The Leafs 2007-08 Team, with a good GM

The leafs have 12 players (including Belak) under contract for next year with a cap hit of $27.55 Million. We would all expect to see Antropov and Poni resigned as well as Colaiacovo and White. So lets say together they’ll be making about $5 mill. So this brings the salary up to $32.55 million.

The Leafs want Sundin back, and they also want their scoring winger and some depth on the second line. In this day of the salary cap, where buying you team is no longer possible it takes a shrewd GM to swallow his pride and make some important and sly moves.

Here are some salary clearing / player possibilities

Part 1 Defense

Bite the bullet, and send Pavel Kubina down to the minors, taking his 5 mill off the books. Now don’t get me wrong, Pavel is a great 3rd D man, but he’s worth more like $2.5 million (about Joe Corvo money level). Bold and drastic move, but if Pittsburg can send NHL legend John Leclair to the minors we can send Kubina down.

Possible replacements are Greg De Vries, or Danny Markov. They are both solid, hard nosed D, which would be great 3rd stringers. They will be paid about $2.5 million respectively. Markov is younger, so lets just say based on that factor we’ll go with Markov. Salary now $30.05 million. This is $2.5 million in savings.

Part 2 Sundin

He may not take the Selanne 3.5 million dollar deal, but maybe $4.5. That would provide some room. But does this still help them that much??

Now to look outside the box again, and do what a GM should do, GET CREATIVE!! The Leafs should look at the fact that the salary cap averages a salary over the life of the contract. So I say the Leafs sign Mats to a 3 year deal, with an average salary of $3.33 million. First year paying $6 million, second year $3 million, and the final year $1 million. This creates a very small cap hit, and allows the Leafs the possibility of either keeping him for all three or buying him out the last year. Pretty good! With this $3.33 leafs salary up to $33.38 million.

Part 3 Getting players

The big free agents on the Leafs wish list this summer as we know are Briere, Drury and Smyth (Blake is too old). All 3 of these guys are very good, but are they superstars, maybe… But they all are going to get more money then they are worth. Both Briere and Drury are on a team that gets a lot of points, so if we put points to dollars them Jason Pominville would be one of the highest paid players in the league. They are going to see about $1-2 million more more money then they would in a more saturated free agent pool. As for Smyth, good hard nosed guy, and I see the ceiling on him being about $5 million, for a team like the leafs. They cant afford more for a player of his level. He’s getting older, and hes gonna want a long contract. Not the big money players thats going to save the Leafs.

So here is what I suggest, with 2 years of big free agency coming up, with the likes of Iginla, Heatly, Thornton and Marleau showing up, the Leafs should put their “buy a cup” dreams on hold until they can get those guys, and sign the guys who wont demand too many years this summer. So I suggest signing Paul Kariya, 2 years $4 a year. Gary Robers, 1 year $1 million. And Brian Smolinski (or a Center of this caliber and price), 2 years $1.5 million dollars / year. These three guys bring the salary to just under $40 million.

Part 4 In net

I’ll keep this short. If you cant get Backstrom, sign CUJO or any other viable backup, possibly Mikka Noronen (if the rumors live up). With Backstrom, he’ll probably get about $3 million, or the others about $1 million. So max salary is $43 million.


Kariya – Sundin – Wellwood–> passing & scoring wingers, & a Hall of famer in between

Roberts – Stajan – Tucker –> Grit, power, some nice dirty goals

Poni – Smolinski – Antropov –> Big aggressive checking line (long names)

Kilger – Pohl – Steen –> Looks like a pretty good 4th line

(Hard to distinguish the skill difference from the 2nd to the 4th line, all solid)

McCabe- Colaiacovo

Kaberle – Markov

Gill – White

1. Backstrom / Raycroft

2. Raycroft / CUJO

Press Box


Newbury + Williams + Woz = $1.5 million

Total Final Salary $44.5. So even if one of my two GM ideas doesn’t work (Sundin / Kubina), salary would only go up $2.5 million, brining it up to $47 million, the probably salary cap.

A much better team then this past year, and it still allows the team to plan for their future.

