The Latest Talks on the Lockout, The Frozen Four, and more

Since when does the NHLPA end a meeting quietly?

They are not lawsuits, but complaints filed by the NHL against the NHLPA.

Are NHLPA supporters actual hockey fans?

The Frozen Four, good matches and a shift into prospect talks.

Should the USA hockey team include this one very popular player for the World Cup? He is not US born.

And another hockey game review. Let me start of by congratulating Rangers_Fan for winning the hockey quiz. It’s nice to have another fellow, and smart, Rangers fan on board in the topic section. I actually started the quiz, just never got to finish. I would not have won though, I’ll be honest about that since I already see errors I made.

Great job by staff partner Lint. Very well organized, very well done, and a challenging hockey quiz.

And…Happy Easter to all.

NHLPA Meeting

The NHLPA took an “appropriate time”, as stated by Mr. Goodenow a while back, to look at the NHL proposals and set up a three day meeting. Three days? Not the usual “few hours” meeting that these guys held with previous NHL offers, just to reject them. The three day meeting ended a few days ago and things have just been way too quiet. The NHLPA always had a way of quickly responding to the NHL offers by rejecting them with a “No”. Yet this time, they took three days and they are still taking time to send the counter offer to the NHL.

This could have two meanings.

The NHLPA is actually for real now and are willing to negotiate in good faith for the health of the sport. By this, I actually expect the NHLPA to make a counter offer that is very negotiable for the NHL. An offer that the NHL will reject, but they will take seriously and negotiate it. The NHLPA couldn’t possibly take this much time to make a meaningless counter offer. That will only make them look worse. They cannot be taking up this much time to offer a useless proposal.

Unless, and this is meaning numero dos, the NHLPA and the dysfunctional Bob Goodenow have a dumb idiotic trick up their sleeve that challenges that NHL to use replacement players. The NHLPA may be taking a long time to make this counter offer because they want to reach the April 8th deadline. Goodenow may want the possibility of an agreement to run out of time once again, only to challenge the NHL owners.

So, these are the two meanings I can only come up with in regards as to why the NHLPA is taking such a long time.

I am absolutely 110% sure that there is something happening in the NHLPA, whether it’d be negative or positive. Something is happening, though, because they can’t possibly be taking so much time to make a counter offer. It may be a good, or a bad sign………we don’t know, and only time will tell.

Bad Policies

As you all know by now, since they have been reported, the NHL has filed two complaints (not lawsuits) against the NHLPA. My honest opinion is that I disagree with this action mainly because of the timing. It’s just bad timing. Gary Bettman should not have filed these two complaints before seeing the NHLPA’s counter offer. As I recall, Bob Goodenow made a ridiculous statement that in a way “threatened” the NHL to come up with an offer that the NHLPA “can’t refuse”. Hey Bob……ever heard of…. “Get Real”? I blasted Goodenow for making such a statement because this was supposed to be a new chapter of negotiation. No threats, no slapping each other….no name calling, not too much criticizing. I wanted this to be a new chapter of negotiations where both sides do not go at each other’s throats.

Yet now, we got Bettman also taking this sort of action by filing two complaints. This can cause a problem because we all know Goodenow’s ego, and he can be a total sour tooth and react to this by changing what may have been a reasonable and negotiable counter offer, to making it a useless and meaningless counter offer that breaks any sort of communication between the two parties.

I could be wrong, however. Bettman may have taken a risky, but rewarding, chance with these two complaints. This action may actually catch the players attention and make them think, for real this time. Think about it. You are being supported with a monthly paycheck because you don’t have a job. You see that there is a job opening, but from the same company that locked you out in the first place. It’s a job opportunity that will benefit you and your career, so you’d be willing to take it, however, you must pay back whatever amount of paychecks you received.

That doesn’t look right, or fair. It’s a threat to the NHLPA members saying “you have to pay us back if you go there”. What is this, a mob? Isn’t this what mobs do? Blackmail you?

