The HOMETOWN Discount

There is an interesting phenominon out there in the NHL that counters the notion that all NHLs are just money hungry jocks that just want to maximise their monetary potential. Some hockey players opt to take LESS money to play for their hometown team. So i got a little curious and wanted to see what the 6 Canadian teams would shape out to be like (excluding goalies) if everyone was to play for their hometown team. To be considered a hometown player one must have been born within an hour away from the city or within the province (ei all BC players are canucks).


Jason Arnott, Sean Avery, David Bolland, Brad Boyes, Nick Boyton, Brent Burns, Mike Cammalleri, Chris Campoli, David Clarkson, Andrew Cogliano, Jeff Cowan, Trevor Daley, Joe Dipenta, Kris Draper, Steve Eminger, Mike Fisher, Adam Foote, Matt Foy, Sam Gagner, Darren Haydar, Mike Johnson, Chris Kelly, Mike Knuble, Tom Kostopoulos, Manny Malhotra, Brad May, Jamal Mayers, Glen Metropolit, Rick Nash, Chris Neil, Kris Newbury, Mike Peca, Corey Perry, Paul Ranger, Gary Roberts, Brendan Shanahan, Jason Spezza, Matt Stajan, Cory Stillman, Raffi Torres, Stephen Weiss, Justin Williams, John Tavares, Steve Stamkos


Derek Armstrong, Adrian Aucoin, Dan Boyle, Daniel Briere(Gatineau across the river for all u protesting Habs fans), Rob Brindamour, Ben Eager, Kurtis Foster, Cory Murphy, Sean O’Donnell, Benoit Pouliot, Mike Richards, Luke Richardson, Randy Robitaille, Derek Roy, Mark Savard, Todd White, Stephan Yelle


Francois Beauchemin, Eric Belanger, Patrice Brisebois, Mathieu Dandenault, JP Dumont, Pascal Dupuis, Simon Gamache, Bruno Gervais, Ben Guite, JF Jacques, Ian Laperriere, George Laraque, Guillaume Latendresse, Vincent Lecavalier, Mathieu Lombardi, Yannick Perreault, Eric Perrin, David Perron, Jason Pomminville, Mike Ribeiro, Stephane Robidas, Martin St.Louis, Anthony Stewart, Maxime Talbot, Marc-Edouard Vlasic


Blair Betts, Stu Barnes, Rene Bourque, Jay Bouwmeester, Kyle Brodziak, Gilbert Brule, Kyle Calder, Jason Chimera, Kyle Chipchura, Erik Christensen, Mike Commodore, Mike Comrie, Shane Doan, Andrew Ference, Vernon Fiddler, Todd Fedoruk, Jarome Iginla, Brad Isbister, Daymond Langkow, Bryan Little, Joffrey Lupul, Clark MacArthur, Derrik Morris, Scott Nichol, Matt Pettinger, Steven Reinprecht, Sheldon Souray, Daryl Sydor, Darcy Tucker, Scotty Upshall, Ray Whitney


Braydon Coburn, Micki Dupont, Patrick Eaves, Matt Green, Trent Hunter, Trevor Linden, Bryan McCabe, Kyle McLaren, Robert Nillson(father from Sweden but played in Calgary), Chris Phillips, Mason Raymond, Kris Russell, Jeff Shultz, Devin Setoguchi, Jason Smith, Ryan Smyth, Brent Sopel, Jeff Tambelinni, James Vandermeer


Eric Brewer, Ryan Craig, Kyle Cumiskey, Dallas Drake, Eric Godard, Josh Gorges, Dan Hamhuis, Scott Hannan, Shawn Horcoff, Barret Jackman, Paul Kariya, Chuck Kobasew, Andrew Ladd, Milan Lucic, Brad Lukowich, Steve McArthy, Willie Mitchell, Steve Montador, Brendan Morrison, Shaone Morrisonn, Scott and Rob Niedermeyer, Marc Recchi, Byron Ritchie, Joe Sakic, Brent Seabrook, Shea Weber

After decifering all this it seems that Toronto ices a above average team with many superstars, Edmonton and Vancouver come up with average teams, Montreal has a high flying offensive team with very little defense and Calgary and Ottawa are below average.

After seeing what kind of teams Ottawa and Calgary had despite having great fan support dont generate that many players. So i started thinking about expansion whether it would be in Winnipeg, Quebec City, the Maritimes and the Hamilton/London/Tri City area to see what kind of home teams they could ice.

