The good old days

I’d like to be back in the days where there were no trade rumors, and most players spent they’re entire career on one club. Trade rumours have been flying around saying Trade Sundin, Trade Domi, Trade Belfour, I’ve even heard rumors of a McCabe trade. Without question these trades would help the team ON PAPER. but in real hockey, they may hurt the team. Heres why.

Sundin: wants to spend the rest of his career in Toronto. Apparently he may be traded to the avs for Tanguay. So, We could have Mats for another 4 years, or we could get tanguay and maybe lose him this upcoming off season

Domi: we cant get anything useful for him, because nobody wants him, and he’s a great guy in the locker room, and he is an emotional player who can get the team pumped up by getting into a fight, or being aggressive.

Belfour: likely to retire soon, lets let him retire in a city that loves him. We also won’t get much for him because he’s getting old.

the point is that some of these guys have been with the team for many years. lets keep that going, and get it in the heads of our new players so in 5 years guys like tellqvist steen, and wellwood will stay with the team, instead of signing with someone else. guys like Steve Yserman (who played his whole career in detroit) are great for the sport and for the team.

In some ways, i’m tired of trades. I cant hold on to a Leafs Jersey for more than 3 years because the player on the jersey (in my case Alexander Mogilney) is no longer with the team. The Leafs are a brand new team every year. Lets Hang on to what we’ve got, and let these young guys get some ice time so one day one of them will wear the “C” on the Leafs Jersey as Sundin has for the past 6 years. Lets build this hockey club using the great amount of potential that we’ve got, and lets hold on to these guys. We cant just trade our team away when times are bad. Sundin’s done a great job these past 6 years, and he’ll come through for us in the end.