Player agents policy is that if you represent a replacement player, then your certificate is revoked. Another blackmail. How the hell can anyone call this a union? Maybe unions are like this. I don’t know much about unions, also because I am not such a supporter of unions in the first place. But, aren’t unions supposed to help your life? If an agent feels that representing 5 players, replacement players (even if some are NHL cross overs), is beneficial to his life…..the union will threaten him to not make that move. Same with a player. Whether it’d be an NHL player or somebody. The union will not support what benefits a player’s life, and career. You join the union, then you are stuck with the union.

Wow, such a helpful organization!

This could in fact lead to players reacting to this. Who knows if some players even knew about this? Who knows? I certainly would not be surpised if that were true. The problem is that the NHLPA supporters either stay mute about this, or they actually blame the NHL for not negotiating in good faith (it’s like the only reason they keep mentioning) and that their only interest is to break up the NHLPA.

Annnnnnd that’sss………….bad? That’s the best way to end this horrifying ordeal, by weakening the NHLPA with the possibility of firing Goodenow. Weakening the NHLPA means that long-term agreements can take place, and we no longer will have to fear this lockouts again for long stretches of time. But no, for those NHLPA supporters….breaking the union is a BAD thing. That’s all it is, it’s a BAAAAAAAAAD thing because the NHL does not negotiate in good faith.

I swear, it’s like talking to brainwashed aliens who consider replacement players as a crossbreed of cheetahs and pigs. Wouldn’t that be a wild image?

NHLPA fans, not real hockey fans

Isn’t this article comig out pretty good? I like the transitions I am making here from segment to segment. Good flow, eh? Anyway…

The NHLPA supporters are not real hockey fans. Now, don’t misinterpret that as me saying that NHLPA supporters are not hockey fans in a sense that they don’t like hockey as a sport. They do, and they watch college games and so on. But, they are not the hockey fans that are part of the NHL.

In other words, these guys who stood up and cheered for their respective teams, are no longer a fan of that team. So, let me pick on my favorite group of hockey fans…….. New York Rangers fans. Yes, I am a Rangers fan and many Rangers fans dislike me for things I say to them. What do you expect from New Yorkers anyway?

My so called “fellow” Rangers fans who claimed themselves to be extremely loyal to the Rangers are not actualy Rangers fans. They are fans of the overpaid bums that the Rangers have had for almost a decade. That’s who they support. They support the names on the back, not the logo. And, this goes for other teams as well. These “fans” despise the owners… know….the ones that pay millions for the team they watch. The ones that make hockey available to us. They despise them, and call them liars. But, the players who made tons of undeserved money are the ones that these “fans” choose to follow.

What has gotten into Rangers fans? They despised the Moose. They begged him to leave or get traded, or sign elsewhere, mocked him, and called him names. And how ironic is this, they all called him the Messiah. But, after all this shown hatred, and people, like me, pointing it out to them they back off and say “oh but we respect what he did for us and respect him as a hockey player”. I mean, it’s like that new Dr. Pepper commercial with that girl hearing her date going “Mana-mana”. That’s all it means to me.

Now, these hypocrite Rangers fans, and by the way….I am not claiming all Rangers fans as hypocrites, have blasted Dolan for spending too much money. Blasted Sather for signing and getting too many players. Blasted the players for being uncoachable, and for making way too much money. They all criticize the Yashin contract with the Isle’s, as others do, but this is what they are standing for.

Don’t they get it? Their support of the NHLPA means that they support Yashin’s contract. But wait, didn’t they criticize it before? Didn’t Rangers fans beg for less spending? Didn’t Rangers fans, and others, heavily crticize overpaid players?

They did, but they actually support that now. Now to them it’s all about “free enterprise, market”. All about capitalism. Yeah, now all the sudden capitalism is the new “thang” in the hockey world especially when you have tons of European socialists/communists playing it. And, doesn’t that make those kinds of players hypocrites as well? Sure, Pavel Bure played for the Red Army Kommies, but he sure did love the mixed economy of North America! The funny thing too, especially with New Yorkers, is that a portion of these “fans” actually hate the corporations and the economic system, in real life they do. Are they stupid enough not to make the connection that free market and capitalist abilities is what cause the success of the economy?

