The Habs Re-sign Ribeiro and Cote

According to The Habs has re-signed Riberio and Cote to one year deals. Financial terms not disclosed.

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  1. SmileZ says:

    A trade is imminent, Montreal is NOT going to have Huet and Aibischer in net, Gainey DOES NOT like Ribeiro, and there are a lot of teams that would like to have just one of the Habs young players (Perzhogan, Pleckanec, Kostisyn, Locke). The first three I mentioned there are the bright future of the club, but one may be expendable if the right players come in return. Personally, I want the Habs to trade Ribiero for some sweet new NHL pucks (you know, the ones with the silver logo) and sign Gagne to a $6 mill. offer sheet and watch the flyers crap their pants. lol That would be sweet. =)

  2. my_sphincter says:

    If he signs for under 2 mil, he’s a bargain. He has the ability to put up decent numbers and he annoys the crap out of the teams he plays against. I kind of like the guy.

  3. my_sphincter says:

    They are.

  4. my_sphincter says:

    He’s garbage? Compared to who?



    Domi??? (finally the Leafs have seen the light)

    The entire Leafs roster??? (Sundin and Kaberle are exceptions)

  5. my_sphincter says:

    Oh… forgot to mention Allison and O’Neil.

  6. my_sphincter says:

    He had over 50 points last year and has the potential to be a 70 – 80 point guy (and he’s a $hit disturber, which every team needs). How is this overpaid? You guys need to wake up. Just because YOU don’t like a player, doesn’t mean he sucks.

    If I remember correctly, there were tons of people on this site ripping Crosby (and NO I am NOT comparing Ribero to Crosby, I am just making a point). People who said Crosby SUCKS… Once again, just because you don’t like him, doesn’t mean he sucks.

  7. EasternHockey says:

    Think before you speak? You’re are a douchebag.

  8. my_sphincter says:

    sucky floaters inconsistent players — Allison and O’Neil

  9. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    ya maybe in bizarro world, where bizarro jerry and bizarro George are my friends and we go out with bizarro Kramer for coffee on a regular basis.

  10. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Notice Domi and Allison were not brought back….therefore we knew what we were doing by getting rid of them. I would take Antropov over Ribeiro any day, at least hes got a heart tickin in his chest compared to that scam of an nhl hockey player you call ribs.

  11. my_sphincter says:

    Hahaha The Leafs will win the cup before the Habs!?! What do you base this hypothesis on? Have you been visiting Jojo from the Psychic Friends Network? The Leafs just had their worst season in the last 10 years. It’ll probably be another 40 years before they win the cup again.

    The Habs have won at least 1 every decade (although they’ll have to work at it if the streak is to continue) and are the last Canadian team to win a cup.

  12. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    or jan bulis, nik sundstrom, sheldon souray, alex kovalev, radik bonk, mike ribeiro, or richard zednik.

  13. my_sphincter says:

    Allison is not signed YET… It’s coming I’m sure. As for Antropov, He couldn’t lace his own skates let alone Ribero’s. He has no heart, little skill, no passion.

    As for Domi… How many years was he an overpaid mouthpiece with the Leafs before “you knew what you were doing”. By the way, unless you are part of the Leafs organization, you really shouldn’t make statements like “we knew what we were doing”.

  14. my_sphincter says:

    You are clearly a moron.

  15. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Funny how are worst season was still a winning record and 90 points….

    This just in, if you think Montreal will win a cup this decade you are dreaming……

  16. my_sphincter says:

    Great players.

    How does it feel that Bonk score half of his goals this year against the Leafs and killed their playoff hopes.

  17. my_sphincter says:

    We shall see.

    All I can say is that it is more likely than the Leafs winning this decade with JFJ at the helm.

  18. hab_o_holic says:

    wow! mike ribeiro. From QMJHL Hero to NHL Zero. I dont think any habs fan would mind if we traded Ribs for a few water bottles and pucks.

  19. hab_o_holic says:

    noob? anyway, It’s not a matter of potent offense. Players who wear the CH are players that give their all. Ribeiro does not even give 10% of what is able to do. Hence, we don’t need/want him.

  20. habs_fan_in_korea says:

    All I can say is Montreal is contender with one stud d-man and hard-nosed winger. Carolina’s GM even said they were the toughest team they faced in the playoffs. Love him, or hate him, Gainey is a blessing for our organization…….. Imagine if we had Harry Sinden or JFJ, LMAO.

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