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Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun is reporting that the Senators and Chris Neil will likely part ways this week as Neil has apparently rejected their latest contract offer. Other tid bits from this article include the latest on Kuba and Schubert.

It is reported that “League sources say the Sharks, Bruins, Red Wings, Canadiens, Oilers and Penguins have all called Murray about Neil,” It is also noted that it is believed that the“asking price for Neil is a high-end prospect and a second-round pick in the 2009 draft.”

It is also noted that Kuba is highly sought after and that teams such as Vancouver, New Jersey, the Black Hawks and Flames are interested. Another player who is likely to be moved is “Christoph Schubert will likely be dealt to clear the crowd on the blue line”

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  1. cam7777 says:

    a high end prospect AND a 2nd round pick for Chris Neil.  What does he have, like 6 points?  This guy picks fights with smaller guys, and goes after rookies, but shies away from any real competitors.  I realize this is just Garrioch's nonsense, but still, my God that's ridiculous.

    the media can't decide if Antropov is worth a 1st or a 2nd round pick with 45 points, and 22 goals, but Neil, with his 6 points and extreme skill in selective fighting have made him easily worth a high end prospect and a 2nd round pick.

    packaged with Kuba, he would be worth that, maybe:

    To Boston:
    Filip Kuba, Chris Neil
    To Ottawa:
    Vladimir Sobotka and a 1st round pick

    Also, who does Chris Neil think he is that he's worth 2.5 million a year for 3-4 years.  That's absurd for someone in his position.  He's going to price himself right into the KHL.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Niels ceiling is 16 goals and 33 points, this year he has 2 goals and 6 points
    He fights, and aggitates, I get that, (127PIM) but how is that worth a good prospect and a 2nd. And how is he demanding 2.5 mil per season (well above league average).

    can someone make a comparison to ANY agitator with zero goal scoring ability fetching a prospect and a 2nd, or getting 2.5 mil? I cant……

  3. cam7777 says:

    good thinking blue and white, you read my mind…

  4. RossCreek says:

    Columbus GM Scott Howson was at the Leaf-Sens game last night. Who could be on their radar? Probably Antropov, but perhaps Spezza, Vermette, Fisher or Kuba.

  5. muckies says:

    difference between Neil and Antropov is Neil shows up every night to play, and Antropov doesn't. Kinda important in the playoffs to have guys you'll know will do anything for the team and inspire the bench and not float around and disappear for a few games – especially if you're giving up some of your future, you want to get someone you can count on.

  6. cam7777 says:

    ha, neil is a panzy.  he got owned by an 18 year old Luke Schenn.  he shows up every night to be a coward and duck away from bigger guys.  where was he when the ducks came to town in the stanley cup finals.  oh that's right, the ducks had real tough guys, and neil disappeared. 

    antropov played like a champ the last time his team made it the playoffs.  in fact, his play was so good it merited applause from the opposing teams coach (ken hitch*****). 

    there's a difference between being streaky, and not showing up to play consistently.  teemu selanne scores in bunches as well, but you wouldn't say that he doesn't show up every night.  antropov, while obviously not the elite talent that teemu is, is cut from this brand of streaky player.  

    to even compare the two, is a joke…

  7. muckies says:

    Yeah, I guess when your own GM Brian Burke calls you out for disappearing and floating – which happened 2 weeks ago – that's not streaky, that is everything to do with heart.

    AND The last time the Leafs made it to the playoffs, 5 years ago, give it a rest bud, Antropov is a floater, Wilson knows it, Burke knows it, and if he wasn't he wouldn't be a 2 million dollar player who was drafted 10 overall and about to be traded out of Toronto. 2 season ago he scored 12 goals, the season beofre that he scored 13, Neil had more goals then him so give it a rest.

    Antropov is what he is, your not streaky when you score 12 and 13 goals a season. Don't try to defend him it makes you look unknowledable, especially when his own GM called him out 2 weeks ago.

  8. cam7777 says:

    my god you are being dillusional.  way to do a google on antropov btw, your knowledge of draft position, contract info and career statistics is dizzying. 

    Burke called him out to motivate him, nothing more.  The guy was clearly in a daze with all the trade speculation floating around about him.  Burke simply cleared all the speculation up and told him flat out : you will be traded.

    he is being traded because he is a valuable asset that can bring a sizeable return in helping the leafs speed up the rebuilding process.  if you are actually telling me that you would rather have chris neil and his six points on your team versus nik antropov and his 45, then what can i even say?  that's not just ignorant, it's retarded.

    you tell me i can't point to his last playoff performance as evidence that he's not a floater, but then you go and say "some years ago he only scored 12 goals."  injuries were his problem at that point, and not effort.  way to avoid the most valid portion of what i said by the way, the part where neil disappeared when it mattered most… 

    it's pretty clear nik will be the most sought after of the obviously available talent at this year's deadline.  every single contending team can afford him.  the only reason there's any speculation about neil is because contenders realize they probably won't have to give up much of anything to get him.  they can add a big body to play 4 minutes a game on the 4th line at a relatively low cost.  no one would take him with the hope of resigning him, and no one will even bother if the asking price is a 2nd round pick and a high level prospect.  that's just laughable…

    if you want to talk about unknowledgeable, you should talk about the guy who thinks Jason Spezza is a franchise center who everyone is bending over backwards to give up their whole team for….

    oh wait, that was you….

