The fellowship of the Leafs

Why is it that we’ve come to expect so much of a mediocre team………?For the past few decades the fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs I feel have come to expect to much of this team. I mean sure we are loyal and will always be there for them, but what has the team done for us lately. With almost no cup final appearances since we last one the cup. What is it that drive’s us to remain fans of this team.

Is it the Captain or is it the constant lackluster performances that keep us going or maybe the fact that we get so close to the stanley cup only to see our team flop once more. In the past decade sure the Leafs have been to the East Finals but lost to teams they were better than. The Sabres in 99 The Hurricanes in 01 and The Devils in 02.

As a Leaf fan I can only support a team for so long before I have to look at the main cause of the problem. What is that you ask? Well management of course whens the last time the MLSE smucks actually took the time to make a team the fans wanted to see. So many times we’ve had the chance to grab a player that would have helped our team in the long run. Dany Heatley the Thrashers wanted the Leafs 1st round pick (Justin Pogge) and Jeff O’neill which would have been fine considering Jeff won’t be back next season. Chris Pronger Oilers wanted Steen and Kaberle whats wrong with this trade. Look where Pronger took the Oilers last season. And now the rumors are starting about the Leafs getting a trade ready that would apparently bring Vincent Lecavalier to the team.

We know as fans that this trade will likely not happen why?

The number 1 most important contributing factor JFJ……..

He doe’snt have the brass cahones to pull this move off I dont think he ever will.

So Leaf fans who can we expect to see in the Blue and White next season. I mean sure JFJ says he gonna make a big splash but who can we expect Ryan Smyth is the most likely candidate. I mean most Leaf fans have no problem with Captain Canada. But I think that 6 million dollars would be better spent on say a Danny Briere or a Scott Gomez.

What my main point is what have we come to expect from this mediocre team. I’m sad to say it but another couple years of broken dreams and promises.

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