The Holes that Need Filling Pt. 2

It’s the return of….”Holes that Need Filling”…and i will continue with the Northwest division.Calgary Flames

Calgary had another disappointing season and they might get worse as they dealt Drury to the Sabres. They dealt him for Rhett Warrener and a pick i believe. It looks like they will take a defensive approach to this upcoming season as they got Warrener. At the beginning of the 2001-2002 things really looked bright for this young team. They were first in the beginning of the season and things were going smoothly. But then they started to slide and lost almost every game. They ended up missing the playoffs for the fifth straight season but a star was born. Jarome Iginla had 52 goals and 96 points in 82 games. He ended up winning the art ross and maurice richard trophy.

They really need secondary scoring. More than any other team in the league. Their first line is average and should win them some games but will have slumps and that will lead to losses an questioning. Bob Boughner will be probably be dealt for a forward and that will help the offense but won’t solve the problem completely.

Colorado Avalanche

Colorado have been successful for many years by trades and drafts. But this offseason they made one of the biggest signings in a long time by signing both Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne to 1 year deals. Kariya took a huge paycut to play here and is wanting to be a free agent the following year too. The Avalanche have seperated themselves from the rest of the teams in the league and seem like the stanly cup favourites at this point.

Their top 5 forwards might be the best in a long time. I just hope their ego’s get in the way and they turn into the western conference edition of the rangers. But this probably won’t happen since Teemu Selanne and Paul Kariya had their best years together and have great chemistry. And by putting Joe Sakic between them this might be the best line ever assembled. But that will probably be their second line. Their first line which has Alex Tanguay, Peter Forsberg, and Milan Hejudk ain’t to shabby either. Forsberg won the art ross last year and Milan Hejduk was last year’s only 50 goal scorer. Their only weakness is goaltending. That can easily be solved and that might mean the Alex Tanguay might be going.

Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers can be compared with their arch rivals in many ways. Them and the Canucks play the same fast paced style and are avoiding the un-popular trap. This team just isn’t able to hold on to talent as they let a couple of big name players go after they got to rich for them. Bill Geurin, Doug Weight, Janni Niinimia, and they might soon be losing Ryan Smyth. This team has had played through injuries the last couple of years as their only 2 stars Ryan Smyth and Mike Comrie have both been injured the last couple of seasons. If this trend continues i won’t see them making it past the first round any time soon.

Edmonton has a number of prospects who should suceed in the nhl. Ty Conklin, Raffe Torres, Jarret Stoll, Alexei Semenov, Jani Rita, Fernando Pisani, Ales Hemsky are just a few that will pop out. They will likely lose out on some as they will want big money contracts and end up leaving like some of the other players. Edmonton’s offense is perfectly fine but they’re defense is weak. Eric Brewer is often overrated and Steve Staios a canuck reject isn’t even ahl material. The only way this team will win a cup if is they get a owner who can pay the salaries for these up and comers and not let go like before.

Minnesota Wild

You don’t know how much i hate these bastards and don’t want have much to say. I was thinking sweep after round 1. But i was wrong and the final result upset me. I switched channels each time this horrible team got a lucky break as bert tapped one of their midget forwards(ronning, park, dupuis and those othere bastards). I’m sorry for the language there but this team is crap. If it weren’t for their coach they’d be at the bottom of the league. This is where i hate the trap. I have no problem with talented teams use it(ottawa, new jersey) since i know they are just better than the Canucks Or Avs. But when a crap team like this uses the trap to beat the stronger avs or nucks i get pissed. This is cheap to me and i wish for them to stop with it.

All the Wild have is 1 great superstar named Marion Gaborik and two solid goaltenders who often steal games. The rest of the players are plain trash. Their team is full of nobodys who have to play the trap to stand a chance. Teams like this are ruining the game. I have nothing else to say.

Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks have about 3 years to win the cup. After that everything will fall. Markus Naslund will flee to sweden along with his buddy’s forsber and lidstrom weakening the western conference. While the other two teams can replace their swedes with high price talents vancouver will be left out with the sedin twins. They only have one real young stud who will do well in the nhl and that’s defensemen Kirill Koltsov. Too bad he’s a russian cause he’ll want his money soon and we’ll be left out. And we won’t be able to sign Todd Bertuzzi for under 6 million and that means he’ll get dealt sometime this season hopefully for some young stars or torontos first rounder which will get us ovecheckin.

I am really hoping canucks win the cup this year or the next. Because the future doesn’t look bright for us. We might have one of the weakest farm systems in the league and we’ll have to go into a rebuilding frenzy. We’ll be at the bottom of the west once again along with Calgary. This just devistates me. Hopefully i can win the lottery and save this team from going bad. They might have to get a better goaltender to go for a cup run and that won’t happen as the management believes in dan. I love the canucks but am afraid of the future and what it holds. And it’s absolutely horrible that Brian Burke is trying to trad Brent Sopel.

