The Latest Avalanche Rumors

Al Strachan of the Satellite Hot Stove (CBC) mentioned that the Colorado Avalanche may be looking to move Ryan Smyth. Th Denver Post also reports on the latest rumors with the Avlanche.

While it was not mentioned what the Avalanche could be looking for in return HTR notes that Ryan Smyth may be a little overpaid for what he is producing in Colorado.

HTR would like to know what you think Smyth is worth. Is he worth a first round pick? Is he worth a prospect? Edmonton fans … would you want him back?

It should be noted that Smyth does have a no trade clause.

In other Avalance news, the Denver Post is reporting that they feel that Jordan Leopold, Clark and/or Ruslan Salei will be moved by the trade deadline. Another player who they feel could be on his way to the Avalanche could be Halak.

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13 Responses to The Latest Avalanche Rumors

  1. RossCreek says:

    The chances Smyth gets dealt are very, VERY slim. No-trade clause and 6.25 mil for 3 more years. He is overpaid and I doubt anyone would/could trade for him unless they were giving up another overpaid guy.

  2. hockey_lover says:

    Id have to agree. He isnt high on the radar for that price vs. production ratio.

    He DOES have a ton of heart and is quite capable (talent wise), but right now, its a tough sell.

    By the by, is it tough to take anything Al Strachan says seriously? Look at the guy. He looks like a character out of Labyrinth (the old movie with David Bowie – Im showing my age here).

  3. ncAvalanche21 says:

    The Avs wont trade Smyth.
    This was written by Adrian Dater of the Denver Post on the 15th:

    "I’m not officially on the beat this weekend, but I can pretty much guarantee there will be at least one trade by the Avs in the next few days. The moves will start to happen, folks.

    I’ve seen the rumors about Ryan Smyth being on the block, and I don’t think he’s going anywhere. Not in this economic climate, and not with the money and term left on his deal. And, I don’t think the Avs want to get rid of him anyway. Sure, they’ve probably said at some point, “hey, what would you give us for Ryan Smyth?” That stuff happens every single day in this league.

    But that doesn’t mean that’s going to happen. Plus, Smitty has a no-trade clause, with young kids. I’m guessing uprooting them isn’t high on his agenda.

    But I do think Jordan Leopold will be traded, and maybe Brett Clark and/or Ruslan Salei too. Remember those Jaro Halak rumors I wrote about a couple months ago, too? Don’t be shocked if he still ends up in Denver after all."

    I believe Leopold and/or Svatos will be going to Boston for draft picks and/or prospects. And one of Salei or Clark will be going to Montrel for either Halak or draft picks.

  4. RossCreek says:

    What's the chances of Hejduk being dealt? If the deal was right, I'd definately look at moving him based on his age and their current team. Pittsburgh anyone?
    IMO, the Avs should do what they can to get Kovalchuk at the draft. Stastny-Kovalchuk would be a dynamic duo for years to come. Wolski, Svatos, Liles, pick and/or prospect?? The Avs aren't my team, I'm just throwing it out there. It's time for the Avs to go into full-fledged rebuild mode. Wolski, although young and the type of guy you'd like to keep in a rebuild, could be used in a blockbuster to get a superstar sniper to play with Stastny (Kovy, Heatley, etc.). Build the team around Stastny and everyone else is tradeable.

  5. habs79 says:

    I know Halak has struggled lately but Gainey better get more than a journeyman defenceman for him.

  6. habs79 says:

    I know it’s a big cap it and therefore won’t happen, but Ryan Smyth is exactly the type of player Montreal needs.

  7. KingCanada says:

    I wouldnt want him, his best days are definatly behind him.  He is 32 now and used to play a very hard and mean game.  Think of the Darcy Tucker effect.  Players who play that style definatly tend to top off much earlier then skilled players since its more strain on their bodies over the years.

