The latest on Forsberg

Slam sports is reporting that the Ottawa Senators are at the top of Peter Forsberg’s “wish list.”

It should not be overlooked that Slam Sports does not overlook the fact that Forsberg has strong relations with the Avalanche organization and the possibility remains open that the Avs are a strong possibility as well.

According to eh report the Wings, Canucks Senators as well as other teams are all having their Swedish players contact Forsberg in the hope of luring him to their respective team. One of the driving forces behind the Senators possibility is that Forsberg apparently is driven to win another cup and strongly believes that the Senators have a great chance.

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  1. neilios says:

    Sens suck no goalie that will carry them to the Cup.I say the Canucks will still get him just cause Luongo and Nassy.

  2. senators101 says:

    Yeah, cuz Naslund and Co. would be better than Spezza, heatley, alfredsson, and Forsberg (if he comes).

    Obviously Luongo is amazing, but we ran through Miller and Brodeur last year.  Playing a hot goaltender is no longer our issue like it was in the old days against the Leafs.

  3. Rickler says:

    If this is true it is great news for the Sens.
    In my opinion they are one star forward away from the Stanley Cup.
    They desperately need secondary scoring when it comes playoff time. I think the addition of Forsberg would be huge in filling the void on the second line.

    Heatley Spezza Folingo
    Alfredsson Forsberg Eaves
    Neil Fisher Vermette
    Kelly McCammond Donovan

    EX: McGratton, Robitaille

    Phillips Volchenkov
    Redden Meszeros
    Corvo Schubert

    EX: Richardson


  4. THEGREATHAB says:

    I think that the Sens are Stanley Cup bound with or without Forsberg. Forsberg cannot be counted on to carry a team anymore with his health issues, but would still add to an already deep team.

  5. cartino says:

    Sens suck eh? one must think before they type.

    Forsberg wants to goto a team with a good chance to win the cup. I have nothing against Vancouver at all but I (and Forsberg as well) seem to think that Ottawa has a better chance to win the cup.

    Ottawa has no real weakness's on their team, yes Emery/Gerber are not Superstar goalies like Luongo, they're not a weakness either. Ottawa has no weakness's, they are average in some departments, great in others but no weakness's. They're a team with:

    -Solid (not superstar) goaltending
    -Good reliable defence core
    -A phenomenal 1st (alfie-spezza-heatley) and 3rd line (Fisher and tandem)
    -Average 2nd/4th lines

    They have enough playoff experience to not have that as a liability, the only knock on them is at times they win too many games on their skill level more than through hardwork, as they at times coast for half a game and kick it in high gear when it's needed.

    Vancouver yes has an amazing goalie, and a good defence… you'll have to agree with me though.. their scoring depth is lacking and need some more how should I say "North American scoring talent", Nasland's better day's are behind him, and the Sedin's yes they're good but they don't really step their game up in the playoffs.

    Just my 2 cents!

  6. Ivan_Mtl says:

    During his segment on Mitch Melnick's show on the Team990 all-sports radio station in Montreal, Pierre Maguire has frequently stated that he would be shocked if Peter Forsberg did not sign with the Detroit Red Wings upon his return to the NHL. 

    Mr. Maguire went on to say that he based his opinion on the fact that he spoke to a few people in both camps, and that Forsberg is very familiar with five of his fellow seven Swedes in the Red Wings lineup (having played with them internationally).

    You are right that Forsberg wants to play for a contender, and Detroit is that contender – every year, in fact (they completely outplayed the Ducks last year, and it was only due to a few key injuries that they were beaten).

  7. Jrugges2 says:

    Hmm… the wings are a very good choice as well. They are almost a lock to win their division an with Forsberg on the team with that great defense and a actual second line they could do some damage. Detroit did beat SJ last year, an at the end of the last game vs Ana we seen Datsyuk/Zetterberg make an almost great come back. Not to mention all the sweeds on the wings that won the gold medal with him. Samulesson,Holmstrom,Zetterberg,Lidstrom,etc. etc.

  8. jphaze says:

    isnt anyone else getting a little tired of the forsberg rumors? last week he was quoted as saying he would like to come back to philly because he felt he owed the team and fans for all the lost games due to injury. hes been rumored to want to go to about 10 teams already. cant we just wait and see if he will even be able to play and start these rumors in another month or so

  9. rx79msg says:

    Its gonna be philly.All you delusional canaduh fans gotta wake the f up. What the hell dose slam know anyway.

  10. rx79msg says:

    Its gonna be philly.All you delusional canaduh fans gotta wake the f up. What the hell dose slam know anyway.

