The Leafs in the Playoffs? Just Maybe

The Toronto Maple Leafs have not made the playoffs for the last two years. In my oppinion i think the Leafs dont need offensive but really defensive.

Toskala if he plays how he has the past two seasons it will help the team. In 05-06 the team couldnt figure out what goalie they wanted to use. It was Belfour, then Telliqvist, then Aubin. Aubin played good for a little whie but then he was just getting lucky he wasnt all that great. Telliqvist wasnt able to prove how good he was in huge games like those two Montreal games the which were the difference for the leafs. Now Belfour i cant argue he was one of the best goalies of one time but he has passed his era.

I think we did well in the offseason of 05-06 of the signings of Kubina and Gill. Kubina turned into a bit of a bust but he can improve from last year. Gill played very well defensivly for most of the year especially on the Pk with the long reach. The 06-07 season was not well at all until January thats when the Leafs started to play very well. Raycroft played great for the team after the new year and then he was just average for most of the year.

This is how the standings will look in the East i think.

1.Ottawa because they did not lose anyone huge to their team and Drury and Gomez wont make the Rangers go from 6th to 1st.

2.NYR because the rangers have replaced NYlander very well with their two big free agent sigings and now they can have some to play with Straka as well on the second line.

3.Tampa Bay because the will play better because i feel their looking for a better goaltender and will get one.

4. Pittsburgh because more of their younger players will develop.

5. Atlanta because Kovalchuk will play better but Leghton will be on a short leash from the play offs

6.Toronto because of the goaltending of Toskala and the play of Sundin with his linemate blake.

7. Montreal if huet doesnt get injured because thats what burned them last year.

8. New Jersey makes a huge drop because they wont get Souray and they cant find a good enough replacement for Gomez.

This is just my oppinion so dont bash me to hard.