The great advantage of Goalie Masks

The one great thing about the NHL is that they still give the Goalies the advantage of their selection or choice/wish of their very own mask. Unlike baseball catchers or soccer goalies with thier different color clothing our NHL Goalies still have that wonder advantage of their free choice.

I have to say that I do like Turco’s mask and I do like Roy’s as well. I also rather like Hackett’s too. Patrick Lalime has a rather interesting one as well.

Here is a site that has a lot of goalies with their current and past masks. It isn’t up to date as far as having this years Rookies listed. Turco isn’t listed here but again, I do like his mask quite a bit.

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  1. mikster says:

    Fiset: Avs #2 is good. The rest suck.

    Barrasso: Ugly.

    Casey: No biggie, but then again…it’s just a bear.

    Moog: 1st one is cool!

    Puppa: Bolts 1 and 2 are cool.

    Rhodes: Sens 1 is very cool.

    Shtalenkov: 1 and 2 are cool.

    Salo: Oilers one is better.

    Tabaracci: 2 is very cool.

    Dunham: 2 is the best mask.

    Richter: When he is down, and the puck is in his chest and his is looking down on the ice, the other players see her symbolic face.

    Muzzati: Very creative for ‘Whalers’

    Lalime: A scared Penguin in net.

    Roloson: COOL.

    Fitzpatrick: Richter wanna-be mask.

    Vernor: Cool Red Wings.

    Hextall: 3rd Flyers is OK.

    Shields: Sharks and Sabres, very cool, and Bruins one is slick!

    Belfour: Toronto’s is his best.

    Thibault: Habs, pretty cool.

    Lacher: AWESOME.

    Beezers: Rangers=classic, Panthers=cool, Flyers 1 and 2=cool.

    Kidd: All are awesome, specially #2.

    Dafoe: Kings 2 is cool.

    Ranford: Bruins is cool

    Kolzig: New one is cool.

    McLennan: Blues is cool.

    Fuhr: Sabres 3 is cool.

    Brodeur: A ‘j’ ….nothing flashy at all. Dunham’s will always have the best Devs mask.

    Roy: New Avs one is cool.

    Cujo: Oilers 2, and Leafs are cool.

    Khabi: Bolts one is cool.

    Wregget: Both are cool!

    Storr: Slick.


    I tried to paint my masks many times, and i made just one cool one. There is this Swedish guy who is an artist and paints masks (painted Hedberg’s) and he’s got some awesome ones on display. If anyone is interested, i’ll give you his site.

  2. Cam says:

    I think Marty Turco has the best mask. Though there were a lot of other cool masks in the nhl. But I think Turco has the best. I haven’t seen Belfours new mask yet.

  3. Rushing says:

    Did you see Ed Belfour’s mask of last year that he only wore a few times? He gave it away to charity. That is one thing that he did do great last year.

    He also had his site address on the back of either this one or current one and the NHL made him remove it.

  4. NYR88Express says:

    ela micki, can u send that link?

  5. Kingsfan1 says:

    just for the record baseball catchers are starting to use goalie style masks. Not all but a few but no outrageous paintjobs.

    Personally i always liked Trevor Kids when he was with Calgary and Grant Fuhr with St. Louis both were wicked cool.

  6. mikster says:

    go to mask gallery.

  7. NYR88Express says:

    thanks man

  8. leafsrule31 says:

    its pretty much like his dallas one cept with toronto colors.. obviously. and it has a little thing on the chin that i dont think was there before

  9. Lint07 says:

    The best looking mask in the NHL would be, in my opinion, Jean-Sébastien Giguère from Anaheim.

    Try to find a picture if you can, it looks awesome!

  10. Leaf_Expert says:

    With out a doubt its Curtis Joseph’s helmet that looks the best…..(BUT since i’m a Leafs fan I have no choice but to say Ed Belfours is the BEST!!!)

  11. Tradedude says:

    Milan Hnilicka is the best helmet de-sign. I don’t care if he sucks. His helmet kicks ***.

    here are my favourite goalie masks of the NHL. oh and irbe’s helmet last year. it won’t make it to my top 10 suprisingly.

    1) Milan Hnilicka

    2) Johan Hedberg

    3) Curtis Joseph

    4) Roberto Luongo

    5) Mikael Tellqvist

    6) Marc Denis

    6) Nikolai Khabibulin

    7) Ed Belfour

    8) Mike Richter

    9) J.S. Giguere

    10) Roman Cechmanek

  12. rojoke says:

    Belfour has had the same mask(s) since Chicago. When he went to San Jose, he didn’t even bother to get the damn thing repainted. When he got to Dallas, he splurged for a ‘road’ mask, and has done the same thing in Toronto. The ‘home’ mask is a silvery’sky blue, and the ‘road’ mask is Leaf blue.

  13. rojoke says:

    From what I’ve heard, catchers aren’t allowed to have anything decorative on the masks. It has to be a solid color, with a team logo permissible. I also understand that Charlie O’Brien was the first catcher to use a goalie-type mask when he got to Toronto. I think he originally was supposed to get a second one, more personalized, but MLB told him they wouldn’t approve it.

  14. jammer21 says:

    steve shields, i believe, has my favorite mask right now, the cheever’s tribute is way cool….

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