The Leafs could benefit from other teams overpaying for Free Agents

A lot of Leaf fans have been upset on how management has handled off-season moves. Numerous of teams have spent big cash and long term contracts to acquire talent. However, there may be a silver lining for the Leafs due to the off season moves. Players like McCabe or Kubina who we thought could not be traded at one point, have potential to be traded. How is this reality? Here are some examples

Sarich $3.6 million per year
Schneider $5.5-5.75 per year (38 years old)
Rafalski $6 million per year
Hannan $4.5 million per year
Hamrlik $5.5 million per year
Timmonen around $6.5 million per year
Poti $3.5 million per year

As a Leaf fan I am loving this. Lets say the Leafs tank this year or teams need some help to get over the top, the Leafs may get more value for players like McCabe, Kubina, Karberle, Sundin, Tucker etc to build toward the future.

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  1. hatterson says:

    I think with these signings it makes me want to get rid of Kubina/McCabe less. As of Sunday night these guys are no longer overpaid as you're still going to have to pay 5-5.5ish mil to replace McCabe and 4.5ish to replace Kubina with an equally talented player (for all his defensive errors McCabe is still great on the PP). That means you're only saving .5 mil to replace them and I don't think losing a guy like McCabe in the dressing room (he is one of the longer serving Leafs) is worth that. I also see a lot of upside in Kubina as he played injured last year and still performed decent.

    Unless you're getting a better player in return or an amazing prospect/1st round picks, I don't see a point to trade these guys now.

  2. leafdiehard says:

    I hate to disagree with hatterson on this one, because I love McCabe's PP prowess and Kubina's upside. But I think it might be time to get rid of one of these defenseman. McCabe already said he would waive his no-movement if he can play on the Isle. Right now, the Isle's defence are in disarray with the possibility of Sean Hill leaving. McCabe would be a perfect fit there to lift there spirits again. I know the Leafs would be losing a great offensive defenceman, but it could be a time for one of the younger guys like White or Colaiacovo to prove their abilities. To me, I see a very similar style of play between McCabe and Colaiacovo.

    If not McCabe, why not Kubina. Teams are in search of defenceman. Kubina would be a perfect fit on any team. He has proven he can put up some numbers, and he is never a liability on defence. Ferguson could get something good for Kubina especially when teams are in deep search for a puck-moving defenceman. I know that the Leafs like to have proven NHL players in their line-up but the Leafs have a surplus of defenceman who need some seasoning in the NHL. Woz, Pilar, Harrison, Kronwall and Stralman could all get a crack at the big team if the Fergie trades Kubina or McCabe. These are the only two that make sense because they don't want to part with the range of Gill and the energy levels of White and Carlo.

    If the Leafs don't dump some salary on defence, then Kozlov is out of the picture. IN my opinion, if a trade is not done on defence, then the Leafs are done this offseason and the team will sit 2.2 million short of the cap. Not a terrible thing, but considering what they could have had, it is not the most successful offseason.

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