Hamilton/London/TriCity (Southern Ontario)

Mark Bell, Kevin Bieksa, Rob Blake, Brian Campbell, Gregory Campbell, Jeff Carter, Jassen Cullimore, Kevin Dallman, Boyd Devereaux, Matt Ellis, Daniel Girardi, Chris Gratton, Josh Gratton, Nathan Horton, Kevin Klein, Adam Mair, Kirk Maltby, Andy McDonald, Bryan McGratton, Dan Paille, Steve Staios, Joe Thornton, Mike Van Ryn, Scott Walker, Kyle Wellwood, Dennis Wideman, Jason Williams, Bryan Willsie


Riley Cote, Nigel Dawes, Duncan Keith, Shane Hnidy, Garnett Exelby, Colton Orr, Dustin Penner, Bryce Salvador, Jody Shelley, Alex Steen(father played for the Jets), Jonathan Toews, Jordan Tootoo, Duvie Westcott, Ian White, Travis Zajac

Quebec City

Steve Begin, Patrice Bergeron, Pierre-Marc Bouchard, Marc-Andre Bergeron, Philippe Boucher, Martin Gelinas, Martin Lapointe, Michel Ouellet, Marc-Antoine Pouliot, Paul Stastny(father played for the Nordiques but I believe he was raised in the states), Alex Tanguay, Antoine Vermette


Eric Boulton, Luc Bourdon, Daniel Cleary, Ryan Clowe, Sidney Crosby, Aaron Johnson, Jason King, Glen Murray, Steve Ott, Brad Richards, Micheal Ryder, James Sheppard, Jon Sim

The Maritimes with the exception of Crosby and Richards dont have a team, Winnipeg and Quebec City (to my surprise) werent as competitive as i would have thought but Southern Ontario IMO ices a team far greater then Calgary and Ottawa has iced.

This brings on the ongoing debate that Southern Ontario can support another team. Of course im not basing this assesment just on how many players are playing in the NHL from a certain area. Ontario has a population of 12 million. Most of the population is in the south. Just out of estimating that gives southern Ontario (GTA included) 8-10 million people which is by far enough to support a second team.

There are teams in the states (Anaheim, Nashville, Dallas, Phoenix, Carolina, and the list goes on..) were nobody has ever made it to the NHL let alone drafted. Hockey sohuld be played where it is appreciated and where it comes from the grassroots. There are just too many teams out there that are in a market where nobody cares about hockey (granted they do have a large market and big american money). With this research done I am a BIG believer in relocation or expansion to southern Ontario (coming from a Leafs fan). I truly believe the people of Ontario deserve a 3rd team in the hockey Mecca of the world.

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  1. Clearly says:

    Ryder, Clowe, King and Cleary are not in the Maritimes.

  2. ipwnu says:

    bobby ryan played hockey down in socal ***** and i'm sure he'll play in the nhl. so lmb.

  3. cartino says:

    Some players take home town discounts to simply play in the city that drafted/developed them over the years, and the player has settled down and has roots in that city. There are plenty of toronto born players that settle elsewhere even though it's been there boyhood dream to sign for there home team (Spezza from TO and just signed a LT deal to stay with there rival in Ottawa, Iginla is from Edmonton and is now spending the bulk of his career in Calgary, Chris Phillips is another one, mark my words he'll be a sen for life.. why? he's married, his wife's family is in ottawa and has kids, he's big into family and has roots here now and basically has said there is no chance he's leaving).

    There are plenty of players that feel quite intimidated and uncomfortable signing in there hometown. Take Mike Comrie in Edmonton (granted his contract demands and rumours whether he fooled around with another players wife probably didnt' help) and plenty of french canadian players who do not want to play in Montreal due to the pressure, stress, and criticism they'll get from the french media.

  4. turdfergusson says:

     Cleary is big time Newfie, isn't he? I'm sure…

  5. turdfergusson says:

     I love these  articles ; What if…

  6. senators101 says:

    Ottawa's below average, but I think they got the best centres 1-4. Briere, Brind'Amour, Roy, Savard…………everyone else friggin stinks.

  7. PointMeAtTheSky says: since there are no teams in the Maritimes or Quebec City, all those players would play for the Habs..including Crosby.

    Likewise, the Hamilton/London/Tri-City boys would play for the leafs

    And the 'Peggers would play for either Edmonton or Calgary.

  8. habsrock99 says:

    I firmly believe that Southern Ontario shouldn't get a team until at least one other team goes to another province. (IE. Manitoba {Winnipeg} or Saskatchewan {Regina}).

