to injury.

              Personally I think we should have just sent him threw re-entry waivers and only eaten the cap hit for one year, but with a cap over 70M, and people expect it to go up, it doesn’t really matter for next season.

          • TimTheBone says:

            Well in reply to myself….. Schultz was only eligible for a entry level deal…. Paying him 925,000…. With possible bonuses….. 2.65 mil total I believe….. So a max possible cap hit of 3.9 mil approx……..

            That ones on me…..

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