We’re dealing with a bunch of hypocrites here. They are all over the map. They hated the overpaid players, but they support them that they should have the freedom to be overpaid. They make arguements about capitalism and free market like if it’s a fad, but in real life some want a more socialistic economy. They support the socialist European players who love the capitalism here in North America, but they never would live to support it over socialism or communism.

Isn’t this just mad? It’s insanity!!!

These new breed of “hockey fans” are just fans of the hockey players, not for the sport itself. They despise the idea of replacement players. I cannot believe I have seen this sort of ideology more than five times; replacement players will bring repalcement fans.

Are you kidding me? “Mana-mana! Toooo-toooo-doooo-tooo, Mana-mana!” These wackos will actually boycott the NHL? The top league of the sport of hockey in the world? What the heck do these guys support, the players or the team? They proved themselves enough that they support the name and number on the back of the jersey, and could not care less about the logo of the jersey.

Rangers fans loyal? Apparently not all!

I actually dare NHLPA supporter Rangers fans to not watch any Rangers games with replacement players. I dare them. And if the Rangers make the playoffs with these replacement players, would it not be a big laugh at those fans? Of course, they prefered the way with the big overpaid bums who can’t even show effort on the ice.

I want to get my message across to all you true die hard hockey fans here. The ones that proudly wear the jersey for the logo. If we end up with replacement players, support them. Support the NHL and support the players. In any kind of way.

These replacement players will not be a bunch of “scabs”. This isn’t the mid 90’s or earlier times when skill was not common. Now, you got 19 year old kids who can outplay 30 year olds. You got 19 year olds youngsters making wicked moves. Has anyone been watching the NCAA hockey? Most of the games I saw where thrilling. Just a bunch of youngsters playing the game with passion and skill, and effort. Showing emotions. That’s what hockey is about, and I believe that replacement players will not just be a bunch of 3rd or 4th line players playing as 1st liners. There will be lots of talent. And besides, wouldn’t Sidney Crosby be thrilled to sign up with an NHL team, if it so happens that all 2005 draftees are UFA’s, and play against players he can compete more with? You have college players who’d sign up to play in the NHL tomorrow if they could. Even Canadian junion league players would.

Frozen Four

I got chills when I started to watch colleg hockey games last week. I thought it was just the feeling of watching again, but I actually later found out it was tmy A/C which was too cold.

I’m loving these college teams, and I have become a Michigan Wolverines fan. Yes, due to Montoya, of course, but isn’t that team amazing? The depth is amazing. Tambellini has some shot, and classy passing skills. Milan Gaic, Canadian born, as a hell of a one-timer. I mean, I won’t make an exact comparison, but when he is on that PP, and he waits for the angle one-timer, reminds me of Mario Lemieux’s one timer. It’s a rocket! Gaic should have a nice future with the Thrashers, although he ought to work on his skating and speed. Eric Nystrom looked solid too, although I expected more out of him. And how about my favorite of them all, T.J Hensick. I recall after the 2004 Entry Draft that I tried to contact the Michigan university to retreive any video tapes of the games with Montoya. And, they were very kind and sent me two games to watch. I remember watching the games, and seeing T.J Hensick. I was quite impressed by this guy back then. And now, he is one heck of a player, and I hope a Rangers draftee too.

It has just been a lot of fun watching the college games. They are good young players who are hungry for a hockey career. I was quite shocked to see Michigan lose a 3-0 lead over Colorado College, but the Frozen Four looks challenging for all four teams. I say North Dakota or Colorado College will win it. Last year’s champs, Denver, has not impressed me too much, as of yet. I like North Dakota for champs this year. I like the freshman goalie, with a reputable name, Jordan Parise. Don’t be surprised if the New Jersey Devils will show interest in Parise, not because he is Zach’s younger brother, but because of New Jersey’s interest in the North Dakota hockey program.