  9. muckies says:

    Nik Antropov – 25 Playoff games, 2 goals, 3 assists – Total of 5 points. What would you give up for those stats? That is proof enough that when there is something on the line, Antropov goes away and does nothing.

    If Burke has to call him out to motivate him, that is evidence that he is a floater, plain and simple. If he was of value to the Leafs, they would not trade him, they would keep him (like Burke says he wants to keep Moore and Kaberle) and it really is that simple – call it what you like but he is supposed to be in his prime and he is getting shipped out of town. – BECAUSE HE IS A FLOATER AND NOT A BRIAN BURKE TYPE OF PALYER – WHICH NEIL IS AND I BET YOU BURKE THROWS BIG MONEY AT HIM THIS YEAR TO GET HIM INTO A LEAFS UNIFORM

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    ok muckies, I have a simple task for you.

    Find me a player of comparable abilities (and qualities) to Niel worth a 2nd and a high end prospect, or getting paid 2.5 mil a season.

    I couldn't find one. but maybe you can prove me wrong…

  11. muckies says:

    well, who knows what he is asking for, if it's 2.5 million or what? So I'll leave that one alone, they have Ruutu for 1.3 million, so I imagine they'll lock up Neiler for about 1.65 over 4 years, and trade Kelly to a team like Columbus or a team that needs a penalty killer and some speed.

    A comparable would be Tucker 5 years ago, what would he be worth to the Leafs or a team in the playoffs? How about a guy like Claude Lemiuex in his prime, or Ruutu's value to the Pens last season, or what Ott did for Dallas last year. Those types of players – as you know – are huge in the playoffs. They can take a top line player off their game for good chunk of the series. Neil led the league in hits a couple of years ago, what is that worth on a forecheck if you need to drill guys like Ohlund, Wideman, Scneider all night into the boards over a 7 game series?
    You know what Neil's worth is. To a team like washington or NJ (Brent Sutter would love to gte Neil) who has an excellent shot this year but needs some muscle to face teams like Philly or Bosotn, Neil means a ton. Is he worth a 2nd and a 3rd to them. I say yes. Is he worth karl Alzner and a 2nd, NO – but he is worth a ton to a team that needs muscle, checking, an agitator and one of the leagues best fighters. YES
    Neil is also underrated by Leaf fans because he is a vet that gets away with a ton of little dirty things a 2-3 year player won't get away with. becuase he has the respect of the officials, he can give an extra poke here and there – AND HE DRAWS HUGE PENALTIES – because he gets players to retaliate. Neil is such a smart player he'll draw a penalty at a critical time in a game, and it can turn an entire series around.
    What's that worth – I say a second and a 3rd line prospect. And I bet it is to another GM as well, and I'm sure you'll see a  trade come across for Neil and the GM that gets him singing his praises,  NEIL IS THE TOP AGITATOR/FIGHTER/HITTER available.  

  12. dcz28 says:

    I like Neil and think he would be a good fit to replace Drake for the Wings but he isn't worth a 2nd round pick and a prospect let alone a top prospect. Wings are up against the cap so any deal they make would have to include one of their roster players making about the same salary.

    Personally i think it would have to be something like Neil for Samuelsson and a conditional pick…other than that i would probably pass on Neil. From what Holland has said the Wings don't really want to part with any roster players, picks or prospects for rentals so don't expect the Wings to do anything at this deadline unless they make a small move like they did with getting Cory Cross a couple of years ago. Wings don't have to do anything since they basically have the same team that won the cup last year with the addition of Hossa.

    Like Bab***** said today:

    "Our trade deadline is July 1 (the date unrestricted free agency begins), we've already made our trades," said Bab*****, alluding to the re-signing of Henrik Zetterberg, and the continued negotiations with prospective free agents Marian Hossa and Johan Franzen. "We don't have to worry about it."

  13. cam7777 says:

    wow, please tell me you did not just compare chris neil to claude lemieux (a consistent 30-40 goal scorer in his hayday) and darcy tucker (a consistent 25 goal-scorer in his prime).  The guy has never had more than 33 points.  Jason Blake is better at this guy's role than he is, and he's a 175 pound scoring winger.

    Best fighter in the league?  That's a total joke.  He wouldn't even fight Jamal Mayers.  He was owned by 18 year old Luke Schenn.  And I mean Owned! 

    There is a very good agitator/fighter/hitter available at this year's deadline, but his name is Ian LaPerriere, and he plays for Colorado.  That guy's a warrior, who won't shy away from the guys who aren't younger and weaker than he is. 

    Yea, when I look for a character guy, I think of guys who know how to agitate rookies and get the refs to call cheap penalties against them.  That motivates the whole bench…

    Also, Murray told the media what Neil is looking for, and it's 2.5 million a year for a number of years.  That's a far cry from 1.65 million.

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