The Glorious Path ahead?

The Montreal Canadiens team of 06-07(as of right now,july 27th)










extras and prospects:Downey,Chipchura,Kostityn,Streit,Coté.Add Danis and Halak in goals.

Some say it’s incomplete some say it’S the best team we got since Roy’s last match for Montreal.Some think it will lack offence,some says there’s no superstars on that team.In fact,a lot of Hab-haters thinks it’s an underachieving team that is filled with lazy players.But the simple truth is,last year,it was an awful year for the Habs because of Jose Theodore.His father was getting into jail for shark-loaning,some serious rumors of him being befriended by Hell’s angels where uproaring in the scandalized media circus.Plus,his huge contract (biggest in Habs history) was severely criticized by many,and on the top of it all,his stepfather Guy Cloutier,a very well known artist manager in Quebec was found guilty of pedophilia,sexual assault and rape of one of the 80’s most popular child superstar:Nathalie Simard.Focus towards habs wasn’t on their overall hockey game,but the spotlight was on Jose ‘OpenDoor’ Theodore.Habs were sitting at the top of the east when everything broke down,in a mere month.Theo wasn’t able to keep focus on hockey,so each game,he gave away more than 3 goals,giving slim chances to the Habs already ‘ahem’ weak offence to come back.

But now,Theo is gone,so does the confidence killer Claude Julien the man that placed the likes of Begin,Sundstrom and Dagenais on the first line.Now,there’s is no wonder why Kovy didn’t reached the 100-point mark,or even a point-per-game ratio.On defense,Sheldon Souray has been one night in jail for hitting his wife,that later divorced him(Man,that is a hot chick) and flew to Hollywood again.Mike Komisarek’s mom was on her deathbead,and eventually died around the trade deadline.To add to that,Markov,the cornerstone,got injured cheaply and missed 15 games,and with Theo in goals,it was just fatal.3W-11l-2otl.Enough said.

But as of today,without anything else to disturb the guys under the strong grip of Carbo and Gainey,the Habs are a far better team.Promising youngsters,established veterans,and a lot of team unity,with no one dragging all the spotlight,are the base of success in any sports.THere’s depth in every position (defence?) and the pride to wear the most prestigious jersey in hockey is back.Remember 93,remember 86.Those guys weren’t supposed to get trough the first round,and they were a less complete team than the one we now have,with one clear exception:Patrick Roy.Once again,the goalie made the difference.I’ll prove my point:Kovalev or Damphousse?Koivu or Muller?Markov or Desjardins?Plekanec or Dipietro?Begin or Ronan?Bonk or Leeman?Souray or Brisebois?Rivet of Daigneault?Dandenault or immature Schneider?

THe only real question mark in the Habs lineup resides in our tandem of goalies.If either one of those #1 goalies can do the job and give us a chance to win each night,then we are serious,if not dangerous contenders.Is Buffalo would have even been in playoff without the outstanding goaltending of Biron and Miller?The answer is NO.Carolina would have been swooped in 4 if Ward would not have been the brick wall he was in playoffs(23 and a Conn Smythe)

Offence puts asses in the seats,but defence push your team a step further through playoffs.If we can combine the two,I swear the God I’ll go to Saint’joseph Oratory on my bloody knees…

Have faith,Habs fans,just like Ti-Jacques Demers…

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  1. glennbauer says:

    great post!, I’m so pumped for next year! still think we need a big centerman!


  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    I think the Habs would have been better to get a Number 1 defenceman like McKee or Chara, instead of Samsonov. I think the Northeast division is up for grabs, any one of the 5 teams could claim top spot.

  3. blarneylad says:

    i think samsonov may be a little bit small. however having him and kovalev play together will be sweet to see. remember kovalev when he wore the c for team russia during the olympics…he was better then ovechkin, maybe he will play like that now that he has a talented winger

  4. Habroller says:

    You’re wrong.

    Buffalo, Ottawa and maybe the Habs can claim the top spot. If Boston or the Leafs make the playoffs, it’ll be very close…

    Man, McKee #1 defensemen, what a joke!!! I’d have Markov as #1 a hundred times before McKee.

    Habs defense is way underestimated, which is great like this. They’ll just surprise everyone.