  11. canuckstocup says:

    It’s funny how the stories of where Forsberg is likely heading always come out of that city only. I really don’t see him going to Ottawa with the need sign Spezza.  Colardo hasn’t really seemed that interested, although that could just be just to keep the fans from getting to excited. Naslund is unhappy playing the new Vancouver style hockey which I’m sure isn’t going to entice Forsberg. I doubt Philadelphia will mess with chemistry right now. To me the only team that really makes sense is Detroit. Even though Datsyuk and Zetterberg are great players neither of them really put fans in the seats. One last note, I’m getting pretty tired of the Swedish connection reason to sign.  Until this year I had never heard any connection or friendship between Alfredson or Sundin but now suddenly they are going to entice Forsberg to play with their respective teams because of their friendship. So are we now to believe all the members of Team Canada and Team USA are friends

  12. flamingsenator says:

    So you felt that your intellectual insight was so important that you had to post it twice

  13. flamingsenator says:

    im gonna go out on a limb and say this

    forsberg isnt gonna make a difference where he goes

    hes not even close to the player he was…

    why i think this?
    1)philly….where was he to pick that team up….
    2)when he was traded to nashville….it made no difference…that team was great and they still couldnt get past the first round

    i really hope he proves me wrong…these trade deadline pickups are proving to be the biggest chunks of balony

  14. MR40 says:

    I'm a Canucks fan, and I think your an idiot.

    You are the dumbest person on earth, I sware.

  15. habz2007 says:

    There is no way the Senators can afford to sign Forsberg after all they want to resign Spezza and they don't have much room under the cap to sign him even more so after resigning heatley If forsberg goes to a cup contender i believe it will be a Western team colorado i don't see being a contender but he could end up in a team like Detroit who has been a contender for the logest time

  16. neilios says:

    I really think he will sign with his buddy Naslund he is probably sitting watching nassy play and feeling sorry for his best buddy and how awful he is playing and playing with no1 basically.So by christmas I think he will give in and sign with his buddy and then just maybe that will kick Naslund in the ass and wake his ass up.Not bad line if they can get him signed.

    Sedin      Sedin      Pyatt
    Naslund   Forsberg Morrison
    Burrows    Kesler    Cooke
    Cowan     Ritchie    Linden

    Ohlund     Bieska
    Mitchell    Kraijeck
    Salo         Miller


  17. Sens-or-Habs says:

    Well, I heard that preparations are being made to move Redden to Edmonton and probably resolve the goalie issue.

    A person who is very close inside the Sens organization said Redden has been building a new house in Edmonton and that’s the direction they are moving towards.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean Foresberg is coming here…but it would be nice.

  18. leafy says:

    Forsberg is the biggest cripple since Franklin D Roosevelt  to garner so much attention.

  19. senators101 says:

    Murray has enough space for him this year.  If Forsberg only intends on signing a multi-year deal, then there's no chance he comes to Ottawa.  If he is willing, there's space.  In fact, Murray specifically has put 3 million aside for him and that is why he didn't pursue a top 6 forward during the summer.

  20. Dfresh says:

    I'd have to say Forsberg in Vancouver would look awesome. I hope he signs soon,  we need another top flight player.  I can't imagine a power play with him and the Sedins, it'd be sick!

  21. wayne2 says:

    As a sens fan i would love to see Forsberg sign with them but not higher than 3 mil a year for no more than 2 years.I saw on RDS that he would be looking for 3 years at around 5 mil,waaaaaaaaay too much unless there is a clause in the contract that he has to play a minimal amount of games or something.

  22. A-Train24 says:

    The Canucks can't afford Forsberg regardless, unless they trade 3 million in salary.

  23. A-Train24 says:

    Redden used his no-trade clause to waive a trade to Edmonton in the off season.  Also, the Oilers just signed Souray and Pitkanen to long term contracts, they no longer need a defenseman.  AND you say this will resolve the goalie issue?  So what the Sens trade Redden and a goalie for what?  The only thing the Oilers have that the Sens want or need is youth and that kind of package would require a Sam Gagner coming back to Ottawa… not happening

  24. A-Train24 says:

    Van has no cap room for Forsberg, he wants 5 mil a year, though he probably will have to settle for 3 mil a year, still too much for Vancouver… Detroit is the best bet, They have Cap room and Stanley Cup potential.

  25. rx79msg says:

    Yup if people keep saying the same dumb sh!t ill keep repeating myself. Senators will choke as usaul by the way.

  26. UsedandAbused says:

    He is going to Philly! He has unfinished business and the way the Flyers are playing makes it more likely.

  27. Sens-or-Habs says:

    No, I meant they were going to do something about the goalie issue; not that moving a defenseman will fix the goalie issue.

    As for Redden and his no trade clause, it all depends if he wants to waive it or not.  Just because he upheld it before, doesn't me he will keep doing it.
    Anyways, it's just a rumour I heard from someone close to the Sens management…that's all.

  28. guinsfan4life says:

    Of course, why wouldn't he? The spoiled little punk that he is always wants to come play midseason, and with the best team at that particular point. I truely hope he breaks his ankle his first shift and is forced to retire, the selfish prick.

  29. m2kmike says:

    as of the beginning of this year the canucks have over 4 million in cap space.  By christmas that would be enough to sign a $5 million contract.

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