This leads me to say that we,, will slowly shift a little bit in the prospects area. We will be planning on how to approach this topic. Not just college, but junior leagues as well, and the AHL too. For example, I got to watch Western Michigan twice this hockey year, and since goalies are my area of interest, I was pleased to see Daniel Bellissimo’s play. A freshman goalie, and younger brother of Vincent Bellissimo. He looks to be a solid goalie for Western Mich. I actually have access to Central Scouting’s site, so I will start to use that more often once we hit June. This is just a general idea that us staff members at HTR want to explore and test.

Who should be selected for Team USA?

This came to my attention a while ago, but just recently I have rediscovered this story. I recall an article from Larry Brooks talking about how the Team USA management should select veteran centre Bobby Holik. Yes, that’s right, Bobby Holik. I cannot stand his view on the lockout, obviously he wants his $9M a season, but I admire where he stands with his life. Holik has US citizenship and I recall him saying that he would be “honored” to play for Team USA. He is a good locker room leader as he prefers that his Czech buddies talk in English while in the locker room. He is resident of the state of New Jersey, Wyoming, and even Florida. I came across this article in the Rangers Blueshirts last issue, and I think John Dellapina was the author of the article too. It was a short piece about Holik and this is what I admire the guy, and why I think he should be selected for Team USA. I even remember that one of his, if not the one, favorite historical figures was former US President Theodore Roosevelt. This guy showed his devotion and pride as a US citizen. And, I can relate to that too since I have dual citizenship, US being my second one. Holik took the time to make a decision in the presidential elections of 2004. Now, do not bring up the political side of things. Holik ended up choosing the state where his vote would really count and make a difference, which was Florida, and yes….it did make a difference.

I just admire someone who would do that for this country and I’d see no reason why the guy should not be chosen to Team USA’s lineup. Come on, Modano is not getting any better! Team USA needs a solid center that makes an impact for the team, and Holik could be extremely useful. I admire this side of Holik a lot, and I wish him the best to be part of Team USA’s road to the World Cup, and maybe 2006 Winter Olympics in my home country Italy.

Eastside Hockey Manager

To end this…..incredibly small…and very short piece (come on, it only took you like 3 minutes to read it all, right?), I want to talk about this other interesting game.

Many of you may have heard of it, as the name is Eastside Hockey Manager from SIGames. Now, it used to be a free download game and I used to love that one. Sure, it was very easy to win, but it was fun. It’s a PC hockey game simulator, and they have it for North American football (NFL), and European football (soccer). You basically act as general manage of a team. You have a variety of leagues to choose from as well, like from juniors to even European leagues. The current version is the one I had for a year or so, give or take. Since SEGA is part of the game, a lot of it changed. The difficulty level is much tougher, and there were bugs that needed to be fixed (a total of three version patches to download).

I like this game for the following reasons:

It’s addictive! Even when it ticks you off, it’s addictive! Games that are addictive are good games.

A lot of options as general manager. I can’t name every single one, but you can go as far as disciplining a player for missing practice. You can structure contracts. The tactics of the game are also good. The tactics are quite precise and you can assign players individual tactics. For example, have Pronger stay back and not join the rush. Make him hit hard, pass or shoot more.

The minuses of the game are not so meaningful. You can win in this game, I’ve won three times. The first version of the current game I played three seasons with the Panthers and won the Cup twice. I took some time off as a whole, came back and downloaded the three patches for EHM (East Hockey Manager) and I ended up making the playoffs three out of four times, and once winning the Cup. So… is winnable. You just have to learn a lot from it. The injuries are a pain in the neck, as players get often injured in practice. Hiring staff members, such as scouts, is also a tid bit annoying because they want to coach, but they are not good enough to coach yet they have no interest in signing as scouts. Drafting is so-so, I preferred the free version style of drafting because the scouting reports were nicer to look at. And, the display was better too. Trading is a pain in the butt. Sometimes you can offer a ridiculous no-brainer trade where the AI/CPU just rejects it for no reason. Then, you are typically offered a pathetic trade offer, although, that happens in video games too.

