The Hawks Won't Make The Playoffs… Zhamnov Will.

According to Chicago Blackhawks GM Bob Pulford, Alexei Zhamnov WILL be traded by the Hawks come the Trade Deadline.


Pulford: Zhamnov gone by Mar. 9

Alexei Zhamnov’s days with the Chicago Blackhawks are numbered.

General Manager Bob Pulford confirmed to Chicago’s Daily Herald on Tuesday that the Hawks are going to deal Zhamnov before the March 9 trade deadline after discussions regarding a possible contract extension stalled.

“I had talks with Alex and I had talks with his agent (Jay Grossman) and we were unable to come to a conclusion on a contract, therefore we are going to try and move him,” Pulford told the paper.

“Alex is a heck of a guy and I personally like him a great deal, but that’s part of the business. I wish we could have come to a conclusion.”

The Hawks reportedly wanted Zhamnov to sign a new multiyear contract for less than the $4.5 million he presently earns. The 33-year-old will be an unrestricted free agent after the season.

“I expect to be traded,” Zhamnov said prior to Tuesday’s game against the Vancouver Canucks at General Motors Place. “It’s hard to come to the rink.”

Pulford and assistant GM Dale Tallon have spoken to a number of teams about Zhamnov, with rumours that include the Canucks. It’s also believed that Detroit, Colorado, San Jose, Ottawa, New Jersey and possibly Atlanta are interested in the centre.


My take on this: Zhamnov won’t go to the Wings, I just don’t see it happening. I’d like to see him go to Vancouver as he would be a good fit for their team. I say that the Sharks will either acquire Robert Lang or Zhamnov before the trade deadline.

It will be an exciting trade deadline after all. Perhaps the most exciting in the last 10 years with the strong possibility of a lockout next season. Look for contenders to make major moves and give it a last shot at the cup before what could be a long NHL work stoppage…



15 Responses to The Hawks Won't Make The Playoffs… Zhamnov Will.

  1. Treva says:

    I think you are right, the sharks are going to do something, but I think they need a scorer rather than a play maker – much like the canucks, who need a finnisher, not a setup man for the second line. I see zhamnov going to detroit, moreso than a guy like oneil, just that detroit has more snipers that could use a setup man, possibly fill in for federov, but the poorman’s version.

  2. JustCallMeGod says:

    I also think Detriot is Archie’s destination. He is a perfect fit for Detriot’s offence. It’s fun to watch this guy run the Blackhawk’s powerplays and it would be even more exciting to see him play with Hull or Shanny. Detroit hasn’t traded all of their top picks yet, so look for a similar trade deadline as the many years in the past. Archie could be the final piece to an already good-looking puzzle.

  3. still_fly72 says:

    Losing Palffy for the season has set them back a ton, will they rent a player to help them go deep?

  4. Lint07 says:

    Apparently the owner has given the OK to their GM to acquire a player or two…

  5. LondonK says:

    Adding Zhamnov won’t make LA go deep. With their roster missing so many players they are a pretender in the West. With a healthy roster they still would be in tough to beat Detroit and Colorado, much less Vancouver and St. Louis.

    Remember they still have Cechmanek in net.

  6. OilersBabe says:

    What about the Oil?

  7. habsoverserver says:

    Detroit and New Jersey are the contenders who could use depth at center. NJ is in greater need of a sniper than a playmaker.

    Zhamnov is one of the best powerplay set-up men in the NHL. He could help NJ on the PP, if NJ acquires a scoring wing with him. NJ ranks behind the Leafs, Flyers, Sens and Habs in PP% so they should focus on improving.

    Veteran forwards who move at the deadline almost never make an impact on the final playoff results. I can’t see Zhamnov alone putting anyone over the top.

  8. Treva says:

    Oates for Zhamnov strait up!!

  9. The_Conductor says:

    Wait, your serious… ah ha ha ha.

    What the hell does Chicago need Oates for? He has had so many amazing goals in Edmonton. He hasn’t been a disappointment in Edmonton at all. (As the sarcasim is so huge right now).

    Edmonton would love Zhamnov, cause you cant get worse then Oates and Laraque this season.

  10. nskerr says:

    The Isles and Hawks have been trailing each other for months. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something happen there.

  11. Just-Checking-In says:

    Steve Thomas Chicago to Anaheim last season.

  12. Zamboni says:

    Having experienced the joy of watching Zhamnov play (on those rare occasions that he’s not nursing yet another injury) over the last several seasons here in Chicago, this is one guy I’m not sad to see Wirtz cheaping out on and not resigning. Zhamnov is ridiculously overrated. He might’ve have a few good seasons early in his career with the Jets, but his best years are long since behind him. Trade him for a bag of pucks for all I care.

  13. OilersBabe says:

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  14. mojo19 says:

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  15. Lint07 says:

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