  5. passionch says:

    Can’t wait for the start of the season even if no change is made.

  6. TheStryker says:

    Im a huge Habs fan. But there are two things about that lineup I don’t like. Rebiero isin’t quick enough to keep up with Kovy and Sammy. And I don’t want Perezoghin on a checking line. We have enough skilled young forwards that we could aford to package Perezoghin and Rebeiro maybe even a mid level pick, to get a good center to play with those guys. Reibeiro, Perezoghin, Souray for Oleg Kavasha, Tyson Nash, Derek Morris

    Samsonov Kavasha Kovalev

    Higgins Koivu Ryder

    Nash Pleckanec Johnson

    Begin Bonk Murray

    Markov Komisarek

    Morris Dandenault

    Bouillon Rivet



    One can only dream

  7. Hoondog2 says:

    Big difference between Habs of 93 and this year-

    1 goaltending

    2 hard working grinding forwards who dont mind blocking shots

    Montreal needs to get tougher on forward–Captain Koivu is the only hard working forward on this team (if he returns from injury)

  8. 100_years_of_glory09 says:

    not the leafs 🙂

  9. 100_years_of_glory09 says:

    How about begin,or murray even higgins and plex,there all hard working forwards.

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Leafs have arguably the best Defence, and potential to have the best goalie (If Raycroft performs) And the Leafs will have no troubles putting the puck in the net.

  11. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Are we talking about the Same McKee, you know the one that was playing in the conference finals, and his team lost because he was injured. Do you think the division will fall the way it did last year? I can guarantee it won’t. ANY of the 5 can take it, including the Leafs and Bruins, who have both gotten considerable better, while the Sens and Sabres got considerably worse.

  12. danfrappier1982 says:

    GO HABS GO!!!

  13. RickZombo says:


    Best goalie????WHat about Biron,Miller,Huet,Thomas,Aebischer,Gerber?

    I’m not sure that the leafs have the best D,Kubina and Gill have both been overpaid.Gill?COME ON!As for Mccabe,offensively he’S damn good,defensively,I’d rather have a cone in my bblue line….

    The best defencemen in our division are:IMO:

    REdden 1rst

    Markov 2nd

    Chara 3rd

    Kaberle 4th

    Campbell 5th

    And saying that the leaf would have no problem scoring next year,well…Let’S hope that sundin scores a hundred goals….Tucker 60 and Oneill 50…rrrriiight…

  14. RickZombo says:

    The only one of those players I would take is Morris,since he’S like 25.BUt Kvasha is a total disappointement and is the same kind of no-show dude that we kicked out of montreal (Bulis,Zednik,Zubrus,continues on and on).As for Tyson Nash well,it’S and ordinary dude….

  15. alex_nrv says:

    This is really good. We know that someone is a fan when he list the line-up of a team!

    But you people should first check on any site before posting “line-ups”, because Most of the time, you are putting players on the wrong spot on the lineup!

    Johnson is FINALLY a good and strong RIGHT WING that actually SHOOTS RIGHT, don’t put him on the left wing! Come on! Johnson could also play on 2nd line center with Samsonov and Kovalev. He already played center position. Good size and right shooter. That line-up would actually be really nice.

    By the way, people are talking about Samsonov’s size… he’s short, but he weights 194!!! Dammit, look at Bouillon! Both are the same size! Bouillon is not letting people thrown him away, neither will Samsonov! And he’s got balance for sure. So his lack of size is greatly compensated by his skating abilities… and anyways, he’s not “that” small… Paul Kariya is listed at 5’10”, weights about 175 lbs… and I read in an NHL magazine article that he may be oversized! He would easily be 5’8″ or 5’9″ (he’s listed at 5’10”). Anyways, he have a great career even with his lack of size. All you need, is GRIT! GRIND at people to make your way! Don’t be a wuss or you’ll get knocked down. You need to impose your presence! (Bouillon is the greatest example here). The word’s TOUGHNESS. Work out your body or you get nothing!

    The fourth line I can deal with it because sometimes you have no choice with what you have, but Murray could be replaced by Downey, avd Begin would be left wing, Bonk center and Downey would be right wing.

