The Kessel Trade – 3 Months Later

Alright. It has been just about 3 months since one of the biggest blockbusters of the off-season went down. After a few weeks of rumors, Burke finalized a trade which acquired a young, goal scoring phenom and signed him long term. Oh yeah, and he gave up a 2010 1st, 2nd, and 2011 1st. It is a steep, steep price, and with Kessel being injured for the first month of the season, and the Leafs having a horrendous 0-7-1 start to the season, Leaf fans were not happy about the deal.

Once he came back, everyone calmed down a bit. He turned the Leafs into a respectable team, lately they have been good, but only lately. He has made the players around him better, gave the team a new face, and often gets a big goal to turn the pace of the game. With 13 goals in 22 games, Kessel has very few doubters. I dont think he is captain material, but he is the back bone of the team right now. For instance, Matt Stajan broke the 50 point plateau for the first time last season. He has significant minutes because of the departure of Sundin, and was often played with Ponikarovsky and Antropov. I thought that was Stajan’s career year. Since playing with Kessel, Stajan has 22 points in 20 games. (Kessel played two with Mitchell) If Stajan is able to get 65-70 points this year, which is not out of the question, than the one person he can thank is #81. Kessel has come into hockey crazed Toronto, met, and in many cases exceeded all expectations. The biggest question is, what will those picks be?

The Leafs are in a large group of teams in the 30-35 point range. They have been one of the better teams in this group lately and could pull out of the pack if they could ever put a streak together longer than 2 games. Or they could lose a bunch of games and fall back with Carolina. The goal-tending has been respectable lately, not good, but Toskala hasnt lost any games for them. That said, he is still prone to melt downs.

So if the Leafs manage to get to 10th place, giving Boston the 8th-12th pick roughly, then it would appear that the Leafs would win the Kessel trade. If Boston gets a lottery pick, then, in my opinion, Boston would win the trade. Of course none of this will be for certain until whoever Boston picks develops.

A few discussion questions for the board. How high would the Leafs pick have to be for you to consider this trade a loss for Toronto? Are the Leafs a bad team that is hot, or a good team that took a while to come together?

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  1. Kramer says:

    I predict a big trade soon.

  2. bbruins37 says:

    "So if the Leafs manage to get to 10th place, giving Boston the 8th-12th pick roughly, then it would appear that the Leafs would win the Kessel trade. If Boston gets a lottery pick, then, in my opinion, Boston would win the trade."

    why does everyone think that only the 2010 first matters (and i want to hear better reasoning then "i wrote off the 2011 draft 2 years before it happened and i choose to ignore boston's scouting department's success, particularly in the 2nd round)?

  3. cam7777 says:

    It does matter, it's still an asset you're getting that we aren't.  I just personally feel that the asset will be a replaceable one.  Unless you manage to draft in the top 3 in that draft, which I don't think is terribly likely, than the player you're getting isn't likely to be a superstar.  It is considered to be the weakest draft since the Sedin draft.  It's going to be hard to find a franchise player in that group.  So even if you get a solid contributor and good NHL player, that isn't something the Leafs can't find elswehere – free agency, trading for draft picks, college ranks, euro-talent.

    It's not that Leaf fans feel the pick is without value, but rather that we feel Kessel, plus whatever we replace that pick with, is going to be a better deal.

  4. Leafmonkey says:

    I was not a fan of this trade at all when it happened but now that we are doing pretty well im happy. I dont think there is really a winner in this trade (unless Bruins draft 1st overall, or Bostons picks turn out to be garbage) it was a good trade for both teams. Even though it is clear that Boston misses Kessel, he wanted out after all the shopping of him, and those 2 firsts are probably going to turn out well, and boston couldn't handle all thier players under the cap.

  5. mojo19 says:

    The Leafs are playing good hockey. 9-4-2 in their last 15 is very solid.

    Here are some reasons why, as well as a look at what is the cause of the Red Wings slow start.

  6. hockeyhead says:

    why dont we look at the trade when boston has a chance to pick or trade with the picks.

    kessel is still kessel.  scores against bad teams.  gets shut down completely against good teams.

    kessel is going to get hazed and play poorly at boston.

    so you have that going against the trade.

  7. leafmeister says:

    The only really good team who has shut him down is Boston. He has scored against teams like Chicago, Washington and Phoenix. Do your self a favor, when you say he "gets shut down completely against good teams." be prepared to back it up.
    Even when Kessel isnt scoring he is opening up the ice for Stajan and Poni.

  8. hockeyhead says:


    im a bruin fan.  ive seen phil the thrill play for years.

    chicago, washington play a wide open style. 

    lets see how phil does against strong forechecking teams that will hit him.

    kessel is the randy moss of hockey.  great skills but hit him and rough him up and he goes into the shell.

  9. leafmeister says:

    Being Toronto's best scoring threat by far, Kessel has faced his fair share of hitting. He faces teams shut down lines night in and night out, and thus far has performed exceptionally well. He has off nights, everyone does, but he has played better than anyone would have thought.

  10. hockeyhead says:

    im not doubting his skills.  never have.

    im doubting his heart.  22+ bruin players in his former locker room will agree.

    he let down a team with his selfish agenda.

    he is not a team player and aside from his goals….am glad he is gone.

  11. leafmeister says:

    I have not seen a problem with his heart thus far here in Toronto. He backchecks, forchecks, and even fights. I think the Bruins could tolerate some bad vibes in the locker room if it meant getting Kessel back, they dont even have a guy with 10 goals yet.