If you are bored with the hockey video games, then I’d definitely recommend EHM if you never heard of it. It has its flaws, also because they are just starting to work on this series. So, honestly I’d grade it as a B-, but it is worth it. It’s not too expensive either.

Now, the reason why I’d recommend buying the current EHM is for practicing. SI-Games is already working on the new EHM 2005 for this summer. It’s a good staff and so far they’ve presented a lot of good additions towards the new EHM 2005 game. Better scouting, and also a 2D tactical view of a game you are watching. They are perfecting the current EHM with the new one to come out this summer. I like to play this one now so I am ready for the new one this summer and I can’t wait for it either. You can download the game too and buy it online while downloading it. is the site. I am also hoping to get a staff member of EHM to tell us more about the 2005. Giving out more specifics and the such. It’s a good game overall, and it’s only going to get better.

Anyway, did I get your eyes tired enough now? I hope so, that’s my goal! Thank you for reading, and….what else…


Micki Peroni

Vice-Admin HTR

80 Responses to The Latest Talks on the Lockout, The Frozen Four, and more

  1. 19Yzerman says:

    “The principles for which we stand are the principles of fair play and a square deal for every man and every woman in the United States. A square deal politically, a square deal in matters social and industrial.”

    I suppose one of you will jump in here and point out how this quote from Teddy does not apply because some of the teams are in Canada.

  2. ranger_fan says:

    I am iron man.

  3. ranger_fan says:

    1997 was a good team. I am talking current. FYI, I did not approve of what the Rangers did. Its a dark spot in the franchise, but a true fan doesn’t look at who we are getting, or how much we are spending, nor do they jump the wagon.

    The young guys, Fischer, Zetterburg, Williams, I don’t consider prospects.

    Their best was Igor Grigorenko, I haven’t heard any futher on him after the crash, just thank god it wasn’t worse.

    Niklas Kronwall will be a strong D, but there are too many vets soon to be leaving, Kronwall can’t fill the void.

    The only other stong prospect, or one that should be in the league shortly down the road is Jiri Hudler.

    Other than that, its just a bunch of kids trying to prove something.

    I fear this team won’t be much without Yzerman, Chelios, Hull, or Shanny. Who will be the centerpiece. I don’t like defenseman as “C” but Lidstrom will have one hell of a job to do.

    When Cujo is done, you guys should rejoice. Legace is so much better.

  4. Beckfan5 says:

    Do you not listen? Do you think im making this up?

    Im telling you that Messier signed with Vancouver before Sakic was offered the contract. This was all in part with the Patrick Ewing contract.

    From Messier by Jeff Klien; The corporate owners of the Garden had directed Smith to offer a one year, $4M contract, putting Messier on the same pay scale as Gretzky, but on a short term that Mark and Doug considered affront. Meanwhile, the Garden signed Patrick Ewing to a $68M contract.

    Messier is pissed, he leaves, and the Rangers persue Sakic. The Sakic deal was proposed on Aug. 6 1997. The Avs had one week to match it.

    Trust me that Messier signed before that.

    In his first year as coach, Low had Messier and Nedved. In his second year he had Lindros, Nedved and Messier, who only played in 41 games. And if you recall he played Lindros on Holiks wing in his third year. He even started the season with Nedved on the wing until Lindros went down.

    So all in all Messier was at least the third line center until someone didnt like Nedveds production or if Lindros went down with an injury.

    And how was Ron Low appart of the equasion? He coached the friggin team at one point!!! He calls the lines out. He makes the lineup.

    Finally, I want you to back track and tell me when I ever said that 50% of the seats go to businessmen at the Garden.

  5. Beckfan5 says:

    Your a *****ing moron.

  6. 19Yzerman says:

    In 2002 we had Bowman as coach

    Won the presidents Cup

    Won The Stanley Cup

    had 11 players who were reputed as being future hall of famers

    I don’t see how anyone can expect things to be much better then that anytime soon.

