The Kovalev Deal…Talk About it Here.

A possible steal for the Rangers, but mostly likely a fair deal for both sides.

Patrick loses out on valueable players again; GM Pat Quinn a genius.

What does this mean in the off-season for the Rangers?

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To the Rangers: Alexei Kovalev, Dan Lacouture, Janne Laukkanen, and Mike Wilson.

To the Penguins: Rico Fata, Mikael Samuelsson, Richard Lintner, and Joel Bouchard.

The Rangers suffered one too many injuries during this season, and like the LA Kings, injuries have kept them from the playoff’s sure spots. The game during the Philadelphia Flyers, the Rangers had more scoring chances, but no finishing touches.

Deja vu, Pavel Bure. Bure was acquired, but Mike Richter went down with an injury and playoff hopes slipped away, causing the Rangers to miss the playoffs. This season, Dunham should be back (thank God) this week. Chances look better, especially once Bure and leetch get back on the ice.

Rangers acquired a former player that bled blue, white, and red. A player that should have never bene traded. Alex Kovalev is a huge upgrade on the PP (much needed), and he adds depth on the Rangers. Rangers were a one line team with the Barnaby-Holik-Lindros line, and adding Kovalev will form a solid 2nd line with Petr Nedved. Once a super star on Broadway, Kovie is back on 33rd street…where he always belonged!

However, Kovalev won’t help the Rangers defensively. As I said many times before, he could score the big game tying goal, yet cause the turnover for the opposition’s game winner.

Janne Laukkanen is nothing big. Pretty much an allround defenseman, and most likely a fill-in guy in return for trading Joel Bouchard. He is injured, but will return this week.

Mike Wilson might end up as a steal. Mostly a swap with Richard Lintner, both are same age. However, Wilson is more NHL proven than Lintner. He is a stay at home defenseman who has had good numbers with the Sabres and Panthers. He has suffered injuries, and the Penguins hoped he’d get by them. He hasn’t yet. A towering 6’6 defenseman, still young…and if he gets his game back, then a pure steal by the Rangers.

Dan LaCouture is 25 years of age, and a complete 4th line grinder. Not as good as Mikael Samuelsson, buthe mostly replaces Rico Fata. He adds more toughness and is bigger.

Penguins get:

Mikael Samuelsson is the big part of the deal for the Penguins. Plays with an awesome edge, is very smart with the puck, has so much patience carrying the puck and has a whicked wrister. Smart player and I am upset to see him go. He is 26 years of age, and he is exactly what the Penguins want and need. He is no blue chip guy, he is no 1st line or 2nd line guy, but i guarantee all Penguins fans 100% that he will fit in nicely. He is inconsistent though, he does have his streaks…but once he has his good streak, he is darn worth it.

Richard Lintner (25), as I mentioned earlier, is basically the swap in return for Mike Wilson. Lintner was put on waivers about two weeks ago, so he was not really treasured by the Rangers. He has awesome offensive abilities. Huge offensive upside and the Penguins acquired him probably because they traded Ference to the Flames. Lintner could become huge on the PP with Mario Lemieux, however he is not that good defensively. Rangers are deep in offensive defensemen, and next training camp their defensive depth chart in the minors is too heavy for Lintner to compete in. He will be liked by the Penguins, especially the fans, if he plays on the PP.

Joel Bouchard has been a journeyman for life. He is 28 years old, and has done great things for the Rangers this season. He is solid two way defenseman, better on the offense though. Plays as if he has starved to death all of his life, and he will easily stay on the Penguins line-up. There are few bad things I could say about him, I really liked the guy and he was a great acquisition, probably is for the Penguins as well.

Rico Fata, that’s a player I was always thrilled to have. Still so young (23) and claimed off of waivers. I still say he will be a 20 goal scorer a few times in his career, and the Penguins will be thrilled to have a player with Fata’s speed on their line-up. He plays with an edge, and tries hard every night.

I think this was a fair deal. The Penguins got starters in return. They got young guys that are cheap and great to have on the 3rd and 4th line. They got two offensive defensemen to help their PP. The Rangers got a super star, two young players, and a veteran defenseman.