    In Smyth's last 6 seasons with Edmonton hed average 0.857 points per game and was consistently playing for Canada nationally.  He now averages 0.745 since being moved and is not even considered for the Olympic team this time around.  Arguably he is even playing with more skilled players since leaving Edmonton yet he is putting less points up.  His contract is huge at 6.25 for another 3 seasons after this until he is 35.

    Ryan Smyth is a huge risk and speaking as a Leaf fan I wouldnt want to acquire a veteran whose best days are behind him no matter what team i cheered for.

  8. habs79 says:

    What are you talking about? Smyth leads the team in scoring he is on pace for 64 pts. He has only put up 70 pts once in his career, and that was back in 2000-01. Colorado just overpaid. 

  9. JannettyTheRocker says:

    YES…….As an Oiler's fan, I'd definitely 100% take him back. He was the heart-and-soul of our great organization for a long time, and there is no doubt in my mind that I and 99% of Oiler fans would welcome #94 back in to the copper-and-blue. The other 1% of those Oiler fans are the guys who are band-wagoners, who we don't need on our side anyways. I know this will never happen, but I would love it if Smitty was back with the Oil.


  10. turdfergusson says:

     Obviously over-paid but wouldn't be a surprise to see someone pick him up, granted he waves his NTC. Here's a player who's sold his soul for rockn roll which is why u won't have many posts here saying he's a bum. Alot of people wanna see this guy get the big prize.

       As for a return to Edmonton, nahhh. He doesn't belong there anymore and I'm not sure if the Oilers could use him. They need penalty killers and a true finisher. It's a stretch though to think he's gonna be anything but an Av, post trade deadline. He could use a summer off too.

  11. KingCanada says:

    Jason Blake is on pace for more points then him even but would YOU take him??  No..  They both might be having a decent season right now but they are overpaid and arent expected to keep it up.  I can only explain it as the Darcy Tucker effect…u play with ur heart on ur sleeve and most likely ur style of play wont last because ur body will be wore down half way threw ur 30s.

  12. habs79 says:

    I wouldn't take him, you pointed out that his production has dropped, I was just pointing out that it really hasn't. He is putting up the type of points he normally does.

  13. ncAvalanche21 says:

    Liles just signed a 4-year contract with a no-trade clause. The franchise wants to build their defensive core around him. And I dont blame them: he has tons of potential he is just begginning to tap.
    Once Sakic and Foote are gone (and I feel they will retire within this year or next), the vetern leadership will be given to Hejduk and Smyth. Hejduk I feel is in the same boat as Sakic – he will play out his entire career in an Avs jersey – and I dont want to see him go anywhere else.
    Stastny is, as expected, going to be the future Captain of the Avalanche. The organization is building around him, Stewart, Jones and Wolski. I do feel that Wolski is part of the Avs plans… but they are being cautious with him.. he continues to sign 1 or 2 year contracts with the team in the hope that he does unload his potential… but so far we have onyl seen flashes of it. These low contracts he keeps signing may be so that he could be easy to trade if need be.
    Clark, Leopold, Salei, Cummisky and even Hannan I feel will all be gone in the coming years. The Avs do have a lot of good prospects that are defencemen (Shattenkirk, Montgomery, Cohen) that will impact the roster in the coming seasons so I can't see those guys staying, except maybe Salei or Hannan. The GM of the Avs really seems to love those two guys…
    Lapperriere, McLeod and McCormick I feel will be the Avs' checking line for years to come.
    That leaves Svatos, Arnason, Tucker, Guite, Hensick, Willsie as the forwards who could be dealt.
    Budaj and Raycroft HOPEFULLY wont be with the team next season. Ifwe have to sign one, I hope its Raycroft.

    Other then that, ya, the Avs really dont have much to deal with. Svatos, Leopold and Clark are probably their top trade bait.

    However, if there was a deal that would send Kovalchuk to the Avs for Wolski then I would do it in a heartbeat.
    Perhaps something like this?:
    To ATL: Wolski, Leopold, Hensick, Budaj/Raycroft, prospect(Mongomery), 1st rounder
    To COL: Kovalchuk, Lehtonen, late round pick or prospect

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