The First Pick Goes to…Dallas?

The Palm Beach Post, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel,, and Spector’s have all alluded to discussions between the Stars and the Panthers regarding the fate of Richard Matvichuk.

There have been a few variations of rumors here, but the most intriguing has been this:

Jason Arnott and Richard Matvichuk to Florida.

EITHER Ivan Novoseltsev OR Niklas Hagman and the first pick in this year’s draft to Dallas.

Further, since Boston has been rumored to want the first pick from Florida so they could secure MA Fleury’s services, there has been rumor of Dallas packaging the first pick to get Sergei Samsonov and something.

My guess is that this is nothing more than speculation and will never develop. But with the impending CBA, etc., would picking up an Eric Staal be worth the drop in depth from losing Arnott? Where would a Novoseltsev, Hagman, or Samsonov fit in?

Owner Tom Hicks has stated clearly that he wants to win now. But maybe thinning down the depth and getting a top pick, who will be relatively cheap for a while, is just what the doctor ordered.

Anaheim, Minnesota, and New Jersey should assure us all that offensive firepower and depth are highly overrated commodities, and there may not really be any reason any more to spend quality dollars on quality offensive depth.

36 Responses to The First Pick Goes to…Dallas?

  1. mikster says:

    No chance. The Panthers would trade the most valuable draft pick in the past like…..8 years or so AND a skilled European in Novoseltsev OR a solid 3rd line player in Hagman for Arnott who is not that good and Matvichuk who is quite expesnive.

    No chance. The Panthers would not want to eat up that much salary next season by trading one of two key young players and the best draft pick. They can get much more than that anyway.

    There is just no way.

  2. LetsGoPanthers says:

    Ok if the Panthers Arnott AND Matvichuk for the 1st overall pick and either Novoseltsev or Hagman, then they have a definite clear shot at the 6th, 7th or 8th seed. A center like Arnott and a good physical d-man like Matvichuk would address the two most glaring needs of the Panthers. Plus Matvichuk is definitely a Keenan type player and Arnott is more a Keenan player than Novoseltsev or Hagman. DUDLEY MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

  3. mikster says:

    Are you nuts!?

    Would you rather have an Ily Kovalchuk type guy like Zherdev or even a top future player a la Heatley where you can build a team around him in Staal, or Arnott and Matvichuk?

    No way, i would not trade that #1 pick… chance in hell. Not even for a gurantee playoff seed for next season.

  4. LetsGoPanthers says:

    LOL Mikster I guess I lost my head for a moment. Must be all those damn years of losing. Oh well I guess I’ll have to wait a few years. At least I can feel better watching the Ranger lose while at the same time spending more cash than Bill Gates.

  5. mikster says:

    lol, hey…i’m a Rangers fan, watch it!

    Hey, even for the Rangers, i would not trade that pick for a guaranteed playoffs seed next season. And believe me, we’re desperate to make it. But, whichever player you pick this season, it will pave the road for the team’s future. And not just because it’s the 1st overall pick, but the top 30 guys are just so damn good.

  6. tharock098 says:

    The value of Florida’s #1 picks for the past few years has been driven up so Florida can get the most for thier pick. I would say that if Dallas was saying to themselves that they MUST get this pick, they more than likely will not get the pick until the last minute. The deal, if it goes down, would definately envolve someone like Arnott and/or Matvichuk or picks. Bostons angle in this could be nothing more then rumor. They could use M.A. Fleury in the future, but they could have better use for Samsonov now. If they trade Samsonov to Florida, maybe the three way trade could be envolved. But as we know, its 90% sure that there will be no blockbuster trade for this #1 pick. Sure, there probably will be a trade, but not as big as a 3 way trade

  7. pantherboy says:

    I really don’t care much for this pick. I have previously stated my reasons why I think Matvichuck would be good else where. Arnott I would love on this team, but not for the price of the #1 pick. This next pick should put us over the top and into the playoffs IMO. Also losing a player like Novoseltsev or Hagman as throw ins for the deal is obsured. Both are loaded wih talent. Novo I think would benift for some TLC from Keenan (a la Jokinen), but I really don’t see that happening. Hagman had all the opputunity last season to do good, but failed. I think he should rebound this year after a tough tough shopmore year.

  8. pantherboy says:

    Holy ****. Talk about your maricle. I thought no other panther fan would find this site (well there was Reg, but seems like he is gone). Are you a member on the Panthers board on Hockey Futures? Thats the only place I can talk to other Panther Fans.

