The latest on Peter Forsberg

The latest on Peter Forsberg is reporting that the off again on again saga of Peter Forsberg may once again be on again. Apparently Forsberg is “cautiously optimistic” about a return. It is also mentioned that Forsberg is looking at signing with one of the three teams that he has previously played with (Colorado, Nashville, Philly) and it is speculated that he is leaning toward returning as a Flyer. HTR has to wonder if Detroit, Ottawa or Vancouver will try to heavily convince him to sign. It is well known that each of the three mentioned teams has a Swedish superstars on them who has been trying to convince Forsberg to sign with their team.

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  1. flyersdan says:

    I've said since the beginning that Fopa has about a 30% chance of coming to Philly, 30% to Colorado, 30% to the rest of the league and 10% chance of not returning at all.  Don't think this is really news but it is nice to see it brought up again. 

  2. habsrock99 says:

    Forsberg should just do himself a favour and retire. He's already taking away from his legace because he continues to try and comeback. Don't get me wrong, I admire his courage and his desire but his judgement is going to get himself killed or at the very least he's going to have major health struggles the rest of his life.

  3. GolfLeafsGolfHa says:

    Forsberg is coming back to Philly, and then all the Flyer bashers will wake up and realize this team is the real deal, GO FLYERS GO!

  4. kilter says:

    who cares if he comes back,teams will pay way to much for him and he will not produce because his ankles are destroyed so if he wants to come back i hope the leafs go for him and pay way to much and miss the play offs again that would be so great lol

  5. tacitus says:

    ya i dont want Foppa as a Wing… after seeing his mediocre play last year with the Predators first round loss i was thankful the Wings didnt get him.

    Get Fedorov and offer him a 5 million dollar bonus if they win the cup, he plays for the money… his 6 mil now is guranteed and hes playing for a shit club… offer him a lil more and give him some talent and win another cup

  6. nextgen says:

    if you knew how it works, you would also know that its january now, soon february. we're past mid-season. forsbergs salary would be like 1.5-2 million $. no team would pay forsberg 5 million $ to play for 20-30 games + plaoffs..
    I think that he will sign with the team he fells has the biggest shot at the cup, and it will probably be a short time contract. probably will end in july. And after this season, if he's on top, he'll sign with a team he loves (philly, avs, MODO…)

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