  12. hockeyhead says:

    the bruins have at least 5 guys on 20+ pace tho.

    i wouldnt call what phil did a fight but i guess he got 5 min.

    mark recchi last year said that the bruins were 99.5% on winning the cup.

    guess who was the .5% was.  and mark was just in their lockerroom for a couple months.

    kessel,  now playing for someone other then julien,  might become a reliable guy. 

  13. mojo19 says:

    Russel Crowe, and his family in Leafs gear:

    Tia Carrere:

    Of course Mike Myers:
    not sure what jersey he's wearing in this one, i know he has a jersey with "Myers" on the back, and I've seen him at a Leafs game with a Steve Thomas jersey, and on HNIC wearing a Tucker jersey.

  14. leafmeister says:

    Its true, Kessel was not suited for Juliens game. If Julien had let Kessel and Savard play the way Wilson lets Kessel play he probably would have gotten 50 last year. Its hard to criticize any Bruins decision made last year, but they could have had happy Kessel this year.

    Its just natural for a guy to get down on his team when his skills are not being utilized.

  15. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I`m finally done *****ing exams

  16. dizon says:

    tia carrere is sexy, but the habs have the sexiest fan by far.

  17. broc says:

    The entire Bruins lockerroom would say kessel has no heart? You sir, are full of shit. Why don't you go get a handful of links/quotes to back that up.

    for someone who plays without heart, he was tied for the Bruins lead in playoff goals last year. I guess that's what happens when you don't give a crap, right?

    You never heard about Kessel this way until after it was known he was going to be traded. Bruins fans are just jealous they're not as good/deep this year as last, and try to make it seem like "no big deal" their leading goal scorer as a 21 year old is gone. Hey, they were better off without him, right? Too bad the standings don't say that. Welcome to 6th place, Boston.

    5 mil a year is about par for a 35+ goal scoring kid. Boston decided to sign Derek Morris instead… what a great move!

    Did you know… the Bruins are the lowest scoring team currently in a playoff position… out of both conferences?

  18. Magleaf says:

    Its a good thing we have tosakala as our #1 golie because if not i dont know how bad we'd be

  19. mojo19 says:

    lucky u, i have one on tuesday…..

  20. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Yeah my friend has that two.

    What class do you teach because I always see dance classes above Walker

  21. DannyLeafs says:

    Chicago a wide open style? I guess if you consider the tightest checking and best defensive team in the league as having wide open syle then yes. Chicago is very difficult to score against, and pay a lot of attention to other teams best players.

  22. mojo19 says:

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    Actually you should definitely swing by, I have so many sexy girls taking my class. Just introduce yourself to me, should be fine, don't worry about disturbing my class or anything like that, I'm pretty relaxed.

  23. hockeyhead says:

    and you sir,  are a typical leaf fan who has seen a whole 15 games of phil kessel.

    did you know the leafs are not even in the playoff race?

    why dont you drink some more of the brian burke kool-aid,  eh

  24. reinjosh says:

    brian burke koolaid eh?
    what is that?
    does it tell us that your team is the 4th lowest scoring team in the league
    does it tell us that not one player on your team has more than 9 goals, 34 games into the season
    does it tell us that kessel is currently outscoring every bruin but bergeron (who he is only 5 points behind) in goals and points despite playing 10 games less than the majority of them
    does it tell us that your team is a whole 6 points ahead of us despite the fact that we had worst start of any team this season
    get off that high and mighty horse my friend
    your team isn't all that great anymore

  25. hockeyhead says:

    does it tell us that all your goalies suck?

    if you have to ask what "the kool-aid" is….youre on it.

    and when did i say i was on a high horse?

    we'll see who's where at the end of the year.

    dude,  i hope phil kessel gets more points then every bruin combined.  still wont make the playoffs.

    and that is all phil cares about….himself.

  26. DannyLeafs says:

    Well that wasn't much of a come back. We have one bad goalie and an inexperienced goalie that has been pretty solid but hasn't been able to stay healthy so our overall goaltending has been terrible.
    The kool-aid line is awful.. just awful
    You don't tell people you are on a high horse, you just are because you have you somehow think your team is superior to the leafs when really, they aren't that much better.
    Considering the Bruins are getting some of the best goaltending in the league, and the Leafs are getting some of the worst, the bruins aren't very far ahead, which tells me the Toronto skaters are outplaying the Bruin skaters.
    Also, I do know that not every Bruin player wanted to see Kessel go. Ryder  hoped that they held on to him, and said that Kessel and Savard's skill level was well above any other players on the team.

    Accept it, the Bruins are missing Kessel, and their team isn't as strong this year without him. The Bruins have not been that much better then the Leafs this year, and aren't likely to finish with that many more points then the leafs at the end of the season.

  27. hockeyhead says:

    was i talking to you?

    the kool-aid "line" is not a line.  its the truth.

    you leaf fans have to be the most disillusional fans on the planet.

    the bruins are not playing that well this season.,..they will have20 more points than the leafs.

    accept that.

  28. DannyLeafs says:

    You were addressing leafs fans with the Kool-aid line, I am a leafs fan, therefore yes you were talking to me.

    The Kool-aid line is dumb because it doesn't make much sense.

    Disillusional would mean that I see things as they are if it were a word.

    The Bruins are only Ok. They aren't great, losing Kessel was a real step back for them, even if they got a good return on him. Chiarelli is a good GM, but he has made several mistakes and bad signings and isn't as perfect as many Bruins fans would like to think.

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