The Rangers should be thrilled with this trade. Patrick wanted either Lundmark or Blackburn, and Sather got Patrick to lower his demands. The Rangers DID NOT give up much youth. Wilson and LaCouture are two young guys as well. I am thrilled with this trade because the five young players that I covet the most from the Rangers (Blackburn, Lundmark, Murray, Moore, Tjutin) were not traded to the Penguins. Also, the Rangers did not even give up a draft pick. No youth was dumped.

GM Patrick got the very best, but I still have a problem with Patrick. Also, Patrick just made GM Pat Quinn a genius. Here is why:

It was not only that reported on Kovalev going to the Leafs, but so did I asure you that the Leafs did offer Nik Antropov to the Penguins as part of the package. Why did it not go through? Craig Patrick did his little “thing” for wanting too much from the Leafs, just as he did with the Rangers during the Jagr saga. GM Pat Quinn made a take it or leave it offer, Patrick wanted more but put Quinn on hold.


All that did is give Nik Antropov more time to produce and convince GM Pat Quinn that it would have been a mistake trading Antropov. Quinn did probably pull back, and Patrick missed out on landing a young player with high potentials (Antropov). After missing out on Antropov, he had no other choice but to request Lundmark or Blackburn, and Sather kept his young players.

Let me tell you that the Avalanche and the Devils were NO front runners in the Kovalev sweepstakes. Devils would not be the types to trade away cash and then re-sign Kovalev to a new contract. The Avalance are in much need of a center and a defenseman. As you can see, the Rangers just had enough defensemen to deal away that Colorado didn’t have. It just made no sense for the Avalanche. Patrick got stuck in his own little corner, and could only deal with the Rangers; and in return he failed to acquire a key player for the future.

GM Quinn knows there are more players to acquire out on the market. Ziggy Palffy could easily become a Leaf, so can Tony Amonte. GM Quinn was smart to avoid ignoring his youth. Had he had players like Fata, or under a million defensemen, then he would have acquired Kovalev, without giving up on Antropov as well. Leaf fans, be glad that you did not give up a future player, especially when the Rangers didn’t do that.

What does this mean for the Rangers this off-season?

The Rangers and Kovalev might agree on a new contract before the season is over. However, that means that Brian Leetch will most likely not wear a Rangers jersey next season, unless he takes a hefty, and I do mean hefty, paycut.

That is all, and please try to not post the same commenst twice, click once please!

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  1. TML51 says:

    I’ve also heard that the Leafs offered Pilar, Boyes, Belak and Ponakorovsky (spelt right?) If this is the case, I’m glad that the deal didn’t go through. But like many other fans, I’m questioning the ethical nature of this deal. Something stinks here. Big Time. It would have been nice to get Kovalev, but there is still quite some time left to the deadline. So…who do we speculate is coming to the Leafs next?…..Nolan, Amonte, Iginla, LeCavallier…..just kidding gang!

  2. guinsfan4life says:


    YOu think patrick is THAT concerned with attendance?? They didn’t fill the building when Jagr played, what makes you think they won’t because Kovie isn’t here? What, so a 1000 people don’t show up?? You think that is a big deal for them?? It ain’t, brother.

    The bottom line is the penguins are 4 pts out of a playoff spot. They put a string of wins together they can make it. They have to change their way of playing, however. Play games to stop the other team from scoring. Don’t have the same philosophy you had in the stanley cup years that you could outscore any opponent you play against.

  3. mikster says:

    Hehe, how’s Jackman?

  4. mikster says:

    Eeeesh…Barns with Nedved and Kovie???

  5. doogie2756 says:

    yes nedved was the pitt holdout,the rangers gm was niel smith at the time and he did not like the production of kovy so he made the trade and then gave nedved the contract

  6. doogie2756 says:

    100% correct!!!!!

  7. doogie2756 says:

    and we still have to get to the march 11th trade deadline,let the games begin!!!!!

  8. doogie2756 says:

    i doubt that you would not here 1 complaint except pitt fans,it is just the fact that NYC is the city of the world,like they say if you can make it in new york you can make it anywhere.what a bunch of whiners out there,if he went to toranto,denver,philly,ect there would not be such a big deal about this!