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  1. I-BE-LEAF says:

    From what I understand, Montreal is under strict government ruling not to win another cup until they build up their city's money reserves which is far from overflowing.  It's the only way they can guarantee they'll be able to repair all the damages caused by their fans if they won again.

    Want to crap on other GMs?  Sounds exciting.  Ok, let me try… wait, I have one: Samsonov @ 3.525 for two years.

  2. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Samsonov. Everybody and there brother knows that it was a mistake looking back. Don't worry, our CAPABLE Gm will fix his mistake and get rid of sammy this year. BTW, you want to trash montreal for rioting after they won the stanley cup in '93, had man even discovered FIRE the last time the leafs won the cup?

  3. I-BE-LEAF says:

    there brother, here brother, everywhere a brother…

    Did I strike a nerve?  Guess we're even then.  By the way, if you're trying to find the Canadiens hockey boards, they're exactly one point behind these ones.

  4. JuicemaN says:

    sure they would, Lou Lamorillo has done it twice already.  Stop trying to trash Leaf fans just for the sake of being an a$$.

    LeClaire was a fantastic player, what would you call him?  What are you; a habs fan that's bitter because he didn't play his entire career in Montreal?

    You're a typical anti-Leaf fan and your opening comment proves it…you have nothing better to do than to read up on the leafs so you can try to make fun of someone.  Good for you!

  5. mojo19 says:

    Minnesota wants to retain both sure. But Backstrom is going to ask for starting goalie dollars which means Fernandez will be traded or Backstrom will walk. One of them will be available via free agency or trade.

  6. mojo19 says:

    This is HOCKEY TRADE RUMORS, not "hockey playoff stories." If you don't want to read articles about potential offseason transactions why are you on a trade rumor website? Go find a site devoted to playoff hockey and not trade rumors moron. Wow, probably the dumbest complaint I've ever seen.

  7. mojo19 says:

    Huselius or Langkow + medium prospect + first round pick.

  8. mojo19 says:

    you're totally right. Just because you offer (shanahan) X amount of dollars, doesn't guarantee he becomes a leaf. But its still fun to fantasize isn't it?

  9. JuicemaN says:


    Well said,

  10. I-BE-LEAF says:

    Gretzky… Brent Gretzky!  😀

  11. tucksfan says:

    i figure raycroft is a half decent goalie if not better, his goals against wasnt to good but he handled the load for the most part this year

  12. tucksfan says:

    calgary is not going to give up huselius or langkow for sundin and i wouldnt give sundin up for them sundin is here to stay

  13. JuicemaN says:

    First off, if you aren't a leaf fan and you have something against what they think then don't read Leaf articles.

    And Second, it's a f*&%$ing hockey rumor board not a spelling contest, who cares how things are spelt.  Get a life and fnid some real points to talk about.

  14. JuicemaN says:

    BLUE AND WHITE, don't waste your time with BruMagnus, he's just doing his best to piss you and other Leaf fans off, it's what loser anti-leaf fans do because nobody pays enough attention to their team so they have to come on Leaf boards and start things here.  

    Can't blame them really, their teams have like 1/10th of the fan base the Leafs do, it must be boring to cheer for a lagging frachise.

  15. JuicemaN says:

    Briere is worth every penny he gets, he makes the players around him a heck of a lot better.

  16. JuicemaN says:

    Of course you do Leafy, you b!tch about wanting Smyth now but when they pay him 6 million and you see him only getting 60-70 points in a season you will post about how dumb JFJ is and how they could've spent their money so much better.

    No matter what they do, you will b!tch Leafy, it's what you do and it's the very reason why yuo're the worst Leaf fan I've ever met (sort of met).

  17. BBLeafsCAN says:

    I like your post, I do have a couple of differing oppinions though…

    Kabina is overpaid, but we will have to accept this. He is a good D-man, but $5 mill is to much. He did have a bad year and injury problems were a big issue. If he can stay healthy and play 70-80 games with Kaberle, he may be able to get 40 pts. I don't see the leafs sendinghim down, or spending any more money this year on their D. Excpt signing current players. I think Carlo will be signed for 2 years @ $1.25 per, and White will get 2 year @ 1.0 per.

