The htr and wow family

Well we got wowbasketball, wowhockey, HTR, wowbaseball and wowfootball.

There is also a wow site for soccer. It’s called and we’re looking for members (We couldn’t name it wowsoccer because some Japanese soccer site is called that.)

The site is relatively unknown and not many people have joined since it started. But we’re looking for members and would love to have fellow prominent wow and HTR members to come and join the site. Just like HTR when it started, the first few months were a real struggle.

The site uses the same format as all the other wow sites so it is easy to find what you’re looking for. (Well it is part of the wow family.)

So if you know a bit about soccer and would like to come and present your opinions, write articles etc come and join the site. We’re seeking plenty of members!

It’s so come and take a look! Just click on the link on the left menu bar!

-Laurent Ducasse

vice-admin of