Well if you actually managed to read this i thank you. Now please comment on this as i took my time trying to figure out things wrong with the Canucks.

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  1. TC_4 says:

    Nice idea for an article, I was going to do one on each of the Canadian teams, but I guess I won’t now. However, the idea was good, but you don’t pay much attention do you? Boughner was traded to the Canes for a 4th round pick. And I didn’t know Steven Reinprecht real name was “draft pick”. And since when are the Oilers going to lose Ryan Smyth? They just signed him to the deal they wanted to sign him to. The Avs are the Cup favs??? Nice goaltending that they don’t have, but whatever. Hell, once you get past the Avs big 3 on d, they’re kind of weak, by contender standards anyways. And for the love of god learn how to spell Niinimaa!!! Not Ninminainaninainaimaammaienam. And finally, your nucks aren’t winning the Cup. I do believe they give Cloutier more time, he will turn into a playoff guy, he has too much heart not to. They need some second line scoring. Once Brian Burke learns that the Sedin twins aren’t going to be more then third line guys, they won’t go anywhere. If he was smart, he would deal them for a legit second line centre. Actually, they could use a guys like Lindros or Primeau to go on that first line, because Morrison is more of a second line guy.

  2. TC_4 says:

    You haven’t watched him play jack ass!!! If you did, you would know that he’s an up and comming d-man. Hell, you didn’t even know that Bob Boughner got dealt!!! That was a bloody month ago buddy!!! But you for see Smyth being dealt. Little did you know he got a 2 yr/7mil contract, exactly what the Oilers offered and could afford!!! But there going to deal him anyways, right???

  3. Rico71 says:

    Brisebois…insane 4M salary, 16M/4 years. He gave the blow job of his life to then GM Savard to get it.

    Juneau…last year at about 2M.

    I’d love to see this trade happen, but Vancouver will never do it. They won’t pay 6M+ for them.

    But man…I’d love to see Cooke in a MTL jersey.

  4. cyeryk says:

    How many times did you see brewer play. You must think that Sami Salo is gonna win the Norris Trophy this year. The last part of your article said something along the lines of finding something wrong with the Cannucks well here I go…

    1. No second line- the Sedin Sisters haven’t cut it and won’t

    2. Dan Cloutier… enough said. If he played as many minutes as Tommy Salo has in the past 3 years he’d have many more off nights than he did.

    3. Brian Burke- This guy is the worst GM in NHL history… oh sorry Harry Sinden has that honor (do you know who he is? Just checkin)

    4. Weak D- One or two good D-men. Jovo is good, but who else is back there…

    The only reason the Cannucks were ahead of the oilers last year was because Edmonton was missing Smyth, Comrie, Marchant, York, Smith for stretches of time. Take two top Cannuck players out of the line up. They’d struggle too. I also recall a couple of games against the cannucks where the Oil got ripped off by refs… The classic running of the goalie call in OT. Just great.

    It will be a cold day in hell before the canuucks win the cup.

  5. great_one98 says:

    Dude, like i said. The article is OLD. I did it when my first hole filling article came out. Like shit.

  6. great_one98 says:

    I just submitted an article as i compared the canucks with the leafs. And yes, the leafs ended up sucking once again.

  7. great_one98 says:

    Their D is better than half the fucking league. Mattias Ohlund and Ed Jovonvoski are two of the best in the league. Sami Salo Marek Malik Brent SOpel can be #3 on half of the teams in the league. Bryan Allen is still young. Burke is a great gm. He’s made a bunch of great trades.

  8. cyeryk says:

    Their D isn’t better than half the league that is for sure. As for Mr. Burke… where do I start. The guy is a complete dumb ass. He complains that Vancouver is a small market… what a load of bullshit. The area has close to two million people.

    I’ve seen him trade 3 good goalies. Kevin Weekes( I thought burke said he was the future goalie for the cannucks) , Arturs Irbe the combination of those two goalies took the hurrricanes to the cup final. He traded for Cloutier (you didn’t defend him)

    He made the dumb mistake for drafting the sedins.

    On the other side look at Mr. Lowe

    He doesn’t make dumb trades or drafts mistakes.

    Cross and Dvorak for Carter and Pisa. Cross is a great D man (better than Sopel and Malik) Dvorak is a little more flashy than Carter (note Carter only hasn’t had a 3o goal year yet, If Dvorak is healthy he could do it again) He got Mike York, Isbister, Torres. And only lost Poti and Niinimaa. He is looking past 2004 CBA to make sure there is a good crop of young talent that will be around for more than 3 years. Not to mention most of the team is built with western Canadian guys who watched the Oilers, Cheered for them. And now they play for them. (Smyth, Comrie, Chimera, Pisani, Isbister.) How many cannuck players grew up with the Cannucks? what’s a number less than 1

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