    And why Bouillon on the right side of the D and Dandenault on the left side? They are not playing their natural side like that! Bouillon left, Dandenault right!

    On the power play it’s another thing. You like to place players like Souray on the right side, so he have a clear shot at the goalie from the inside, on the short side.

    With that line-up setted into place… There is NO place for a Rookie… we have a great line-up… So I hope Ribeiro is gonna be traded (except if he’s getting the grit necessary). But I don’t know for who or what (couple of sticks? bucket of pucks…) Ribs is one kind of guy who needs to workout his body.. At LEAST Dagenais WAS… Ribeiro doesn’t seem to want to build his body a bit to get in competition with bigger man! I LIKE Jeff O’Neill SOO MUCH, 6’1″, 195lbs… he is using every inches and every pounds he got to make his way. Not a dirty player, but doesn’t get intimidated on the rink.

    So Let’s get rid of Ribeiro, get Johnson on the 2nd line’s center spot and make room for upcoming nice dude who’s waiting to crack the line up… If this doesn’t occur, somelike like Murray, Downey of Bonk/Begin will get benched to let someone use ice time… Or maybe Ribeiro will get benched if he doesn’t play well, just like last year 😛

    Well see ya and keep on worshiping our great Habs (a cup from here to 2010? I hope and I have hope!)


  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    The Leafs had no troubles scoring last season, and Only lost Lindros and Alison. McCabe is better than average defensively, but I guess you do prefer that cone you call Souray.

    Chara 1st

    Kaberle 2nd

    Redden 3rd

    McCabe 4th

    Campbell 5th

    Markov is not better than Kubina, Kaberle, or McCabe.

  17. souray_brawls says:

    we have a team that can compete. ribeiro has to show his ability and hes playin with two highly talented guys so if putting him on the line with kovy and sammy doesnt shape him out then we get rid of him and use someone new to fill his less than spectacular skates.

  18. habs_fan_in_korea says:

    Je pense la meme chose a toi

  19. TheStryker says:

    I was also just thinking, what if we signed Viktor Kozlov to a contract loaded with insentives. Maybe playing in the middle of 2 great talents and fellow countrymen, he would use all of his amazing talent and size. I just really want to get rid of Rebeiro. I have no use for that guy. He is slow, scared, a big mouth and not a good face off guy. I think we need more thoughness on the 3rd line. A guy who can crash and bang and maybe pot 10-15 goals. I say we give Latendresse or Chipchura a serious shot to make the team. If Kozlov doesen’t work out we could give Pleckanec a shot on the top line. Cause Kovy and Sammy are top line guys. I say we keep Abby for a while to see if Huet is the real deal, that way we have some good trade bait if need be. I think That Gainey should try and lock up Markov long term as he becomes a free agent at the end of the year. So i would package Rebeiro, Perezoghin and Souray and go after a stud D-man. What about Robyn Regher

    Samsonov Kozlov Kovalev

    Higgins Koivu Ryder

    Latendresse Pleckanec Johnson

    Murray Begin Chipchura

    Markov Komisarek

    Regher Dandenault

    Rivet Bouillon



    That does look quite sexy to me. If you’re all wondering about Bonk, Trade him for a box of pucks

  20. TheWho says:

    Are you stupid? Markov is probably one of the best 10 defenceman in the league. We don’t need a #1 defenceman because we’ve already got him in Markov. Markov is just about to enter the peak of his career!

  21. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Markov is one of the best skating defencemn in the NHL, but he struggles vs big forwards. Put him with Souray or Rivet and He’ll be fine, but McCabe and Kaberle are definelty the best if not one of the best pairs in the NHL.

  22. Tush says:

    Kubina = -13

    Kaberle = -1

    McCabe = -1

    Markov = +13

    Kubina, Kaberle, and McCabe all scored more per game than markov, but are on the ice more than Markov when goals are scored against their teams.

