The Latest on Kovalev – Habs trying to move him?

The Montreal Gazette is reporting on the latest news with regards to Alexei Kovalev mystery saga that continues to drag on. It is noted that Kovalev is denying reports that he told Russian sources that he was done in Montreal and he also denied the report that he is critical of some of his younger teammates. HTR believes that if this was indeed true it may be clearer why he was sent home. You can not have a player on a team being (captain) being critical of other players. As a captain you must find a way to bridge gaps and work together. It is reported that Gainey has said that he would welcome Kovalev back to the team “if his attitude is better.” It is also noted that the Habs have been looking to deal Kovalev since the beginning of the month but have yet to find a taker. It is also noted that it is likely that Kovalev’s days as a Hab are done on July the first when he is set to become unrestricted.

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