  9. Cyrax89 says:

    If the panthers trade the pick for Arnott and Matvichuk then they are realy stupid. Arnott is just past his prime so why would they want him? Any of the first 5 picks would be alot better then Arnott and Matvichuk.

  10. platinumx15 says:

    how good is this staal guy? havent been caught up in the draft much and dont know anything about this guy…..

  11. mikster says:

    Try to bring more Panthers fans here!!!

  12. mikster says:

    Oh he’s a real sharp prospects. Don’t want to compare him to Heatley but he comes in a la Heatley for a team.

  13. rrudd says:

    i hate to perpetuate these crazy projections, but some are saying he’s modano-like. that means nothing as far as actual performance, but there you go.

  14. rrudd says:

    as a Stars fan, i look at this rumor and say it costs my team a more legitimate shot at the Cup this year.

    but…and here’s why i don’t think this deal even happens…one of florida’s youngsters and staal would be a very good long-term deal for the Stars post-cba-holocaust-aftermath.

    i can’t see florida giving up on their youth and the top pick in an awesome draft.

  15. bender says:

    My cousin was telling me that the Edmonton Journal rumored that the Flyers and Panthers were also in talks for the First pick overall.

    Justin Williams

    for the

    2003 #1 pick (Which would be use to draft Mr. Fluery)

    AS a huge Justin William’s fan, and not a big Marc Andre Fluery fan, I think this trade is would be ludacris for Clarke to make.

    I like the Dallas deal more, after seeing the Flyers/Stars rumor.

  16. bender says:

    My cousin was telling me that the Edmonton Journal rumored that the Flyers and Panthers were also in talks for the First pick overall.

    Justin Williams

    for the

    2003 #1 pick (Which would be use to draft Mr. Fluery)

    AS a huge Justin William’s fan, and not a big Marc Andre Fluery fan, I think this trade is would be ludacris for Clarke to make.

    I like the Dallas deal more, after seeing the Flyers/Stars rumor.

  17. Chip says:

    Florida should take this. They get two veterean players for a first rounder and some kid. Florida has enough kids. it doesn’t matter if they trade them away. Some veterens could get the playoffs now, they have enough young kids to stay in the playoffs ten years from now. Besides how do you decide if a draft is deep? It hasn’t happened yet so you can’t decide. Or it could be deep in Daigle clones.

  18. pantherboy says:

    This trade would be rediculos for Florida. Justin Williams. He is good, but not great!

  19. CaptainModano says:

    I REALLY hope this deal goes through!!! Dallas could stand to drop a couple mils in the salary, and if they can’t get rid of Turd-…oops, I mean Turgeon, then losing Matvisuck and Arnott for decent youth is a good idea. Hagman and Kapanen on the same line would work well, Dallas is already getting younger after Dahlen and Muller’s departure.

  20. rrudd says:

    i agree. i really don’t think the deal will happen. but it’s nice to dream about a nicer existence after the CBA.

    my only point of contention is matvichuk being an expensive player. he’s been underpaid for a long time.

  21. mikster says:

    A current 3rd line guy who has yet to score 20 goals for a 1st overall pick?

    Whatever you’re smoking, it works.

  22. mikster says:

    Arnott is NOT thta good, he is a wimpy ‘power forward’. I would not even trade a 2nd for him.

  23. LetsGoPanthers says:

    Actually im not a member of the hockey futures. And I’ve been on HTR for a long time I just have more time to post lately.

  24. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I hope this goes through for Dallas, but why would Florida do it? Dallas needs to start looking to the future eventually, and now is a good time. Matvichuck isn’t a big loss,and Arnott right now is name value. It’s nice to say Jason Arnott is on your team, but if you really look at him, he’s deffinately expendable. He gets about 20 goals a year, but I’m sure someone like Stu Barnes could pick up some of that slack.

    Florida could pull this off. They’ve been getting high picks for years now and it’s not really getting them anywhere. They could add two proven players to go with the picks they’ve made already. Might even get them into the 7th or 8th playoff spot. Its worth the risk for them, they need to make the playoffs soon to keep some interest alive in Florida. I’m not sure, when was the last time they made it? Have they since 1996?

    I think its a good move for both teams. Dallas is already great and needs to look for the future. Florida has been looking for the future and killing off their fans interest in the present.

  25. MantaRay says:

    This makes sense for Dallas, they need to trim the roster to pay for Hatcher and they also have alot of cheaper, more talented D men to replace Matvichuck. The Stars have been trying to get rid of Arnott since the season stared.