  9. mojo19 says:

    I know Ryder is a Newfie too, without a doubt. Check your stats again.

  10. mojo19 says:

    Why so more NHL wives can complain about the quality of life in a big empty city. Having a team in Saskatchawan would be like adding another Edmonton, they won't attract many UFA's and they'll suck like the Oilers. Players will constantly bail on them.
    Southern Ontario is the best place in Canada for another NHL team in my opinion. (Not just saying that because I live there, its true)

  11. KingCanada says:

    They do seem to somehow have good centers but dont forget about Mike Richards and Dan Boyle, ones an allstar defenseman and the other has the potential to be an all star winger and future captain.

  12. KingCanada says:

    Um did you not know that Newfoundland and Labrador were part of the maritimes?

  13. KingCanada says:

    I KNOOOOW can you imagine Toronto's team wow (especially offense)

    Stamkos AND Tavares (super rookies **knock on wood**) young stars like Corey Perry, Andrew Cogliano and Sam Gagner and then veteran forwards like Jason Spezza, Jason Williams, Rick Nash, Mike Cammalleri, Gary Roberts.  WOW best defense is a good offense, no need for any McCabes, Kubinas or Kabreles or EVEN a Hal Gill with THAT team on offense!

  14. KingCanada says:

    OBVIOUSLY theres no teams in those various markets, that was for the sake of speculating expansion/relocation to Canada.  Thank you for pointing out the obvious..

  15. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    No problem, any time. 🙂

    I was merely stating that SINCE there are no teams in those markets, players from those regions would play for the club in the nearest ACTUAL NHL city. And thus, many players who you put on teams that don't exist were left off the teams that DO exist.

    I'm not against speculating about expansion/re-location. I think that most of the teams in the southern US should be re-located to Canada and the northern US.

    I enjoyed your article, I was just mentioning what I felt you over-looked. I didn't mean it as a criticism or insult.

  16. leafy says:

    Excellent well researched article. I completely concur that Southern Ontario is so in need of another NHL team that it's foaming at the mouth.  One team is not enough to feed the hockey hungry fans of the region.

    Did everybody see the new Forbes report on the value of each NHL team?  The Leafs came out on top hands down, despite not winning the cup for 40 years.

    I just wrote a new article on the issue that got buried in the Leafs section (see link below).  I argue that the Southern Ontario region around the Golden Horseshoe presents the most optimal combination of market size, economic growth, and hockey obsession in the entire globe!

    This information (from the Forbes report) can be pitched to Gary Bettman to make a stronger case supporting another franchise in Southern Ontario.

  17. cartino says:

    Unfortunately Bettman has his head up is a$$ and only cares about expanding the American market and boost TV ratings and one day has a dream of getting a huge US network TV deal.

    Personally if I was him I’d settle for getting back on ESPN as a victory.

    To him he’d rather have a failing team in some southern state than a success up in Canada. Jim Baldsilly is willing to spend insane amounts of money into a hockey market and Bettman just brushes him aside!! he’d rather put a team in Las Vegas owned by Jerry Bruckheimer!!

    Hockey’s strongest markets are all basically in the Northern US, Canada, and many parts of Europe!! he should concentrate in those areas. There are some success stories in other parts of the US that should keep teams but plenty of failures that need to be moved (ie Phoenix, nashville, atlanta, florida).

    I’m always a proponent of European NHL teams one day (maybe still 5-15 years away who knows), a perfect world would be 7-8 canadian teams, 14-18 US teams, and 7-8 European teams. Basically you can bring it down to 1 canadian division, 2 US divisions, and one European division. Because there is plenty of money in Europe as well. (Besides people need another sport to watch besides soccer there)

  18. ranger_fan says:

    Brian Leetch was born in Texas, Ryan Hollweg is from southern California

  19. KingCanada says:

    Well in that case some maritimers are closest to Boston and the Peggers and the Thunder Bay crew (Staal bros) are by far closer to Minnesota.

  20. KingCanada says:

    I agree with giving up on the low attendance southern teams but moving NHL teams to Europe IMO is a bad idea. 

    Right now the farthest a team would have to travel (Vancouver-Boston) is roughly 5000km.  In order to travel the Atlantic, say were going the minimum (Boston to London) its roughly 13500km and thats JUST to cross the atlantic.  Do you see how much MORE it would cost the NHL to travel that far and also the TOLL it would take on players that are sufferring from jetlag.  I dont think it would ice a better product at all.