    The leafs will start 2007/08 with the same D they have now.

    I like the idea of signing Sundin to a 3 year deal and averaing the exp over 3 years. $3.33 per is a small hit, and if structured correct should work.

    As for signings this year, I think the Leafs should keep:
    Poni = 3 years $1.5 per
    Devereaux = 2 years $0.75 per
    Battaglia = 1 year $0.75
    And I am suprised I am suggesting this but Antropov = 2 years $1.5 per

    The Leafs should dress a team much like the team they had last year, with a couple of small pick-ups and the above signings. It will be a long year for Leafs fans again, but if the Leafs jump into the Briere, Smyth or Drury bidding we may be kicking ourselves in a year or two.

    Wait until 2008 and try to land a big fish. Many of the names noted will resigh, but there may be 1 or 2 players available that we can bid on…

    Like I said, earlier, good post.

  18. Peca4PM says:

    Ok……my first post…… I dont hate Kubina….hes an all right player but is over-payed. Is it true Oilers wold give up lupul??…if so…jump on that.

    in the minus-regs anyways—–Tucker a huge PP contributor and MATS SUNDIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!….hes g2g…….brutal….Peca hst to be resigned…they werre 5th when he went down. I dont know why everyone is so fast to dump our 3rd best scorer forward wise….and i guy with a ton og heart—jeff o'niell….inexpensive…great option to have back…..Bates is all hustle..hes gotta be bck…..Devereax would be a solid 13th FW…..Antro…i rele dont care…..he might be better off somewhere else tho…..Sign Smyth…..Hannan, and JS GIGEURRE…also maybe Anson carter if $$ left… Perrault and green r obviosley gone…..

    Thoughts??…and i am excited to be postin now

  19. mojo19 says:

    I wouldn't give Sundin up for either of them either, but the question was : Lets say the leafs did trade sundin….. So this is what I believe they could get, and yes Calgary would totally deal one of these two if it meant landing an elite centre to play with Jarome.

    Calgary's problem has always been that Jarmone has not had an elite centreman to play with, and Toronto's problem has always been not being able to find that winger for Mats, this is why I chose Calgary as an example.

  20. TMLFANSINCE1987 says:

    Seriously How in the hell are you able to post such bullshit. God this makes me want to chuck my computer in the Don. Tell me why would Wellwood be on the first line?? WHY IN THE ***** WOULD STAJAN BE YOUR SECOND LINE CENTRE? BACKSTRUM.. ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE THE LEAFS HAVE MORE PROBLEMS…? Why don't you make some serious suguestions. And make it Realistic. Example: The Leafs Defensive core…They're stuck with it, so make something up like they trade ?Kubina for a Stay At Home D-Man. Dont send him to the marlies….  Kayria? Are you kidding me sure in the regular seasonisgreat, but he is no playoff preformer. The Roberts thing I like.

  21. Glucker says:

    um…wellwood WAS first line until he got injured, and stajan will form into a 2nd line center eventually, may aswell throw him there from now and see if he can manage, and Backstrom was one of the best goalies this year. the reason kubina cant be traded is because of his 5 million $ salary.

  22. Glucker says:

    just wondering if ppl think this is possible, and if they would do it…

    to vancover:
    raycroft, pogge, 1st round(2008), earl

    to leafs:
    Luongo, 3rd round(2008)

    reason for leafs to do this: raycroft didnt do too well, pogge is unproven, earl is unproven, luongo is kick ass.
    reason for canuks to do this: pogge & earl are promising prospects, raycroft can fill in the interim, 2008 draft is awesome

  23. Hoondog2 says:

    Are you kidding?  The Canucks are in the 2nd rd. of the playoffs because of Luongo.  He's not going anywhere!

  24. I-BE-LEAF says:

    agreed.  Luongo will never leave Vancouver unless he chooses to.

  25. Sedin23 says:

    HAHAHAHA any deal involving Luongo going one way and Rayflop the other way is just stupid.

  26. intothevoid001 says:

    well where would the human race be without criticism? we sure wouldn't be at war….

    just relax and let other people post.

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