    Conside these stats:

    Name TM GP G A PTS +/- PPG

    Andrei Markov MON 67 10 36 46 13 6

    Bryan McCabe TOR 73 19 49 68 -1 13

    Tomas Kaberle TOR 82 9 58 67 -1 6

    Pavel Kubina TAM 76 5 33 38 -12 4

    Consider that McCabe scores a lot… having a -1 means that he is on the ice for a goals allowed more than he is for goals produced by his team. The same can be said of the other three defensemen on TO’s roster. Markov on the other hand is on the ice more for the goals than for the goals scored against the Habs. I know that Markov is not the top Dman in the NHL but don’t tell me that he is less capable than leafs above mentioned Dmen. Please just look at the stats. And don’t worry I do watch both teams play, Thank you to the CBC “the official Leafs TV network” who does play a single Habs game.

  23. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    plus minus depnds largely on the whole team, and 5 on 5 as most of McCabes and Kaberle’s points came on the pp

  24. RickZombo says:

    I didn’t say they weren’t good offensively,on PPlay,but the fact is that a good defenseman isgood in EVERY situations.I’m willing to say that Kaberle rocks,but McCabe slowed down a lot in the end,while struggling big time in his defensive zone…Do you remember you missed the damn playoffs?

    And you said: ‘We just lost Allison and Lindros…’

    Man,those guys were your guns,the dishers on your PP…

    I know Lindros did sucked but Allison was your top PP guy with McCabe.Look at Allison’s carreer stats,look at Peca’s.It’S just not the same universe….

    Hope for you that guys like Stajan,Steen and Wellwood breaks out,coz my god,it’s going to stink a lot in the Air Canada Center…

    Oh and Raycroft,to me,feels like a second Jim Carey…..

    Damn,Rask is the next Lundqvist and you traded him for that piece of crap….

  25. habsoverserver says:

    While your ideas are creative,(bordering on impossible) this would be too much change for one offseason. That’s not the way Gainey does things. He’s not turning over 50% of the offence.

  26. habsoverserver says:

    I agree . On paper, this is the best team since 1993. But, 1993 wasn’t a very good team. The same team lost in the second round in 1992 and in the first round in 1994.

    So if you want to say that this team is like the 92-94 teams that could either lose in the first round or win the cup, I would agree with that range of expectations. But without a stand on his head goalie, it’s likely going to be the usual first or second round exit.

  27. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Rask won’t be signingin north america anywy, so he’ll go straight back into the draft, and Pogge is looking much bette than Rask is.

    MY GOD, McCabe does not struggle in he defencive zone, nether does Kabere, or Kubina. Remember the last 12 games of the leafs season. Where was Allison again, oh yeah he was injured. He only got his points because he played with Tucker and Sundin on the PP, most of his points were assists that he didn’t even deserve.

  28. glorioushabs says:

    I agree for a cup in the next few years we’ve improved and will keep improving for the years to come, we have a lot of great prospects. This team is serious for the first time since Serge Savard’ era.

    Replying to habsoverserver, I think that last years team looks like the 92 team.They replaced players that had done their time in MTL by players with more determination to win( Courtnall, Richer and Corson replaced by Damphousse, Savard, Muller and Bellows).

    This year, we got rid of Sundstrom, bulis and Zednik. A lot of fans including me were sick of seing their faces. The addition of Samsonov will finally give the habs 2 real scoring lines. Johnson, who will probably start the year on the 3rd line, is certainly better than any of the three players who we won’t miss.

    So it looks pretty exciting, it will be a great year with all the young talents hungry to make the team.

  29. RickZombo says:

    Jason Allison Career stats:






    683 GP

    155 G

    204 A



    1156 gp




    Tucker is lucky TO is so poor on the wings that he plays with Sundin,in 3/4 of the rest of the league,he would be at best a second line grinder.

    McCabe is better than the likes of Souray,Gonchar and leetch in his own end,but hes no Mckee or Markov.BUT KUBINA!!!






    Yeah,hes pretty solid….

  30. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    you can’t look at career stats. Kubina was -12 last season, not perfect, but thats largly due to the fact that he didn’t score as much, and when he did it was on the pp. Tucker and Peca will make the second line. Those two could make one of the gritiest lines in the Leaue.

  31. RickZombo says:

    Agrreing with you on the Tucker/Peca grit….for a 3rd line.

    BTW Kubina’s 38 points last year is his personal record

  32. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    but he scored 17 goals the season before, he got assists playing with boyle, St.Louis, Lecavalier, and Richards.

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