The good old days

I’d like to be back in the days where there were no trade rumors, and most players spent they’re entire career on one club. Trade rumours have been flying around saying Trade Sundin, Trade Domi, Trade Belfour, I’ve even heard rumors of a McCabe trade. Without question these trades would help the team ON PAPER. but in real hockey, they may hurt the team. Heres why.

Sundin: wants to spend the rest of his career in Toronto. Apparently he may be traded to the avs for Tanguay. So, We could have Mats for another 4 years, or we could get tanguay and maybe lose him this upcoming off season

Domi: we cant get anything useful for him, because nobody wants him, and he’s a great guy in the locker room, and he is an emotional player who can get the team pumped up by getting into a fight, or being aggressive.

Belfour: likely to retire soon, lets let him retire in a city that loves him. We also won’t get much for him because he’s getting old.

the point is that some of these guys have been with the team for many years. lets keep that going, and get it in the heads of our new players so in 5 years guys like tellqvist steen, and wellwood will stay with the team, instead of signing with someone else. guys like Steve Yserman (who played his whole career in detroit) are great for the sport and for the team.

In some ways, i’m tired of trades. I cant hold on to a Leafs Jersey for more than 3 years because the player on the jersey (in my case Alexander Mogilney) is no longer with the team. The Leafs are a brand new team every year. Lets Hang on to what we’ve got, and let these young guys get some ice time so one day one of them will wear the “C” on the Leafs Jersey as Sundin has for the past 6 years. Lets build this hockey club using the great amount of potential that we’ve got, and lets hold on to these guys. We cant just trade our team away when times are bad. Sundin’s done a great job these past 6 years, and he’ll come through for us in the end.

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  1. Oley says:

    ***** that tanguay is way better trade sundin for him. obviously is the leafs trade sundin for him there going to do everything they can to resign him.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    yeah, but most of the time, those players sign back with their orifginal team. I think tanguay might go back to colorado next season, and i dont really trust JFJ’s negotiating skills

  3. whitee_boi says:

    Why would you keep the same team year in year out if they keep losing. Maybe its time for the leafs to just scrap everything and start over. They havent won in the past billion years and it doesn’t look to promising this year either. So why not trade Sundin for a more youthful Alex Tanguay? or Domi for a draft pick or soemt seeing as he’s not doing anything here and just eating up money that he wouldnt have gotten anywhere else. Why not trade McCabe or Kaberle. If they REALLY want to be a Leaf they’ll sign back when the seasons over. Trades don’t ALWAYS have to be fair now in the NHL. Its just like basketball now the odd trade is to better a team but most will be to free up cap room.

  4. PaulK123 says:

    I know how you feel, I have a Joseph, Nolan, Mogilny and Roberts Jersey. The Leafs better go

    out and re-sign Lindros cause I have his jersey!

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I want to go back to the good ol’ days when we had Mogilny, Nolan, Roberts, and Nieuwendyk.

    I miss that whacky Russian!

  6. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I want all those guys back, I loved the old broken Leafs!

  7. Oley says:

    i have a mogilny server and a belfour server. its seems so far that the belfour is gonna hold its value 2 me cause he will most likely retire a leaf. then i have a nordiques sakic and a LA gretzky. i only buy other team jerseys other than the 1 I ordered in not 2 long ago. classic leaf with gilmour.

  8. 92-93 says:

    interesting. you criticize others in your previous post for proposing plans that include a very few number of veterans on future leaf squads and yet you turn around and say we need to keep the oldest players on our current squad.

    don’t get me wrong…. I AGREE WITH YOUR POST HERE. Belfour is probably not going to be traded because of his contract (the same with Sundin). the intangibles that these two provide for the young kids – and the fact that sundin is STILL the leafs’ best player – means that they should stay.

    Domi, – well i would have agreed with you at the beginning of the season and in fact i have stated such of defence of Tie back in September. But he is not worth the money he makes, he does NOTHING on most nights, and is taking up valuable space on the roster. another example of cronyism in Toronto.

    interesting stat of the day: Jay Harrison is 7th in rookie defenceman +/- with a +6 and he has only played 7 games. mind you, he has only played 7 games so its not a particularly reliable stat … but it is impressive considering that he is a team leader in +/- and he PLAYS ON THE TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS. crazy. hopefully he’ll learn to play Jagr a little better on the PP but i am not going to criticize a rookie for not knowing how to cover Jagr!

  9. epfq says:

    THIS STATEMENT IS TRUE.. but only when you have a team where you can at least build based on a few talented guys that can lead the team… toronto has no REAL TALENT>> NOLAN? ROBERTS? MOGILNY? LEETCH? >ALL TALENTED PLAYERS WHO DID SOMETHING WITH THE PUCK! YOU CANT WIN GAMES WHEN ALL YOU CAN DO IS FORCHECK!!!!!!!

  10. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    my server, do you mean jersey??? I’m gonna start collecting jerseys when i grow up and get a job. I got a Domi (dark, Leafs) and a Lindros (white, Flyers).

  11. 93213 says:

    It’s a sad day when Toronto wants to lose Domi…

    I do agree however that he shouldn’t be out there most nights.

    It would be a sin to trade the guy though. We can only hope he retires this year and if he’s that great in the locker room, maybe he could hang out there during games. But really he hasn’t been that great on or off the ice this year.

    He has said that he will retire a Leaf. If they trade him, he’ll retire and refuse to play for another team. That’s sort of a no trade clause….

    If he really loves the Leafs so much why the hell did he ask for so much money? This is a guy who should be making 900 000 at most.

    Oh well, could they bench him for a week and hope he does an Anderchuk?

  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i’m saying keep the guys we built this team around, i do not suggest keeping o’neill, allison, or khavanov, but those guys are tough to trade at the moment.

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