The Glorious Path ahead?

The Montreal Canadiens team of 06-07(as of right now,july 27th)










extras and prospects:Downey,Chipchura,Kostityn,Streit,Coté.Add Danis and Halak in goals.

Some say it’s incomplete some say it’S the best team we got since Roy’s last match for Montreal.Some think it will lack offence,some says there’s no superstars on that team.In fact,a lot of Hab-haters thinks it’s an underachieving team that is filled with lazy players.But the simple truth is,last year,it was an awful year for the Habs because of Jose Theodore.His father was getting into jail for shark-loaning,some serious rumors of him being befriended by Hell’s angels where uproaring in the scandalized media circus.Plus,his huge contract (biggest in Habs history) was severely criticized by many,and on the top of it all,his stepfather Guy Cloutier,a very well known artist manager in Quebec was found guilty of pedophilia,sexual assault and rape of one of the 80’s most popular child superstar:Nathalie Simard.Focus towards habs wasn’t on their overall hockey game,but the spotlight was on Jose ‘OpenDoor’ Theodore.Habs were sitting at the top of the east when everything broke down,in a mere month.Theo wasn’t able to keep focus on hockey,so each game,he gave away more than 3 goals,giving slim chances to the Habs already ‘ahem’ weak offence to come back.

But now,Theo is gone,so does the confidence killer Claude Julien the man that placed the likes of Begin,Sundstrom and Dagenais on the first line.Now,there’s is no wonder why Kovy didn’t reached the 100-point mark,or even a point-per-game ratio.On defense,Sheldon Souray has been one night in jail for hitting his wife,that later divorced him(Man,that is a hot chick) and flew to Hollywood again.Mike Komisarek’s mom was on her deathbead,and eventually died around the trade deadline.To add to that,Markov,the cornerstone,got injured cheaply and missed 15 games,and with Theo in goals,it was just fatal.3W-11l-2otl.Enough said.

But as of today,without anything else to disturb the guys under the strong grip of Carbo and Gainey,the Habs are a far better team.Promising youngsters,established veterans,and a lot of team unity,with no one dragging all the spotlight,are the base of success in any sports.THere’s depth in every position (defence?) and the pride to wear the most prestigious jersey in hockey is back.Remember 93,remember 86.Those guys weren’t supposed to get trough the first round,and they were a less complete team than the one we now have,with one clear exception:Patrick Roy.Once again,the goalie made the difference.I’ll prove my point:Kovalev or Damphousse?Koivu or Muller?Markov or Desjardins?Plekanec or Dipietro?Begin or Ronan?Bonk or Leeman?Souray or Brisebois?Rivet of Daigneault?Dandenault or immature Schneider?

THe only real question mark in the Habs lineup resides in our tandem of goalies.If either one of those #1 goalies can do the job and give us a chance to win each night,then we are serious,if not dangerous contenders.Is Buffalo would have even been in playoff without the outstanding goaltending of Biron and Miller?The answer is NO.Carolina would have been swooped in 4 if Ward would not have been the brick wall he was in playoffs(23 and a Conn Smythe)

Offence puts asses in the seats,but defence push your team a step further through playoffs.If we can combine the two,I swear the God I’ll go to Saint’joseph Oratory on my bloody knees…

Have faith,Habs fans,just like Ti-Jacques Demers…