The Latest on Kaberle is reporting that Thomas Kaberle is now likely to stay with the Leafs and not be moved after all despite the fact that he has provided Burke with his list of his preferred destinations.

It is noted that Burke is very high on Kaberle and he stated “bet on him staying.” Kaberke has also stated that he wants to remain a Leaf and that he really does not want to Leave the Leafs organization.

Although Kaberle has agreed to waive his no trade clause, something that he refused to do last season it is noted by Brain Burke that he is unlikely to get the return that he desires for Kaberle who has an affordable contract so as a result he is unlikely to be moved.

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  1. Kyleton says:

    If Burke can get what he wants in a trade Kaberle will be gone. The problem with Kaberle and it actually somewhat hurts his value is too many teams are close to the cap in the coming year and although at a very good cap hit for his skills still has a few years left on his contract which limits many teams ability to fit in. Now if he was a rental player he'd be getting top alot back.

  2. KingCanada says:

    I guess that means we are going to trade Kubina instead since one of the 2 have to go in order to properly rebuild. 

    Last year Hal Gill went for a 2nd rounder and a 5th rounder with one year left on his affordable contract.  Kubina is a better defender but at the same time his contract is a little scarier but IMO we should expect at the very least a 2nd and another pick or prospect.  I dont believe he is worth a 1st rounder so dont get ur hopes up.

  3. mojo19 says:

    Happy 29th Birthday to Nik Antropov

  4. mojo19 says:

    There is definitely a market for Kubina. Even last year the Sharks offered up McLaren and a 2nd rounder but Pavel wouldn't waive the NTC to go to San Jose.

  5. dumbassdoorman says:

    I don't believe Burke is gonna trade him. Only because there will not be an offer good enough to warrant it. I think they will wait and see if over the next year or two they have something to replace him with. Therefore avoiding over payment for a similar type player. He will be worth just as much this summer, next deadline and so on. So unless the deal is amazing it isn't gonna happen. Kaberle will still be a Leaf come Mar 5th.

  6. habs79 says:

    Where did you hear that? The offer was Steve Bernier straight up, after Kubina turned it down, the Sharks sent Bernier and a 1st rounder to Buffalo for Brian Campbell.

  7. mojo19 says:

    It was all over the radio and internet last year at deadline time. And that's why when Wilson first came in here he talked really highly of Kubina saying that maybe if he had been able to get him on San Jose last year he wouldn't have been fired cuz he might have won more playoff games.

    But the deal was for McLaren and a pick. Bernier and someone else were rumoured for Kaberle but I think it was just a rumour.

  8. LuKeScHeNn95 says:

    i say trade him i mean he basically has very little value on our team and we could get a in return, not straight up but in a package i think this would benefit both teams because is not looking forward to returning to the panthers and they can replace him with kaberle and also they can re-unite mccabe and Kabi together and the leafs would get a pretty nice offensive D-man.but the bad part is that is a UFA at the conclusion of this season and the leafs would have to give up top dollars to resign him in the offseason! this deal wouldnt really work but of t.o. is willing to take the risk it can happen.

    Also trade kubina, i dont want him on our team i dont know about you guys but i dont like him.He could fit in with a team in need of defence well we have one take him! for a decent 2nd rounder. and i also think that the leafs should start to pile up some draft picks soon becuase that are totally ganna need them when it comes to draft day, brayden schenn woud fit in with t.o. cuz his bro and him would have their special chemistry and that could help out the leafs in the long run…if it duz happen!

    And tell me what you guys think we wud get in return for toskala and poni?


  9. habs79 says:

    First off Gill is better in his own end, Kubina has been a "pylon" this year. As for his contract "A little scarier" is an understatement. Kubina is double the price, and alot of teams are pushing the cap. Kubina'a best assets are the fact that he is a right handed shot and he has a big shot from the point so he will attract interest. However cause of his $5 million price tag, it might be better to keep him as he could get more interest as a playoff rental next year and a bidding war is something a selling team wants.

  10. habs79 says:

    Poni should bring in a couple of good picks, I doubt anyone would dangle a 1st, but they could get at least a 2nd and another pick.

    They won't get any interest in Toskala, as is not playing well enough to take a starting job and he is to expensive to be a backup.
  11. habs79 says:

    Are you sure, I just can't see why Toronto would even take McLaren. Is he even still playing?

  12. cam7777 says:

    i think Poni is worth a 2nd and another pick (possibly even a third). he's probably better off being packaged with antropov or a prospect for a better player though.   (ie. Ponikarovsky and Tlusty to PIT for Ryan Whitney, for example).

    Straight up, I could see Burke trading him to for a 2nd and a grit player (ie. Dan Carcillo and a 2nd)

    Toskala isn't worth trading while his value is so low.  He'll turn it around in the next year and possibly be worth as much as a 1st again.  If not, then he likely won't be worth any less a year from now…

  13. cam7777 says:

    I remember hearing that Ryane Clowe could have been included in the package.  That would have been phenomenal.

    At the time, he was injured, if I remember correctly.  It was only after his spectacular playoff performance that his value started to rise. 

  14. KingCanada says:

    They didnt want McLaren, he just has to be thrown in for cap reasons.

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