    And then theres the argument that say for example theres a kid like Tavares that we love to watch, he gets drafted by the Helsinki Hellraisers and we NEVER get to watch this Canadian bred kid play.  In retrospect theres the point that european players come to play here but remember they CHOOSE to play here.  Last but not least who gets the right to air these games?  Versus gets the rights to most games because they are in the states and they fund the league quite a bit so i doubt Bettman would let this happen.

    Also many European teams dont have great attendance even in the top leagues like the SEL in Sweden only get a few thousand fans, can they support a NHL caliber team?  Even Winnipeg can get at least 15 000 people.

  21. 29_other_teams says:

    Wow….this is SAD. Are you that upset over the leafs bad start that you have to dream about some fictionnal team that Toronto could have with all the if so and if so and if so's….News flash, there is no other team in southern Ontario and not for a while so that means that you are stuck with your Crappie Leafs. Face it! The LEAFS SUCK BIG TIME and that is not going to change until they get rid of JFJ. Period. On a change of note, your article was'nt that bad; except for this last comment.

  22. Clearly says:

    I live in Newfoundland. The names I posted were Newfoundlanders. We are apart of the Atlantic Provinces which is the Maritimes with Newfoundland.

    Maritimes is just Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I and I think the bottom of Quebec.

    I think I'd know.

  23. THEGREATHAB says:

    I am a maritimer,  and your right,  Newfoundland is not a maritime (and NO part of Quebec is either),  however if you meant Atlantic Canada then yes Newfoundland belongs.

    You did forget Randy Jones.

  24. KingCanada says:

    Why dont you get a life and pick ONE team to root for u moron. Pick a team and stick with it loser, nobody respects people like you who pick favorite teams because they are all the dynasties in sports (Cowboys, Yankees, recent RedWings, Celtics).

    News flash, we KNOW theres no team in southern ontario idiot, did you NOT see the sign saying speculation on the article.

    PS nobody said here the leafs were good so you putting them down really lowers my respect level for u and your just being hateful.

  25. 29_other_teams says:

    Not only do I have a favorite team….I AM A DIE HARD FAN of this team….I LIVE AND DIE BY THIS TEAM…..I've been routing for this team since the mid 80's when I was only 8 years old. The questions is; Are you INTELLIGENT enough to find out what team it is? (this maybe my first post but you will have the chance of putting your finger on it soon enough). I can realize that nobody said the leafs were good but with you dreaming of your BS dream team, I merely indicated that they were off to a bad start. But hey, I guess that reality hurts!
    By the way, 29 other teams is just my user name you moron…. 

  26. KingCanada says:

    One's user name is usually a reflection of one's self.  Anyways you could be rooting for the Edmonton Oilers when they started kicking ass back in the mid 80s or you could also be a Penguins fans (Lemieux was drafted 1st overall in 84 and instantly turned the franchise around).  Those are my 2 guesses.

  27. 29_other_teams says:

    "One's user name is usually a reflection of one's self" Nicely put….but not in my case! I just simplely did not want people to relate me with MY TEAM cuz I know people would be giving me a hard time since I LIVE AND BREATH FOR MY BELOVED HABS !!! That's right, I am a HABS fan and since there is a lot of leafs fans on this site, they would probably bash me every chance they get. That's why I put down your leafs cuz I love the Habs and we both know that you can't cheer for these two teams. Either you like the Habs and hate the Leafs or vice versa. But I liked your guesses….well thought. Anyway going back to watch the third period…..Truce? 

  28. KingCanada says:

    HAHA that was actually going to be my 3rd guess but i didnt have a good reason to guess accordingly so i didnt put it 😛  Lotsa leaf and hab fans on this site.  Truce.

  29. sporer says:

    hey moron, get your facts straight, sam gagner was born in London, ON…..not fricken toronto!

  30. sporer says:

    the leafs still suck though? so who cares if they are the the most expensive team, at least my team has won a cup in the last 20 years
    not like the leafs in the last 50 years…………

  31. leafy says:

    What does that have to do with the point I'm making about adding another NHL team in Southern Ontario?

  32. KingCanada says:

    hey F**K you buddy, dont call me a moron, do u know how long tihs took me to do?  I make ONE mistake and u call me a moron u disrespectful little waste of my time.  Regardless he might of been born in London, the kid grew up in Oakville which is a suburb of Toronto and thats a fact so i put him in the Leafs region anyways.

    Just how McCabe was born in St Catherines but grew up out west (i might have forgotten to include McCabe in the article tho i cant remember).

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