The htr and wow family

Well we got wowbasketball, wowhockey, HTR, wowbaseball and wowfootball.

There is also a wow site for soccer. It’s called and we’re looking for members (We couldn’t name it wowsoccer because some Japanese soccer site is called that.)

The site is relatively unknown and not many people have joined since it started. But we’re looking for members and would love to have fellow prominent wow and HTR members to come and join the site. Just like HTR when it started, the first few months were a real struggle.

The site uses the same format as all the other wow sites so it is easy to find what you’re looking for. (Well it is part of the wow family.)

So if you know a bit about soccer and would like to come and present your opinions, write articles etc come and join the site. We’re seeking plenty of members!

It’s so come and take a look! Just click on the link on the left menu bar!

-Laurent Ducasse

vice-admin of

13 Responses to The htr and wow family

  1. PeterPuck says:

    You know, I use to visit HTR and Wowhockey everyday, but with the bias postings on here and the endless garbage articles (ie: best jersey, worse jersey etc) I have packed it in as a regualr visitor to these sites, I still pop in once and awhile and find that is enough as NOTHING as changed , even the articles and I feel I dont miss anything…I have developed some friends from this site from a while back and they like me have gone to other sites and forums to get our Hockey News and Rumors, I have also notices from the day I joined, all the regulars that were there, maybe 20% are still around….I wonder how many others feel this way or are doing the same…..HTR and WowHockey has to wake up and remember that bias postings will come back and bite them, for that matter, I really don’t care if they do wake up, I am enjoying the other sites better……..In other words, I have no interest in even going to your soccer site as long as I know it is part of this group, but I do wish you good luck.

  2. hockeyalliance says:


    Wayne Coffey

    Vice-admin of

  3. dkball7 says:

    Soccer sucks worse than the rangers.

  4. G_Money says:

    you know what- you suck!

  5. dkball7 says:

    That was really thought out.

  6. Goldenscud says:

    I agree with Peterpuck. This site is the same old shit. This is the first time in like 6 months that I have even logged in. I am done here.

    I have found another site that has more to offer. It is not just about fighting, it has more dynamic forums and EVERY article gets posted.

    On HTR, only the admins get to choose what gets posted and if you are not Mikster’s or one of the other guys buddies, you get screwed.

    Give it a try, I am telling you that you will never come back here.

    Plus, the stupid rants that about the jerseys, etc. are not common place at, they have real articles, video clips, etc.

    And, the guys over there know about the game – you won’t find articles loaded with spelling and gramatical errors like you do here.

    Let me know what you think – GOLDENSCUD

  7. TC_4 says:

    Really, where they talk about fights that never even happend! I don’t care if you don’t like the site, keep it to yourself? Why are you back here if you hate it so much??? I on a hockey site which would blow any other one you ever go on out of the water, but I don’t go around here bragging about it. The only people on that site is reporters and media and people that flat out KNOW the game, and they still talk about jersey’s and all that sh*t so why are you running your mouth. You obvisously DO come on here more then often. You sound like the kids from my small town school who took off and went to a city school because they thought they were going to have so many more/better friends. When they graduated they were friends with each other(about 6 of them), and that’s it, while about 5 of us who stuck around the small town, were pretty popular with the kids in the city.

  8. TC_4 says:

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! Why even bother comming back if you hate it so much? Save the “I wanted prove that nothing had change” speech for some other sucker. Your just sad buddy. I go a hockey website that I don’t think ANYBODY else on HTR goes into, and most of the people on there are members of the media, and hockey people, so they KNOW there shit! I don’t go around this website talking about how great it is, and everyone should leave this site. People work hard on this website so show a little respect.

  9. PeterPuck says:

    Listen if you are going to “Flame” me at least get the facts right….no where and I mean no where do I say I hate this site…I say that I have no interest in at anymore….you probably cant read right cause your nose is so brown from sniffing up the butts of the group on here…I dont care if people work hard on this site or not, I work hard for a living also, so show me some respect…I have web sites too, , , etc, so dont throw you imature remarks at me….your site you claim you go that is filled with media and hockey people, maybe you should stay there and learn about hockey, i just read your last 10 posts, doesnt sound like you know much about the game, stay here and learn about worse hockey jerseys etc….


  10. TC_4 says:

    Yeah, that one where I called that the Oilers would go on a streak and they did, that was a terrible article hey? Or how about how I broke the Maurice fired story? Or when I broke the Oates being signed story? And yet your still here buddy? I don’t even know the guys who run the site, and I know a lot more about hockey then you do. Don’t believe me, listen to me from 5 until 7 on the Team 1260, Edmoton’s sports radio. How did I land that job? I mean, I don’t know a thing about hockey, except the fact I played in the WHL, but that doesn’t matter.

  11. PeterPuck says:

    is that you? wow, i finally get to say to you that I think you stink, i heard you, learn english, umm, is not a word and you say it alot, so what , u played in the whl, did you go further? nope, i played in the OHL, and AHL so i have you beat…..and please dont tell me you broke these stories….ha ha, what a joke…ps—any couple of wins put together by the oilers would be easy to pick, they had to win some sooner or later, cant lose them all….ummmm

  12. PeterPuck says:

    ha ha, break the story of Maurice being fired, you reported it from TSN, ha ha, you really have the scoop on that one, break the story, ha ha, maybe you should be on yuk yuks rather than try to talk hockey….break the story, ha ha ha, your funny, ummmm

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