The Fans Or The Coach And GM, Take Your Pick

The Leafs are heading into the olympic break with two brutal losses to the Rangers and are currently out of the playoff picture.

With players like Sundin, Poni, Tucker, Steen, Wellwood, Allison, Mccabe, Kaberle and with the way the defencemen from the marlies have been playing how do you struggle to make the playoffs? Some nights it’s really hard to tell what the problem is with this team. JFJ has yet to make a trade to help out the struggling team and the fans are getting impatient, because if he does not make a move soon than we may be so far out of the playoff picture that no trade can help.

So as I mentioned with players like this, if you have been struggling the whole season let a lone a couple of weeks, you start to wonder that it may not be the players, maybe the coach. If you don’t know what Quinn and JFJ are doing wrong then let’s take a quick stab in the dark.

1. Is it the way Quinn pairs up his line-ups. Maybe Quinn is having trouble picking line-ups because of the players JFJ signed. Players like oneill, lindros, antropov, unless they are playing with sundin do not fit on this team at all. I think JFJ just signed players that look good but never took into consideration who they will play with.

2. Is it Quinn’s coaching just in general. Everytime the leafs are on a rush all they do is dump in, dump in, dump in, dump in and they clearly do not have the players anymore to do that. Quinn has probably already realized that, but has yet to change his style even though he knows it will never pull through. JFJ has probably realized that Quinn does not have the players he needs to coach the way he wants to coach and has not made a trade to help him out. So what the hell is going on here.

3. Is it the players. I have noticed a lazy effort from oneill, lindros, antropov, domi, berg, khavanov, klee all season long, like they literally play like they don’t care, maybe because they are not playing with the right people which goes back to Quinn. Another big issue with the leafs whenever they are on a 2 on 1 rush they ALWAYS PASS even when the defencmen has the leaf player totally covered and will not be able to accept the pass ,they pass anyway and there isn’t even a shot on net, they need the confidence that they can score which also goes back to Quinn.

4. Is it just the offence. Toronto needs to score way more goals which means they are having offensive problems. Again it could be the way they are lined-up and the leafs should really push for a winger at the deadline.

5. Is it the defence. Defence was part of the problem before Wozniewski and Harrison came to the line-up. Where have these guys been all season. These 2 guys have been really good these past few weeks and mainly because of there size and it has inspired Kronwall to play a little better. I think these 2 guys have solved our defensive problems, but they all need help from the offence.

So on this site the leaf fans have been suggesting the opposite of what JFJ and Quinn are doing. I was probably the first leaf fan to say they should re-build and now others have finally agreed.

Here is what I suggest JFJ do at the deadline:

if oneill does not stay with sundin than he should go

To Van: oneill, Khavanov

To Tor: 3rd pick(06 draft)

To Bos: Klee, 4th pick(06 draft)

To Tor: Boyes……this one porbabaly will not happen but I strongly suggest that the leafs go after him in the off season, after all he said he would be more than happy to be a leaf.

To Was: Antropov, Berg, 5th round pick(07 draft)

To Tor: 3rd pick(06 draft)

To Calgary: Wilm, 4th round pick(07 draft)

To Tor: 3rd round pick(06 draft)

for this last trade, wilm is an impressive face-off man and any team heading into the playoffs can use him, and plus if the leafs don’t make it for the playoffs, the flames will be the canadian team i’ll be rooting for.

I don’t know and care what the line-ups are if they go into the playoffs but at the beginning of the 06-07 season it should be like this:








pp(unit 1)



pp(unit 2)



pk(unit 1)



pk(unit 2)





Pogge(he should get maybe 5-7 games next season)

I still think Belfour can compete,he still can steel some pretty good games but just needs some defencmen infront of him that are willing to help. Tellqvist I think needs 1 more full season as back-up to take the roll of no.1, belfour might retire at the end of the 06-07 season and at the 07-08 season tellqvist can get the job, this guy has really impressed me, and after 1or 2 seasons with him as no.1 it is time for Pogge to shine.

If JFJ does not do anything close to atleast ONE of these trades than he should be fired.

So with regards to my title who knows what is better for this team, the fans or the JFJ and Quinn.

So far it’s one point for the fans cuz all season long i’ve been saying play coliaicovo and was playing good before his concussion, and call up players from the marlies and they have been playing better than berg,khav and klee.