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The Tampa Bay Tribune is reporting that the Lightning are not try to trade Lecavalier as he is the most important player in franchise history. It is indicated that Lecavalier is the type of player who you do not move because he is the guy to build the franchise around and it will be important to have Lecavalier in the fold to help the development of the younger players.

Although the article is about the reasons to not trade Lecavalier it is also noted that other players with no movement clauses have been traded recently and those players, Richards and Boyle were also huge parts of the team. Lecavalier’s no trade clause comes into effect on July the first and it is noted that if Lecavalier is moved it is because he wants to move on. HTR believes that this is the most important part of this article because if Lecavalier does want to go the Bolts will move him. It is well known that the Canadiens have great interest and one can only speculate that he would like to play as a member of the Habs, the team that he grew up watching.

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  1. Kyleton says:

    its just the new lightning ownership and how they run.  They are not making the calls for Vinny, they are listening to GM's when they call in about it.  They are going to have to overpay to get Vinny.  Forget anything about finances with the team. Losing Vinny means less people in the seats, so it'd actually work the opposite way.  My prediction is that Vinny will be staying for the time being at least until this season is done.  If he gets traded it will be gainey making a move to bring him to Montreal after the playoffs are  done.

  2. slootermac says:

    I'm a Canadian, living in the Tampa area, I've been to quite a few Lightning games this year and it doesn't take much to know what is going on. Vinny has this team handcuffed, he is potentially the most popular athlete in Tampa area sports history (him or mike alstott) he knows that if they were to trade him before July 1st, they (the owners) would basically be pulling the plug on a franchise that is currently on life support. He loves it here, he has a super good looking girlfriend from here, and knows that once July 1st hits, he makes the decisions on where he plays. I don't think he is going anywhere, he is good for this team and this city… Plus, no french canadians actually want to play for montreal, too much pressure, plus that province charges an extra tax on their salaries that turns lots of players off from going there. 

  3. greatlife15 says:

    Whose Mike Alstott?

    Pictures of his girlfriend?

    Tampa Bay is not such a great place for a shinny team. MORE CANADA!

  4. bigscoup says:

    I think his G.F. is from Montreal,not bay

  5. slootermac says:

    mike alstott was a full back for the tampa bay buccaneers, he is one of the greatest in NFL history at his position and changed the way the position is played, he has and still does a ton for this city and area charity wise. As for lecavalier, ya, I agree that Canada needs more, take the teams out of atlanta, sunrise, tampa, phoenix and nashville and move them to the great white north or at least close to it.

  6. Habroller says:

    Yep. She's from Sorel, P.Q.

  7. Benstheman says:

    You can all forget about Lecavalier in Montreal. Another rumor just came in and it is speculate the Lightning woul want Markov, Subban and a 1st.

    Lol, lol and again lol.

    I dont even think gainey would pull the trigger on a straight, one for one Markov-Lecavalier trade. Me neither.

    Im not sure if Lecavalier is nhl top 10, but Markov is easily top 5 defensman.

    In Bob we trust. Go Habs Go!! We dont need him.

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