    Matvichuck would solidfy the Panthers defense.

  26. wingerxx says:

    All in all, this would make no sense for Florida. If Yushkevich couldn’t help the Panthers D that much, Matvichuk certainly won’t. And Arnott has to be played with at least one extremely skilled forward in order to be effective, which Florida seems to be short on. I could see Arnott bombing out in FL, if he ever got traded there. Hopefully if this is the offer, FL will keep that pick.

  27. TC_4 says:

    Tell me mik, why is this such a more valuble pick then getting Nash, or Boumeester, or Joe Thronton, or Vincent Lecavalier, or Ilya Kovalchuk, or Dany Heatley???(yes I know Heatley went 2nd, but only because Milbury is a terrible GM) The only thing about this draft is it’s deep. None of the top prospects out of this draft have the kind of potential to be franchise changing players(maybe Andre-Fleury). The Panthers want to deal it because A)they need help now more rather then get more prospects, and B)they know that people will overpay for the first overall pick. Heck, your getting a very simular player at the 5th pick as you are at one, it’s just that at 1 you get to choose.

  28. TC_4 says:

    I believe that this is the package Dallas is offering, but this would set them back big time, and I don’t think it’s what Florida wants. For some reason, It’s believed that they want Samsonov. Why? Haven’t they got enough players like him already? Arnott and Matvichuck might be too much salary for them to take on, I don’t know. Arnott is what this young team needs though. A big first line centre that can do a little bit of everything for you. Put a “C” on his jeresey(or Matvichuck’s)and have him lead you into the playoffs. Sounds like a good move to me. But if Dallas does this, Steve Ott would be your second line centre, and that sounds like trouble. Eric Staal is not ready for second line duty, neither is Ott.

  29. TC_4 says:

    Check that, Stu Barnes is the second line centre(sorry). Still, very weak down the middle, espically for a team that tradtionally has prided itself on being deep down the middle.

  30. rrudd says:

    here’s how the stars depth at center currently goes:




    minus turgeon and arnott, plus staal, it would be:



  31. TC_4 says:

    No. I mean that is deep, but I mean this team usually has two guys that could be first line centre’s, and an excellent checking centre(ie Carboneau, Skrudland, and Muller). Barnes is only a second line centre at best, and all the other’s are so young.

  32. rrudd says:

    yeah, i agree. many would disagree about barnes even being a #2, but he really showed me something in his short stay here, in addition to how well he played us for the Cup with buffalo. i’d take him as a #2.

    kapanen had an excellent rookie season, setting a franchise record for rookie assists and rookie +/-. but we all know about the sophomore slump.

    malhotra is real hit or miss. he’s fast, he hits hard, but the point production isn’t there.

    ott is projected to be the next michael peca, but then alex daigle was projected to be the next mario.

    maybe a bigger concern than youth down the middle is size down the middle. arnott, for all his inconsistency, is a fast, bulky horse. barnes, kapanen, and ott are all very diminutive and not bulky.

  33. bender says:

    Hey mikster, here on North American land, we like to use ENGLISH…..

    What part of “MY Coisin”…….”TOLD ME”……that the “EDMONTON JOURNAL”……”RUMORED”

    You get the point, other wise your dumber than what I give you credit for!!!!!!

  34. bender says:

    My sentiments exactly, this trade would be “rediculos” (whatever that means) for the Flyers, Justin Williams, is good…but not yet great………..WHY TRADE HIM AT ALL!!!

    IT was just a E town Journal rumor dude, relax!!

  35. Lucky13 says:

    Everyone seems to shun this deal based on the fact that it seems one sided or as a loss to the Panthers. However, Arnott does have some value and Matvichuk doesn’t exactly suck. Not to mention…when was the last time we saw an equal trade in the NHL???

    Since Turgeon’s agent gave Dallas permission to seek a trade, I expect them to shop both PT and Arnott and pull the trigger on the deal that makes the most financial sense to them. Whichever one stays will be the 2nd line center…not Steve Ott. Niko Kapanen would be the 2nd liner before Ott would be at this point.

    Personally, this deal looks pretty decent for both teams. Florida gets much needed veteran leadership and Dallas gets a high quality youngster. 2 teams filling needs…damn me, I thought that’s what trades were for.

  36. hockeywhore says:

    The Hockey News says he’s a little like Ron Francis but with better skating. He’s not small, he is 6’3″ but he’s not heavy at under 190 lbs. He’s got loads of raw talent but likely needs to be brought along properly to max out his potential. Rushing this kid would ruin him.

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