  9. guinsfan4life says:

    Look this deal was done because Patrick had to make a deal to dump salary. Not because he wanted to do this deal.

    IT was the only option he had for the franchise.

  10. NHLFan1994 says:

    I just wanna know what Lemieux and GM Patrick were smoking when they made this deal Kovalev, Lacature and Laukkennen are great players and they got dick all in return. They could have had Antropov but now they Get NOTHING. Serves Pittsburgh Right! NYR are even in there division. Stroke Pittsburgh off the Play-off List and etch NYR in. Toronto has tons of talent they could go for like Amonte, Palffy, Satan, Schnieder,Miller, etc. The list goes on and on. Now I know why they have Quinn. Good Job Quinn! Another Bad Job by Lemieux and Patrick. Fire him Lemieux well you still got a little talent left!

    !!Go Leafs Go!!

  11. Prosaic says:

    Hehe no the Leafs didn’t have a Fata or a Lintner, because they don’t have crap like that on their team! At least they have real NHL players, Kovy is great but won’t help the blue$hirt$, they need a whole change of ATTITUDE; they need to become a team.

    Leafs would mash them in the playoffs

  12. Prosaic says:

    Hehe no the Leafs didn’t have a Fata or a Lintner, because they don’t have crap like that on their team! At least they have real NHL players, Kovy is great but won’t help the blue$hirt$, they need a whole change of ATTITUDE; they need to become a team.

    Leafs would mash them in the playoffs

  13. Slovakiaz says:

    There aren’t many happy people in Kings or Coyotes office. Palffy or Amonte will be tough to trade, and possible get less for them than Pens got from Rangers for Kovvy !!! If anything at all …

  14. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    And I can just about guarantee that Mario got a briefcase of unmarked bills dropped off at his place by a Sather messenger.

  15. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Oh yeah and Craig Patrick will win the humanitarian award this fall for that move. What a sweetheart Mr. Patrick is.

    Watters is just feeding a line of BULLSH*T. Either the leafs backed out. Or did not offer anything.

  16. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    You have a Potty mouth mister. Sheesh. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth…..?????

  17. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Relax trade dude. It just happened to me. I only pressed the damn button once and blam, two posts.

    Must be when it get’s busy in here.

  18. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Shat up guinsfan. This isn’t only leaf fans whining right now.

    We know that our team is better than the Rangers, even with that addition. Anyone that will be whining are children. So don’t classify everyone in one bunch.

    And honestly Penguins(or whomever posted the first post) You are probably the most bang on in this entire post.

  19. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    I believe so. Well not all of them.

    I don’t blame the Ranger fans for being pumped. I sure as hell would be.

    But there are fans from all around the league pissed at this deal. Leaf fans just seem to be the most vocal.

  20. NYIchooch75 says:

    Yes, with tongue

  21. NYIchooch75 says:

    Yes, with tongue

  22. NYIchooch75 says:

    Nope, not at all. Just concerned about hockey. Personally, I think it was a dumb move. They don’t need more scoring and God knows that Kovalev is just as bad as Bure when it comes to D.

  23. jammer21 says:

    just fine, he didn’t miss a game….

  24. devfanman4 says:

    It’s funny that everyone lists Holik and Kasparitis with Bure, Lindros, Kovalev, etc etc etc. like they’re supposed to be saviors. Holik and Kasper never did anything legit with any other team. Kasper was always just a dirty defensement who ended up being on the – side of +/- and Holik was used by the devils to shut down the opposing teams’ top lines.

  25. silva21 says:

    Lumme came in a deal for D. Manson, and Quinn took a wussy gamble which we are losing out on.

    Reichel should be executed for his horrendus play this season. You should’ve seen how happy he was when he scored that weak goal on Luongo for his 9th of the year, iz embarassing.

    As far as their salaries go, you understand that we had no 2nd line centremen going into last season.

    We needed him, but now with MacCauley, Tucker, and Antropov, i’m willing to trade him for a roll of hockey tape.

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