The Future of the 2002 Free Agents

There is a ton of talent that isnt going to be under contract at the end of the season, and many of them will leave their old teams. Where will they end up?Jarome Iginla: Where is they guy gunna end up? Its really all it to him, does he want to play for less to play for his hometown flames, go to a competitor like the wings, or take the money and run to the rangers?

Predicted Salary: $6 or $7 Million

Possibilities: Calgary, Rangers, Detroit, and Florida

Tony Amonte: Tony will be one of the best available during the off-season. The penny pinching Chicago brass are probably not going to negotiate with him, and he will walk away, adding to the numerous casualties of good players leaving the hawks. The Rangers are one possibility, as are the Islanders. Although I think a team like the Av’s could use him, as they are a little weak on scoring right now.

Predicted Salary: $5-$8 Million

Possibilities: Avalanche, Chicago, Rangers, Islanders, and New Jersey

Ed Belfour: After a disappointing season with the Stars, it is time for him to move on. The Rangers will be in the hunt for a goalie, as will the blues. The Eagle is still undoubtedly one NHL elite goalies, and would benefit from a move. The Flyers might make a pitch if neither Checkmaneck nor Boucher step up in the playoffs.

Predicted Salary: $6 Million

Possibilities: Philly, St. Louis, Rangers

Chris Chelios: One of the unmentioned free agents this year because of his age, but he is going to want a deal for 2 or 3 more years at 7 mil a season. This would be a huge commitment from the Red Wings, because this guy is getting old. He will either sign with Detroit for a few more years, go sign with his hometown Blackhawks, or call it quits.

Predicted Salary: $7 Million

Possibilities: Detroit, Chicago

Teemu Seleane: Rumors I have seen have this guy going to the Canadians, although I don’t see how this would really benefit them. He is generally a one-way player, and could really hurt the chemistry that the Habs have found this year. The money could be better spent for them in locking up RFA Jose Theodore with a long-term deal that he deserves. Seleane will sign with a team that has a chance to win and that will give him the cash he wants. This could be the guy that Mad Mike of the Islanders pursues to play with Alexi Yashin.

Predicted Salary: $8 Million

Possibilities: Rangers, Devils, Stars, Canadians, Islanders, Avalanche, and Sharks

Paul Karyia: The free agent list I am looking at has him being an RFA this year. This only makes him more likely to be dealt, as it would be a mistake to resign him for 10 mil a season for a few more years. Let him work out a contract with a team he wants to go to, then trade him for some guys that can make his old team a contender down the road.

Salary: A lot, but probably $8-10 Million

Possibilities: Rangers (again), Stars, and Islanders

Byron Dafoe: This guy should stay in Boston, as there aren’t too many opportunities to get the contract he wants, play for a contender and be a number one goalie elsewhere. The Canucks could use a guy like him, or Barrasso (I don’t like Cloutier as a #1 goalie, I don’t care how much crap I get from nux fans, he isn’t a starting goalie). The Bruins aren’t going to win with out a goalie, as you can tell from last season (with out Lord Byron) and now this season (with Byron).

Predicted Salary: $4-$5 Million

Possibilities: Boston, Vancouver

Bill Guerin: Guerin is the second best power forward in the game right now, second only to Iggy. Tkachuk, Bertuzzi, and Nolan aren’t far behind (Shanahan, as good as he is isn’t a true power forward (as much as I like him), he is a one-timer artist who can fight and because of the PIMs he gets from that is considered a power forward), and this guy is probably the top dog of the free agents this year, eclipsing even Cujo and Amonte.

Predicted Salary: $7- $10

Possibilities: Boston, Philly, Colorado, Detroit, and Rangers

Bobby Holik: The best two-way player available in Free Agency, and probably the guy that will most benefit the team he would sign with. They guy does it all, he can be a power forward that can score, fight and hit, and put in 30 goals a year if his focus is to score. If you need him defensively, like the Devils using him to shut down Sakic in the playoffs, he can do that too, and do it well. Basically, a poor mans Petr Forsberg

Predicated Salary: $4-$6 Million

Possibilities: Devils, Sharks, Capitals, Rangers

Theo Fluery: Pretty much off the market now that he has announced that he is going to play for the Rangers or go back to Europe and play there. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind this guy going to play in a German Elite League and never be heard from again, but it won’t happen. The Rangers will not pick up his option, but will make an offer like 4 mil a season, and he will probably take that and he probably should.

Predicted Salary: $4-$6 Million

Possibilities: Rangers or bust

Mike Richter: Mike had an excellent Olympics, and used up what little magic he had left. While I think there might be enough gas in the tank for one more playoff run, he doesn’t have it for a whole season. The Rangers need a regular season goalie that can win for them every night, even at the risk of him being untested in the playoffs (Cujo is the best choice). Richter can win the big game in the playoffs, but it would end up being embarrassing for him in all his glory to try to play another season. I think it would be best for him to pull a John Vanbiesbrouck and sign at the end of a season for a team like the Flyers are now that could use a playoff goalie and preserve the respect we have for him in his Stanley cup winning, and great Olympic career.

Predicted Salary: $4-$6 Million

Possibilities: Rangers….

Robert Lang: One of the more underrated players that will be available this year, Robert is a great play maker and could do real well centering Chris Drury for the Avalanche. It’s a shame the Pens threw him away, they had a chance when he was a RFA last year to lock him up for awhile, but chose instead to go to arbitration. He, along with one of the wingers available, could easily add an extra scoring line for a team that would do real well (The Capitals or Sharks may be interested in that, especially if the Sharks could retain Seleane). The Sharks and Capitals will need a guy like Lang as a second line center that they both lack (or even a first line center)

Predicted Salary: $4-$5 Million

Possibilities: Colorado, San Jose, Washington

Darius Kasparaitis: I think Mad Mike has got this guy wrapped up for next year. His wife lives in Long Island, and that seams to be the best card a GM can pull out. Detroit could sign him, as he hear he is good friends with Sergei Federov, and he Wings could really use him. Colorado always has a chance of retaining him, but I think they view him more as a playoff rental.

Predicted Salary: $4-$6 Million

Possibilities: Colorado, Detroit, Islanders, Toronto

Curtis Joseph: Easily the best goalie available, and some could even make a case for the best in the league (Theodore, Roy and Khabibulin I think are better). Toronto hasn’t shown much effort in resigning him, maybe they have another guy in mind? Cujo is a fan favorite there, and if Quinn can’t bring him in, its time to find a new GM. Maybe not a new coach (he does both), but he has shown that he is being stretched to far late in the season. The Rangers need him, as getting Cujo would guarantee a playoff spot next year. The wings could sign him if they decide not to pick up the option on Hasek.

Predicted Salary: $7-$10 Million(If the Rangers get desparate)

Possibilities: Detroit, Toronto,Rangers, Philly

If anyone has any disputes or anyone i left unlisted lemme know…..

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