    However the future lies in the good hands Red Wings Scouting that find these players which as I said are hidden gems.

    Legace?? well here is a player that deserves more pay wouldn’t ya say?

  7. ranger_fan says:

    It can’t get much better than 2002, except a loss to the tropical depressions.

    I’ll believe the hidden gems when I see them. I think the Zetterbergs got a great start with Bowman. I don’t think Dave Lewis can coach hidden talent. Bowman brought out whats hidden.

    Legace should be paid about 1.5, which I think should be one one of the higher paid salaries. I hate high prices for tickets.

  8. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I’m sorry Mr Einstein, we should all kiss your ass and call it ice cream.

    Ass hole…

  9. 19Yzerman says:

    175.00 plus the 100.00 ebay gouge =275.00 for game 1 vs Calgary Wings lost 2-1.

    Think I wasn’t hatin it?

    you know whats worce? my friend and I chose to pay a total of 550.00 and went. like some sort of hockey drones excited upon arrival at the arena and shocked into astonishment upon departure.

    Just thinking about its get me going.

    Whats that counrty song?


    now you know all you have to say is “2004 calgary” to me and its like knocking me on the head with the knuckles of your fist and saying HELLO???? McFLY!!!!!!

  10. Beckfan5 says:

    What the hell does that mean?

  11. hockeyhead says:

    i might be a lunatic but i ain’t no tool.

    it won’t be the same without ya.

    tell oilfans_suck i said hello.

  12. LeafyMcLeaf says:



  13. 19Yzerman says:

    ‘Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!’ —

    The GREAT Oz has spoken!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 19Yzerman says:

    He tells his women,” its not how big his tool is its how he uses it.”

  15. Beckfan5 says:

    I know it was sarcasam but it made no sence!

  16. ranger_fan says:

    TSN- Mark Messier 30-Jul-97: Signed as a free agent by the Vancouver Canucks.

    Good job. That is how you win an argument my friend. While I have probably made some people mad coming up with ideas that are different from your own(it was kinda hard as I agreed with most) I hope that instead of you just bashing someone like mikster, or anyone, that you can back up what you say.

    Now why didn’t I just say, support it. Well I love to procrastinate college work, so its a 3.0 with 15 minutes more of amusement in my life.

    Also, the 50% was just a guestimate as you said the single and 100s were mostly businessmen, while the upper level was for basically average joes. It appeared to be that way when I went, and its like that at almost every NHL game. AHL however, went to the Amerks game (before blue ice with orange lines) and first row tickets for $15! Is the NHL 10x+ more exciting? I loved it when they showed couples kissing, then they showed one couple, and he tried and she got up and left, then the next was older people who, well lets say the guy was trying to deprive her of air. It was sick, but kinda funny. Much better than the commercial break at MSG where its like this 15th(?) overall pick in 199x was the highest drafted Russian in Rangers history.

    Messier was indeed a 3rd liner for the most part, no disagreeing. I still would like to see him retire, so Moore or Murray could play. Like to see Dolan swallow his pride and perhaps give a small percentage of the team to him, he did help in ’94. Mario got a majority, Orr was supposed to get some-but those damn agents.

  17. ranger_fan says:

    Sorry to hear that.

    To be honest, it wouldn’t have bothered me to see Ronnie Francis get another. The man is a great person, and assett to the sport.

  18. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    No, no, don’t look, oh no! Oh… ahh…

  19. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I tell my women “I used the tool fine, you just half assed it!”

  20. ranger_fan says:

    most likely gotten from a cbc show, air farce, 22 minutes, couldn’t be red green as there is no duct tape

  21. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    (kiss ur butt and call it ice cream is a Simpsons line.) btw. CBC SUCKS!

