The Leafs DESPERATELY need a new goaltender

A few statistics on the Leafs situation.
The Maple Leafs were shut out the fourth fewest times. Twice, behind Calgary, and Detroit, who were both shutout once, and the Sabres were never shut out.

The Toronto Maple Leafs were eighth in goals for, behind Buffalo, Ottawa, Colorado, Pittsburgh, Nashville, San Jose and Calgary.

The Leafs had the sixth MOST goals against. Behind Philadelphia, Boston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Washington.

Now, we’re going to get some people pointing out the Leafs “weak defense”, and the slow likes of Hal Gill and Pavel Kubina being responsible for the Leafs high goals against total, but the Leafs had the seventh fewest shots against in the NHL, only behind Anaheim, New York, Dallas, Detroit, Tampa Bay, and San Jose.

Now, we have to assume that some of those shots against are terrible McCabe give aways in his own zone, but that still tells you something about the Leafs defense, and their goaltending.

So here the Leafs are, the seventh fewest shots against, the third highest shots for, the eighth most goals for, and yet this team can’t make the playoffs in a very week Eastern conference.

So whether it’s Tomas Vokoun, Vesa Toskala, Manny Fernandez, or former Leaf Curtis Joseph, of the four, Curtis Joseph had the worst season last year, and his save percentage was only .001 off of Andrew Raycrofts, with a non existent defense core. Probably leading to more quality shots against. It’s clear, the Maple Leafs need a change in goal, and it could make them into a contender.