The Greatest Leafs of all time

A listing of the greatest Leafs of all time, enjoy.

1) Dave Keon(C)-w/Leafs from 61-75, captin from 70-75, 8 time allstar,

Calder winner in 61, two time Lady Bing winner in 62&63, Conn smyth winner

in 67, and Four time stanely cup winner w/Leafs. Hall of Fame inductee and

Definetly the most accomplished leaf ever.

2)Walter Edward “Turk” Broda(G)-w/Leafs from 36-52, 2 time allstar, two time

Vezina winner in 41 & 48, Won an amazing five stanely cups w/Leafs, and is

in the hockey hall of fame. We all know it starts in goal and this guy was

rock for the leafs in the fourties.

3)Jonny Bower(G)-w/Leafs from 58-70, 61 first team allstar, two time Vezina

winner in 61 & 65, won four stanely cups w/Leafs, And is in the hockey hall

of fame. Known as the “chin wall” Bower was a big peice of the four cups he

helped Toronto win.

4)Ted “Teeder” Kennedy(C)-w/Leafs 42-57, 3 time second team allstar, Hart

trophy winner in 55, captain of the Leafs from 48-55, leading scoreer in 48

playoffs, five time stanely cup winner w/Leafs, and is a memer of the hockey

hall of fame.

5)Walter “babe” Pratt(D)-w/Leafs from 43-46, 44 first team allstar, Hart

trophy winner in 44 an accomplishment reached by few defensemen, and is in

the hockey hall of fame. This guy is amazing to me, any defensemen to win

the Hart is a hall of famer for sure.

6)Darryl Sittler(C)-w/leafs from 70-81, simply put this guy is the Leafs all

time leading scorer and holds the nhl record for points in a game with

10!!!(6goals,4assists). Was captain from 75-81 and is in the hockey hall of


7)Mats Sundin(C)-w/Leafs from 94-present, 9 time allstar, Nhl record for OT

winners w/ 14, captain since 97 and is the longest serving European captain

in Nhl history. There is no doubt in my mind that Mats will be the Leafs all

time leading score at the end of his career and is a future hall of famer.

8)Doug Gilmour(C)-w/Leafs from 91-97, 2 time allstar, captain fron 94-97,

won Selke trophy in 93, nominated for Hart trophy in 93, holds Leafs records

for points and assists in a season and assists in a game w/ six. Known

forever by Leaf fans for his heart, will be in the hall of fame eventually.

9)Francis “Frank” Mahovlich(LW)-w/Leafs from 56-67, won Clader trophy in 58,

won four Stanley cups w/Leafs, and is in the hockey hall of fame. This guy

filled the nets for the Leafs while helping them win Four cups.

10)Borje Salming(D)-w/Leafs from 73-89, third in Leafs history in games

played, fourth in Leafs history for points, fisrt team allstr once and

second team five times. Salming paved the way for europeans toady and is

respected largley by canadians across the country.

Jordon Doenz

20 Responses to The Greatest Leafs of all time

  1. Hoondog2 says:

    If Mats ever ends up getting a cup in Toronto (shut up non-Leaf fans), he will be the greatest Leaf of all time in my mind…….Captain Clutch, scores em’ when you need em’

  2. -TML- says:


  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Darryl Sittler, Even though he never won a cup. Or Doug Guilmour.

  4. Francis10 says:

    Sundin will NEVER be considered the greatest leafs to me.

    Sundin has done NOTHING in Tornto, hasn’t even cracked 100 points in TO.

    I don’t know if he is even top ten material really.

  5. leaf_20 says:

    your forgetting some pretty key guys like the furst guy EVER to score 50 goals in a leaf uniform Rick Vive or how about Wendle Clark come on man get ur head straight

  6. PaulK123 says:

    He won’t be the greatest Leaf but he will definetly be up there! How dare you talk about Sundin like that! Being a great Leafs, no a great

    player isn’t only about points, it is about showing heart, being clutch, and being an all around great guy, even when your team is in the dumps! You are probably just some 13-year old kid

    who doesn’t know anything about hockey!

  7. DJTOKid says:

    Yah those guys might have made it if it was the top 15.

  8. DJTOKid says:

    Its a list of the most accomplished leaf players to ever dawn the jersey, it’s not a list of fan favourites, or else Domi would be on the list.

  9. Hoondog2 says:

    Did some idiot say Sundin has done nothing?

    He’s a point per game player with a steady flow of wingers like Hoglund, Renberg, Thomas, Ponikarovsky, Antropov, O’neill….I dont dislike these players but they’re not exactly top line guys……although Sundin gave most of them career years.

    Give your head a shake buddy!

  10. JJ-Dynomite says:

    WEll Said Hoondog2…well said!

  11. leaflova says:

    another reason sundin is a GREAT PLAYER is beacause he has over 1000 points as a leaf and he holds the leaf record for most game winning goals! oh and also because he is my FAVORITE player!!!!!

  12. rcichard03 says:

    im close friends with ricky vaive common he had 3 50 + goal seasons wtf

  13. mojo19 says:

    I agree, Sundin is clutch. Also the longest serving leaf captain, George Armsrtong was left off the list.

  14. 42wellwood42 says:

    Instead of Walter "babe" Pratt you should of put Clark.

  15. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Gilmour >>>>> Sundin.

  16. leafmeister says:

    right players mostly just wrong order.

    1. Sittler
    2. Bower
    3. Keon
    4. Sundin
    5. Salming
    6. Gilmour
    7. Broda
    8. Mahovlich
    9. Apps
    10. Vaive

  17. sundin_500 says:

    After next year sundin will be numero uno…. but for now it goes like this.


  18. Bower67 says:

    Johnny Bower(G)
    Its the China Wall !

  19. Bower67 says:

    1) Dave Keon(C)
    2)Johnny Bower(G)
    3) Tim Horton (D)
    4) Sly Apps (c)
    Borje Salming(D
    Darryl Sittler(C)
    7)Mats Sundin(C)
    Ted "Teeder" Kennedy(C)
    9)Doug Gilmour
    10)Wendel Clark

    Honourable mention to

    Babe Pratt
    George Armstrong
    Turk Broda
    Red Kelly
    Frank Mahovlich

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