The Leafs could benefit from other teams overpaying for Free Agents

A lot of Leaf fans have been upset on how management has handled off-season moves. Numerous of teams have spent big cash and long term contracts to acquire talent. However, there may be a silver lining for the Leafs due to the off season moves. Players like McCabe or Kubina who we thought could not be traded at one point, have potential to be traded. How is this reality? Here are some examples

Sarich $3.6 million per year
Schneider $5.5-5.75 per year (38 years old)
Rafalski $6 million per year
Hannan $4.5 million per year
Hamrlik $5.5 million per year
Timmonen around $6.5 million per year
Poti $3.5 million per year

As a Leaf fan I am loving this. Lets say the Leafs tank this year or teams need some help to get over the top, the Leafs may get more value for players like McCabe, Kubina, Karberle, Sundin, Tucker etc to build toward the future.