  22. rojoke says:

    As I understand it, the league never filed a complaint against the PA over the player agent certification. Quite honestly, I don’t think they even should. If anyone should file a lawsut – that’s correct, a civil lawsuit – it should be the agents, for restraint of trade. The entire concept of the PA “certifying” an agent is preposterous, laughable, and utterly idiotic. Is Mark Messier’s father a “certified” agent? I think we can all come up with the name of a PA-certified agent who made numerous headlines for all the wrong reasons, so that kinda speaks for itself. And just how does an agent get certified? Has this process ever been explained to anyone, either in the media or potential agents? Does an agency get certified, i.e. IMG, or do individual agents have to do it?

    The whole thing is so ridiculous, I can’t even come up with an analogy to point out how ridiculous it is.

  23. rojoke says:

    I admire this side of Holik a lot, and I wish him the best to be part of Team USA’s road to the World Cup, and maybe 2006 Winter Olympics in my home country Italy.

    In 1990, Holik played for Czechoslovakia at the world junior championships. This would make him ineligible for Team USA at any IIHF tournament, since they adopted the single-nation rule. Once you play for one country at a certain age, 18 or 19 I think it is, you can’t play for any other country in one of their organized tournaments.

  24. rojoke says:

    God, I wish I could have just edited my original post. Or just got off my ass and looked this up before I posted. But, anyhoo. I got this from the IIHF website, searching under “player eligibility.”

    Under the former bylaws, a player who had represented a country after his 18th birthday, in an IIHF championship or in an Olympics competition, could not later represent another country in an IIHF championship or in an Olympic competition.

    The congress approved a new rule which permits a player to apply to the IIHF to represent another country provided that he is a citizen of that country and that he has participated for at least four consecutive years in the national competitions of his new country during which period he has neither transferred to another country nor played ice hockey within any other country.

    In addition, the player must have an International Transfer Card (ITC) permitting his transfer to the new country and that ITC must be approved and dated by the IIHF at least four years before the start of the IIHF competition (world championships or Olympics) in which he wishes to participate.

    Such change will be allowed only once in a player’s life an is final and irrevocable.

    It is important to point out that the new rule cannot be taken advantage of by IIHF players who become Canadian or US-citizens and play in the National Hockey League for at least four years.

    A transfer of an IIHF player to the NHL is not regulated under the International Transfer Card program. Thus, he is not able to apply to represent Canada or the US under the new “four-year window” rule.

    So as I read this, European-born NHL players cannot, under this rule, play for Canada or the US under any cir*****stances. This seems to limit European players to play for European countries i.e. Ukranian player playing for Russia.

  25. Beckfan5 says:

    Um, last time I checked a calender, August 6th was after July 30th. So like I said, the Rangers proposed the Sakic deal AFTER Messier left.

    Can I say it any clearer?

  26. ranger_fan says:

    I was agreeing with you. Re-read it please. I was messing with you on almost all of it. I added the last piece that you failed to include, to solitify your argument. Sorry I have so much free time.

  27. morrissey says:

    Nice job. I don’t know if Bertuzzi will get the call for Canada though, given “the incident” they might want to stay away, no big deal anyway Nash is a great replacement. Maybe a few other minor changes but that’s as good a team as anyone could come up with up. I think Belfour’s time is up though, even with the Coach’s favour as you mentionned, they gotta realize the team is better off in both the long and short term suiting up Theodore – Canada still hands down favourite. USA: is this for the senior’s tournament cos man are they going nowhere fast with that line-up stacked with ageing injury prone has-beens, they’d probablly do better to go with a major youth movement, let Herb work his stuff and pray for another miracle. Gotta love that Czech team though, talk about some seriously scary offensive fire power with a ton of skill, not too shabby in goal either, defense just needs to keep it simple and this team could take it all on a good day. Finn’s have a decent team, quite a nice balance of offensive and defensive skill really, they always impress me as the team that most plays as a “team”, if that makes any sense, still no surprises here – it’s all down to Kiprusoff, he’ll need to steal more than a few games for Finland to do well here. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  28. ranford4life says:

    Absolutely perfect response to a poorly thought-out post.

  29. oglethorpe says:

    Well you’ve certainly got a rusty brain.

  30. oglethorpe says:

    Thanks for raising the tone. Knob

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